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Weight Lifting Workouts – With the #1 Pre Workout Supplement!

Lifting weights makes you feel good and look great. However, there is this idea that people should be happy with the way they look and we believe that this should be followed, but this shouldn’t apply to those who are overweight or incredibly underweight.

The fact of the matter is, your body is your greatest asset and we should always be working to improve ourselves by doing regular exercise. If you don’t regularly exercise your metabolism slows down, you feel sluggish, lose energy quickly and chances are you’ll get fat. Yes fat, not gain weight” as weight can imply gaining more muscle and compared to fat, muscles do so much more good for you.

Working out in general or doing any physical activity develops muscles and if you ask anyone who works out why they workout, they would say that it feels good and chances are they’ll tell you about their workout routines. Now before you try out the workout they suggest, just assess yourself first if you already have the strength and developed muscles to do the same. We don’t want you passing out in the gym on the afterwards just because you bit off a lot more than you can chew.

The best way to get those pecs, rock hard abs and hot smoking guns is by lifting weights, some cardio on the side is also good to mix in, but if you want the strength and aesthetics then read on for a run down on weight lifting workouts. If you need a complete plan, we have one on the right sidebar for free. Otherwise, read on!

Weight Lifting Workouts: The Essentials

There are many articles on the internet that tell you the best way to develop a particular muscle group, but there aren’t that many that cover the basics. Its surprising how people neglect them when so much can be obtained from your weight lifting workouts routine if you stick to them and follow a plan. Always bear in mind that you need to strike a balance with what you do and when you go to the gym to lift weights its important to remember the essentials:

  • Define Your Goals and STICK with Them

    Defining what you want to achieve (e.g. muscle mass, strength, muscle definition) will tell you what kind of workouts you need to do and the intensity needed to get there, heck this even includes your diet. Of course it needs to be realistic and attainable for immediate results. Set a deadline and track your progress as you go.

  • Stretch and Warm-up

    Do this before you start lifting to keep your muscles active and your heart rate up. Doing this prevents injuries and gets your body ready for the workout routine for the session. A little light stretching and some cardio will keep your heart rate up giving you more energy in the long run, so go on a bike or the treadmill for a few minutes before you start.

  • Lift at a Steady Progressive Pace

    You may have been an athlete that values speed and setting time records, but weight lifting workouts require a steady pace with controlled breathing so you dont overexert yourself and black out. Never use momentum to lift weights and remember to lift weights that you can maintain proper form with. If youre using too much weight chances are your form will be bad and youll likely get injured. Take your time and remember that if it gets easier then you can just add more weights and with time you will. Also take notes of the number or sets and repetitions needed for your workout plan and stick to it.

  • Rest and Recover.

    Scheduling every time you lift weights you tear muscle tissue and the only time it gets repaired is when you rest. The thing is your muscles get stronger every time muscle is repaired after weight lifting. For this purpose you need to schedule your workouts so that you target a different area with every other gym session allowing the muscles youve exercised previously to rest and grow. As a rule of thumb, never target a specific area for more than 2 times a week.

  • Diet to reach your goals you need to eat right, not necessarily eat more.

    Start by eating more protein, vegetables and drink a lot of water. Maintain your calories and remember to eat more if you want to bulk up and eat less if you want to lose weight. Also stop eating fast food and sodas and try to focus on food you can prepare in your kitchen that way you’ll know that what you’re eating is fresh and also allows you to control your fat or carbs.

Add Supplements like Jack3d to your Weight Lifting Workouts

Now that youve gotten the rundown of things you can now start working out. At this point, if you have a gym instructor or a more experienced friend, it would be best to consult them on how to tackle your goals. But for better results a supplement will help you reach your targets faster and what better supplement out there than Jack3d.

Jack3d contains the necessary components to give you an unreal boost of energy, increasing your stamina and improving your mental focus helping you workout longer and stronger. So if you need that extra kick to your weight lifting workouts then get some Jack3d.

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