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My Experience with VERSA-1

As soon as USPlabs announced that they were in the process of developing another product, my heart was pounding with excitement because I knew they would Beta-test this product like they have with every single product they have launched. When the news dropped, I, like the hundreds of other gym rats applied to be a tester. I was selected to be one of the few “Alpha Testers”. I had ZERO idea what to expect or what the ingredients are – I still don’t. All I know is that they were calling it the industry’s first, that no other product of its kind exists, and that it’s a natural anabolic.

I am currently on day 51 of my extended beta test.

We were told to run this product standalone- no other ergogenics (No compound 20, Test Powder, Prime, etc. ) Needless to say- this product blew me away and has helped propel me to a new level. I ran this product with my usual staple supplements: fish oil, a multivitamin/joint support, Jack3d/Jack3d Micro and a protein powder.

At a Glance

  • Starting Weight 186.3lbs
  • Day 51 Weight 202.5lbs
  • Running a “Clean as possible slow bulk”
  • Set a PR is literally every lift
  • Motivation/Drive/Desire/Confidence up inside and outside of the gym

Just for general info I tend to train like a “PowerBuilder” – as in, 3 MAX effort days, (Bench, Deadlifts and Squats with assistance, then 2-3 very high volume). I train 3 days a week a Elite Performance Center and the other days at a commercial gym or my college gym. This makes for a great variation of tools/gear and personal.

Beginning my Versa-1 experience

I felt the Patent Pending Anabolic, aka Versa-1, from my first dose. I dosed it with Jack3d Micro as I entered the gym. I am trying to figure how to express in words what it was like, in the gym pouring sweat, shirt stretched to the max, the look of aggression in his/her eyes, heavy breathing- veins rippling, bar loaded with weight. That was my experience. I have always had awesome workouts with Jack3d, but when Versa-1 was added it took it to a whole new level! USP hinted that we should stack it with a Pre-workout and now I know- it seems to help fuel this product- within my second set I already had a pump going as if I was mid way through a training session.

Colby Strunk – Versa-1 Alpha Tester

I also experienced a thermogenic effect. Those were in the initial, right off the bat effects I felt- as my workout progressed more aspects quickly became apparent. I never wanted to quit! There were days when I easily was in the gym training for over three hours, I kept saying one last body part, ok set, ok rep- I kept pushing and pushing, I even had this experience while running, and I hate cardio. I could feel that this product effected my mind/muscle body connection as well as the natural anabolic properties, hunger increase, strength, weight, recovery, size ect.

From the logs I have seen and my own results Versa-1 just might be one of the most versatile products I have ever taken. My goals were simple enough; add clean mass, increase strength and size. My results were achieved beyond what I thought possible in a short time. You might ask how much fat I added, very little. You can see from my pictures and videos that if anything I appear leaner and more defined then when I started. That is amazing. If I could try and compare this product to any others I would say it honestly takes the best from Usplabs entire line and puts them in one pill, Strength/size from Prime, leaning of Compound20 and muscle mind connection from PowerFull- plus the recovery, deep sleep it provides. When stacked with Jack3d- I feel like, well, to sound corny- Superman.

Quick Recap

Strength – shot up from the first dose- (You won’t go from benching 135 to 225 in a day) during this extended run I have continued to add dimes here, plates here and stacks there on my weights. This is outstanding, and doubly so as I intend to compete in a few months and every pound is critical. The highlights are a bench press (slingshot) went from 365lbs to 405lbsx3, 415×1, I started squatting for the first time in a very long time (felt confident and motivated during this run to suck it up and MAKE myself become a complete athlete) and I also began dead lifting- 600lb rack pull 4 weeks into my first time dead lifting.

Colby Strunk – Versa-1 Alpha Tester

Recovery- Insane recovery time– I continue to stay locked in the gym saying, “just one last rep, one last set, one last body part” then the next day I would have to force myself not to hit that body part again, though it felt completely recovered. I also experienced a deeper, more restful sleep.

Mentally- I feel… Well shoot honestly feel a bit like Super Man or the Hulk in the gym- confidence, drive, motivation and aggression towards the weights are at an all time high- mentally alert and energized. This aspect of the product to me was outstanding and can’t be stressed enough.

Misc: This product seems to amplify Stims and pump products. The pumps I have had with Jack3d or Yok3d have been T-shirt tearing- quite literally. Hunger/thirst increase- lean mass has increased. I was 186lbs when I started and am now 202lbs and climbing.

You can check out my log at the USPlabs forum or visit other beta testers’ experiences there.

3 Comments at “My Experience with VERSA-1”

  1. Jay says:

    Is this something that can be taken after a cycle of 1-Alpha?

    • Admin says:

      Honestly, I’m not sure. You could try asking in the USPLabs forums, but this is likely something nobody will answer since it’s a bit off-the-books. Leaving the question up as someone else may be able to help.

  2. Chris says:

    My all time favorite USP labs anabolic product was Pink Magic. Pink worked for me like nothing that I’ve ever tried before. So I miss it. I miss it bad. But I bought in on the deal for the first batch, where they sent us 2 bottles plus a bottle of the Agmatine for the price of one bottle. I didn’t notice it at first like your review, but I wasn’t working out hard enough, just coming off an injury. I took the full two bottles in about 40 days (some days I doubled up). Not sure why, just kept taking it. I did notice fuller pumps and some strength increase, but didn’t pay a whole lot of attention. Then I ran out, and within 3 days I couldn’t believe the difference. I think I just got accustomed to it. Anyway it lifts your mood. Not sure how but as soon as I ran out I missed it bad. So I went out and bought my 3rd bottle, and as soon as I took one I felt better. So, not the same experience (but I’m not working out as hard as I should), I’m 52 and don’t put in as much time in the gym as I should but man, something in this stuff makes you feel just good. And it also seems to work a bit like Pink Magic, in cutting fat (your waste shrinks even with minimal effort) and I feel more drive. So I’m sold. Hope I’m not taking too much though. I like to take two pills a day. Maybe I’m a Versa junkie? …soon I’ll be boiling the cotton to get the residue.

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