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TEST Powder from USPLabs is Out!

In the gym, have you ever wondered how some guys can just attack their workouts from day to day, session for session, never seeming to have a single moment of weakness or self-doubt? You look at them – muscles engorged with full vascularity, monstrously motivated bodies, laser light focus beaming though their eyes — and you know they are intent on completing and conquering yet another hard earned victory. You ask catch yourself wondering in sheer amazement how they can afford to pull off all those extra work and release massive amounts of energy.

Now, you don’t have to wonder anymore. You have to experience it for yourself. USP Labs brings you The Alpha Activator, their most clinically advanced testosterone-booster and pre-workout in the market. Test Powder.

Testosterone and Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the very hormone that makes a man. It is essentially what defines masculinity. It is the hormone responsible for the expression of dominantly masculine traits such as having a deeper voice, more muscular body, facial hair and list goes on. You name it and chances are testosterone has got something to do with it. Physiologically, testosterone is the primary hormone that makes us beastly and aggressive.

USP Labs Test Powder

Test powder is primarily loaded with D aspartic acid which has been reported to boost testosterone production up to a raging 45%

At a younger age, more often than not, testosterone production is at a normal level. This precisely why younger men seem to never run out of energy, possess greater amounts of motivation, and have an insatiable sex drive. As we age, however, testosterone production starts to decline.

This decline in testosterone production significantly affects the body, especially in terms of its ability to store and release energy. And even if you are not at an advanced age, if you are a competitive athlete, or a bodybuilder, or a fitness enthusiast who is regularly subjected to long hours of physically gruelling workouts, then you would definitely need a boost in your testosterone levels. You need optimal testosterone levels to help you optimize your athletic performance and maximize the effects of your workouts . It will also aid your body in dealing with all the stress, physical and otherwise, it is exposed to. This is where The Alpha Activator comes into the picture: USP Labs Test Powder.

The Beta Testers Agreed – This Stuff Works FAST

After 2 long rounds of successful beta-testing, USP labs unleashes this revolutionary Alpha activator that once again redefines the very limits of pre-workout supplementation. Test Powder is loaded with testosterone boosters that pack your body with overwhelming energy, giving you a beastly athletic edge. Here’s a quick look at the alpha advantage that Test Powder offers:

Test Powder Ingredients – A Killer Test Boosting Profile

Essentially, USP Labs Test Powder is loaded with natural testosterone boosters that pack your body with overwhelming energy, giving you an incredible athletic edge before, during, and even after your workout. Test Powder is especially formulated to enhance brain activity which in effect leads to better focus, drive, and motivation. Not only that, but they increase workout pumps while they’re at it – and it stacks incredibly well with Jack3d!


Not only has D aspartic acid shown significant abilities in increasing the body’s strength, power, energy, endurance, and muscle gain. It has also shown considerable results in improving the body’s muscle to fat ratio, and even in improving one’s state of mind.

Test Powder’s main testosterone booster is D aspartic acid. D aspartic acid has been reported to boost testosterone production up to a raging 45%. This increase of testosterone production is what generates monstrous, power, endurance and muscle gain.

Apart from DAA, Test Powder is loaded with other testosterone stimulants such as agmatine sulphate and mucuna pruriens extract that pushes the effect further. Agmatine sulphate is known to be a nitric oxide enhancer (NO) that improves the body’s nutrient transport and partitioning. This enhance nitric oxide production builds a fuller and more vascular body. Mucuna pruriens on the other hand contains levadopa, a pre-cursor neurotransmitter to dopamine that has been known to improve mood, sexuality, and movement.

Mucuna pruriens

Taken as a dietary supplement to boost the body’s testosterone levels, the bean extract that comes from mucuna pruriens effectively enhances the growth of muscle cells.

What separates USP Labs Test Powder from the rest of testosterone-based pre-workout supplements is that it is formulated with a weight loss component, making it possible for you to bulk up at an optimal level while losing a bit of that unnecessary bodyfat. It is formulated with a number of active ingredients that enhances the body’s metabolism and promotes faster fat burning. This results to a leaner muscles mass, a body built on more muscles and less fat.

Aframonum melegueta

Aframonum melegueta contains 6-paradol, an active flavour constituent that effectively acts as a natural antioxidant.

Test Powder contains L-carnitine tartrate, one of the best and most researched dietary supplements in the world with over 7,800 research studies. Apart from improving metabolism L-carnitine tartrate increases the rate at which the body burns fat. Also, one of Test Powder’s active ingredients is Afromomum melegueta which is a very potent source of 6-paradol chemical constituent. 6-paradol has been found by the Japanese Society of Nutrition to decrease hip to waist ratio.

And as if this isn’t enough to impress you, USP Labs Test Powder contains a number of ingredients that promotes overall good health to the body. For one, it is formulated with mangosteen (garcinia mangostana) extract which is the world’s most potent source of antioxidants known as xanthones. Xanthones disarm free-radical build up that is harmful to the body. Xanthones are phytonutrients that are adaptagenic, meaning that they build the body against trauma, stress, and exhaustion.

Garcinia Mangostana

Found in the mangosteen's pericarp alone are concentrated amounts of over 20 forms of xanthones, including two of the most widely studied: the alpha mangostin and the gamma mangostin.

Test Powder is also formulated with trimethyglycine, a naturally occurring nutrient that enhances the body’s methylation. Methylation is the biological process responsible for cellular reproduction and lipid metabolism of DNA. Improved methylation suppresses the expression of harmful genes while reducing the risk of heart diseases and stroke

With these said, USP Labs Test Powder is simply the best testosterone booster available in the market. But don’t just take my word for it. Experience it firsthand. Unleash your inner alpha with only the best testosterone booster: USP Labs Test Powder! Unleash it now!

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