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Preworkout Meal Before Jack3d

Question: I usualy have breakfast before taking jack3d, but I heard its best on an empty stomach. If I don’t eat, I’ll be hungry during the workout, so what’s the best time to eat before taking jack3d?
(Asked by Sam)

Best Answer:

This is a great question, and unfortunately, I’m not going to give you a great answer.

Because quite honestly, it’s all about personal preference and what your goals are. I have no clue if you’re dieting, bulking, or training for some kind of competition.

We can toss around a zillion studies until we’re blue in the face. But the fact is, if working out on an empty stomach makes you feel horrible and doesn’t give you better workouts that others claim, then don’t do it!!

If you’re having great workouts by taking Jack3d just after food, then keep it up!

On the other hand, eating 75-90 minutes pre workout is the most safe bet… even if it’s just a protein shake (tossing in some MCT Oil is smart too. This is the healthy saturated fat that gets metabolized into your muscles). That probably doesn’t work for your schedule, so just do what works for you.

As for me personally, I do love the fasted training protocol when dieting down. Jack3d on an empty stomach, but the trick is to take lots of BCAAs. USPLabs Modern BCAA is the go-to – it has tons of Leucine, which is the most important BCAA. This will keep your muscles from going catabolic and breaking down, since the aminos will get right into the bloodstream and to the muscles when needed.

Long Story Short: Do What Works for YOU.

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