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NO Precursors in Jack3d?

Question: Does this product have NO precursors? I’m wondering if I can stack it with another NO supp.
(Asked by Steve)

Best Answer:

Hi Steve,

Yes and Yes.

Jack3d has Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, otherwise known as AAKG. This is a “nitric oxide booster”, but to be honest, it is not the most powerful one. Jack3d is more on the energy side than the pump side. You will get some, but not “enormous” pumps from it.

So, if you’re looking for a more intense pump, check out Yok3d, which is a stimulant-free pre workout that has arginine nitrate – super powerful stuff.

Also, Jack3d Micro is a great new preworkout to take as a SUBSTITUTE for Jack3d original. Slightly less energy, but 3 different pump ingredients for you.

Finally, TEST Powder, USPLabs’ testosterone booster, contains agmatine sulfate, yet another pump ingredient (which is also in Jack3d Micro), and that can be stacked very well with Jack3d.

So Jack3d + TEST Powder for test boosting action + better pumps, or Jack3d + Yok3d for pumps and energy.

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