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No Effect from Jack3d

Question: i’ve been on NOxplode for two months. I got off it and was on no pre-workout supp. for two weeks. i went ahead and purchased jack3d, took my first scoop today and nothing. No boost, no energy, just felt the same I did as if I never took it at all. Even with NOxplode I was only taking half a scoop (recommended 1-3 scoops).

Is it possible I got a bad batch? I did shake the case before I used it as indicated on the instructions for use. Just wondering why it didn’t work. Is it possible to get a bad batch or have it expire etc?
(Asked by brent)

Best Answer:

Why do YOU Lift?

Why do YOU Lift?

Hi Brent,

It sounds like you’re doing things mostly right. You took a stim-break (we recommend 4 weeks, but 2 weeks isn’t bad), and then you started on a low-end dosage to get you started.

1 Scoop for Starters

It seems that you have a higher caffeine tolerance, and maybe that’s what you’re really going for. I would slowly inch up for your next workout – 1.25 scoops, 1.5 scoops, 1.75 scoops.. up to 2 scoops. If you’re not feeling it between 1.75 and 2 scoops, then perhaps this product isn’t for you, or you did get a fake or bad batch.

Bad Batches or Fakes?

While a bad batch is unlikely, fakes are not unheard of. USPLabs isn’t the only company that’s dealt with this problem (although it’s not as bad for USP as it has been for some others). If you think you have a bad batch or a fake, you should contact USPLabs Direct here and show them pictures of the tub, as well as telling them what store you got it from.

Jack3d gets incredible reviews, but admittedly isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a freakishly high dosage of caffeine, or if you don’t enjoy the DMAA / Schizandrol A blend, then maybe you should try something else, such as Jack3d Micro (which admittedly has less caffeine than Jack3d, but you might enjoy the Norcoline stimulant in there).

On the note of fakes, that is why we recommend using the Price Comparison widget on the right side of this site – there are only trusted stores carrying the product, and no fakes here.

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