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Jack3d and Syntha-6

Question: I am taking synthia6 right now after working out, so can I take jack3d before I work out?? I would like to take jack3d for the first time so I need someone to guide me :) thanks
(Asked by Rami)

Best Answer:

Hey Rami, thanks for the great question.

Syntha-6 is a DELICIOUS all-around protein source from BSN. It has a mixture of 6 proteins that are both for slow and fast digestion.

Syntha-6 is best used between meals or as a snack, and possibly post-workout. I prefer pure whey proteins immediately post-workout since they digest faster, but Syntha-6 will work here too.

But this is definitely stackable with Jack3d — Jack3d pre-workout (follow the instructions and start with a light dosage), and protein post-workout is ALWAYS a good thing.

As far as how much Jack3d to take, start light – 1/2 or 3/4 of a scoop. Assess and go from there. Do not mix with other stimulants, not even coffee!

Note the sugar content in Syntha6 – if you’re bulking, this could be good for you. If you’re dieting, I’d stay away.

Hopefully this helps!

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