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Intermittent Fasting with JACK3D – Can I Take It?

Question: I’m gonna start an Intermittent Fasting program. My goal is to get some lean muscle gains. Can I use Jack3d while I’m doing this or is it too much stims while fasting?
(Asked by Adrian)

Best Answer:

Intermittent Fasting with Jack3d and Modern BCAA

Modern BCAA and Jack3d are the top choices for fasted workouts!

You can definitely do intermittent fasting with Jack3d. It’s not the stimulants you should be worried about – it’s the catabolism, or muscle breakdown, that occurs when working out on an empty stomach.

When you are in a fasted state, your body and brain need to get their energy and amino acids from somewhere. Your bodyfat is one place they’ll get what they need, since you will have a lower blood sugar. But the process to convert that fat to glucose (Gluconeogenesis) takes time, and while that’s happening, something much worse will also take place: catabolism.

In order to get the energy and amino acids you need, your body will begin using your muscle tissue instead. Literally “eating” your muscle fibers to get the protein and aminos! This is what holds many of us back when we don’t eat enough protein-based foods. The proteins will be broken down by your body in a process known as proteolysis.

BCAA Supplements: Save Your Muscles

The solution is pretty simple: before, during, and after your fasted workout, you should take a branched-chain amino acid supplement. Our is obviously Modern BCAA by USPLabs.

BCAAs will not ruin your fast, but they will keep the aminos you need rightly available in your small intestine and bloodstream. So when your brain requires them, they’re ripe for the picking – not your muscles!! One study showed this by having BCAAs overnight to prevent the proteolysis.

Short Answer: Yes, You Can Use Jack3d When Fasting

But that gets us away from the main topic. USPLabs loves fasted training. There are different types of fasts, with different types of results. But we truly believe that the BCAAs are where the magic happens when you train on an empty stomach.

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