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Importing Jack3d Into Norway or Sweden

Question: Hi, i was woundering if there was a way to lable it as a gift or somthing, that makes it easyer to get through the toll. It just recently got banned in both norway and sweden, and i absolutly HAVE to have more of this, its the best pre-workout booster i’ve ever tried
(Asked by Joakim)

Best Answer:

Hi Joakim, that’s a great question, but the problem is that we’re not a store here – we only have price comparison widgets that list other stores. You might need to contact them and see if anyone will work with you. I have not heard of anyone doing this.

On Twitter, I’ve seen that a few stores still have it in the UK, so perhaps they’ve found a way to do this (but they might just be using their old supplies).

Good luck!

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