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TShawFitness – “The Gym is My Church & I Pray Every Day”

Tom Shaw - TShawFitness

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“2 scoops of Jack3d with 1g extra L-Arginine, 2g Beta alanine & 5g cittruline. Can anyone tell its leg day? #GVT #GoingHardAsF*Ck”

–@TShawFitness (Tom Shaw)

The only thing that gets me more stoked than reading Tweets like this is leaving Tweets like that.

So when I saw Tom Shaw, a personal trainer in Sunderland, UK, post it, I had to know more about him.

Tom was in the British Army starting at the age of 17, and recently left last year. While he was with them, he began training as a personal trainer (known as a PTI in the army). Looking at his Twitter base and following, you can tell that he’s as passionate about fitness and personal growth as anyone out there.

Tom is exactly the kind of hard-nosed dude that makes today’s Jack3d Success Story. Two links to show you why:

TShawFitness – Linkage

Just look at Tom’s Twitter feed. He is simultaneously having a zillion conversations, giving out advise to tons of people at once. This guy is literally a machine!

For that, we love him, and think that you should follow him and put him to the test if you have anything pressing.

Tom’s Services

As you can tell, Tom is a personal trainer in Sunderland, UK. If you’re out there and looking for someone to kick your ass around, Tom looks like the perfect candidate.

He’s full of energy (and attitude), has a huge amount of knowledge, his philosophies are sound (see next section), and his military background is a huge plus. You really can’t ask for much more out of a trainer!

Tom’s blog is filled with great stuff. Every personal trainer should strive to have as much info as he does – and maybe even put that incredible Twitter feed somewhere on the page! So let’s get into some of the stuff you can do with him:

Tom Shaw’s Workout Philosophies


Tom is in Sunderland, UK

First, on Tom’s site, you can read some great info in the “Your Body” section. Things such as calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), talking about Body Fat Percentage, and dicsussion on the DOMS (which you’ll definitely get when you start working out with him. Maybe some Modern BCAA can help with that…)

But it’s the workouts we want from Tom, so what’s he got? Everything we love:

  • HIIT (high intensity interval training).

    Basically, these consist of doing sprint-based intervals that are proven to mobilize more fat and build more muscle than doing slower, low-intensity steady-state (LISS) cardio. HIIT is more hellish, but also takes less time. Of course, mixing it all up is great, but HIIT is not in enough people’s repertoires. Thanks Tom.

    As an FYI, you can read more about it at the High Intensity Interval Training Article at our Sister Site, OxyELITE-Pro.com.

  • Drop and Pyramid Sets

    Tom and I share this one in common – we LOVE drop sets. These are great for ridiculous Jack3d-fueled pumps. TShaw will start off with a very high weight (80-90% of 1 rep max), getting you about 6-10 reps to failure on the last rep.

    Then “drop” the weight, and try to hit several more reps to failure. These workouts will rip your muscles apart and you MUST have some solid post-workout meals or else you won’t grow!

  • German Volume Training (GVT)

    Old school, but still around because it works. GVT uses lifts for 2 muscle groups per day, 3 on 4 off per week. You do only two exercises per muscle group, but you do a TON of volume – 10 sets of 10 reps each. Total slaughter for your body, and a great shake up.

    This is a bit too much rest for me personally, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some cardio in on other days, and work with Tom the 3 days on.

  • Negatives

    Doen by going nice and slowly on the way down going against the contraction – and by nice and slowly, Tom means 6-7 seconds!

  • The list goes on… see his blog!

    Fact is, Tom has an arsenal of workouts that will make you a LOT stronger. He is not a personal trainer who will go too easy on you. You’re paying for a workout, and a workout is what you’re gonna get

Tom Shaw and Supplements

TshawFitness highlights the basics – protein, creatine, vitamins, and amino acids. The Tweet pasted above, where Tom was doing leg days, was what got our attention.

Here, Tom is stacking Jack3d with even more beta alanine and arginine, as well as L-citrulline. The beta alanine was not completely necessary, but maybe he enjoyed some extra tingles. As long as you get around 4g/day spread throughout, you’re good to go. And the extra arginine probably can’t be felt, but is so cheap, you might as well toss it in if you have it for heavy days.

What I love, though, is the L-Citrulline. 5g is quite a solid dose, and will give epic pumps. In fact, this is the primary pump supplement out of the four pump ingredients in the new Jack3d Micro, so Tom and USPLabs see eye to eye there. It’s a pre-cursor to arginine in your body, helping you create more nitric oxide to improve your blood flow, but your body makes much better of use of it than supplementing arginine itself. Killer stack!

Bad News and Good News

But now to the bad news. Tom is in the UK, and Jack3d has been banned there. We will definitely miss Tom and his Jack3d workouts.

The good news?

He can switch to Jack3d Micro (read about it at www.Jack3dMicro.org), and get that citrulline in there, as well as some new stimulants that many are LOVING. But we’re still bummed to be losing so many incredible British users of the Jack3d original here.

Is your Personal Trainer or Gym Kicking Your Butt?

Tom is great, but maybe you’re located somewhere else and have a personal trainer who deserves some attention. If they like Jack3d, we’ll write about them and give them to attention they deserve!! Contact us at our Jack3d Success Series post for more info!

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