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Presenting Miss Ashley Ellen Holland – WBFF Competitor

Miss Ashley Ellen

Just a few weeks out from her contest! Niiiiiice…

What’s the best way for a woman to go after her pro-card?

Focus, determination, and an incredible understanding of diet and training. From reading Miss Ashley Ellen‘s blog, you can tell that she has all of these, and more.

(And you thought we were going to say that she just needs Jack3d, weren’t you? Well, Ashley loves her Jack3d, but it’s just the final piece to the puzzle).

Who is Miss Ashley Ellen?

I found Ashley on Twitter, so let’s get her links up right away:

In 2010, Ashley was an attractive, yet very, very skinny gal. But then she found the bodybuilding, nutrition, and fitness community, and it all changed.

Over the past two years, she’s gone from 95lbs into an amazingly sexy 135lbs. I’m not all about weight — I am more interested in bodyfat %, muscle tone, overall health, and a good “muscle tone to fat ratio”. Ashley knocks them out of the park in all accords.

Ashley’s Services

Ashley’s story has motivated more than just a few women (and men!) to get toned and healthy. If you’re in Phoenix, AZ, then you’re in luck – Ashley offers training services at none other than Gold’s Gym.

When she’s not working on her body (or yours), she’s also working on her Master’s Degree in Sports Nutrition.

Ashley’s Accolades

Ashley Ellen - Offseason

This is Ashley in the Offseason… ladies in Phoenix – For the sake of the city, TRAIN with Ashley and get this look!!

Notice the trend here… she is getting better and better, and is hopefully on her way to a pro-card!

  • WBFF US Central 2011 7th place
  • Tulsa Natural 2011 5th place
  • INBA Arizona Copper Classic 2012 1st place overall
  • OCB Valley of the Sun 2012 1st place bikini tall, and best stage presence

Awesome Article on her Blog

Ever seen a protein cake? If you haven’t… you have now!

Check it out, she also has some interesting commentary on the moodiness of carb cycling. Now that she’s currently on 3 a day workouts, getting ready for her next competition (only 2 leg workouts left at the time of this writing), it’ll be important to maintain the positive attitude while dieting down. Good thing Jack3d makes you feel awesome!

Ashley’s Other Supplements

A few other things we’ve found Ashley to use are glutamine, and the standard ON 100% Whey. Hopefully USP gets their protein out soon and we can switch her over to something new… but still, you can’t argue with the Gold Standard.

I also see on her Twitter feed that she’s a cinnamon junkie – a great glucose disposal agent (GDA) to take with carbs!


Drop Ashley a line on Twitter wishing her luck. The final weeks and days before competition are brutal, so let her know that you’re cheering her on!

Is Your Personal Trainer a Jack3d Success Story? Is Your Gym a Jack3d-approved Gym??

If you know someone who is using Jack3d to take their fitness to new levels, then read about our Jack3d Success Series and contact us – we want to feature them!

Also, if you have a Jack3d-approved gym, then we might want to right about it. It needs to be tough, gritty, and no-holds-barred! No “soccer-mom gyms” allowed!

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