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Jack3d Success: The Kabuki Warrior – Chris Duffin

The Kabuki Warrior Loses a TOOTH and Bursts a Blood Vessel During a PR Squat Session!!

Ever lost a tooth and burst a blood vessel during a squat session?! Chris Has, and that's part of what makes him a champion.

For our first Jack3d Success story, we have a whopper for you: An article all about The Kabuki WarriorChris Duffin.

Chris is a powerlifting champion who’s story is unbeatable. If you’re an aspiring powerlifter, you need to follow Chris at his links below. You will understand how he came to be such an incredible beast of a person. And if you want to get fired up before your workout, Chris’ videos are all you need. Let’s get to it!

The Kabuki Warrior’s Story – Chris’ Accomplishments

To say that Chris is an accomplished powerlifter would be a vast understatement.

He currently owns the Drug Free American Powerlifting records for the squat, bench press, deadlift, and powerlifting total in the 198lb class.

He also has the largest powerlifting total in Oregon’s history — regardless of weight class — and is one of the top deadlifters and squatters in the world with an 801lb deadlift in the 198lb Class and 1008lb squat in the 220lb class. Chris is also one of the best Raw powerlifter’s (not using supportive suits or shirts) in the world with a 1946 total in the 220lb class.

Chris’s Training (and Training with Chris)

Chris Duffin - 900lb Deadlift

For the math-impaired... this is FOUR times his bodyweight!!

Chris Duffin is the Head Coach and Partner at Elite Performance Center in Portland, Oregon.

Unlike most powerlifers and strength athletes, Chris is also enthralled with all things related to conditioning, nutrition, and supplementation. In addition to maintaining single digit body fat year round, Chris loves to engage in the occasional endurance event or strength and conditioning feat.

It is not a surprise with Chris’s attention to detail and perfectionism he is also an academic nerd with an Engineering Degree and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He’s not just an all-around great lifter – he’s an all around great person: Many of Chris’s coaching skills and high expectations that push people past their self-imposed limits have made him successful in the business world. To support the growth of his training facility, Chris’s full-time employment is that of a company Director or General Manager of complex manufacturing organizations.

Chris also has a very unique life story and philosophy that he shares on his website & blog, Kabuki Warrior.

Other Important Links from Chris

The Kabuki Warrior and Kettlebells

Chris Does it ALL

How The Kabuki Warrior Uses Jack3d

“Jack3d is a staple in my training and used for every major strength training cycle, competitive event, or feet of strength I have performed since it has come out. It is one way that I funnel the crazy intensity needed to do things people think are not doable.

Below are some examples of these feats of strength on Jack3ed. These are all done with the use of straps but no other supportive lifting gear.”

Not Convinced?  Here’s Proof of the Kabuki Warrior Dominating

Deadlifting 440lbs for 37 reps (2x bodyweight)

Deadlifting 500lbs w/1 hand for 5 reps

Deadlifting 900lbs for almost a double at 220lbs

(Note from the editor: WOW! Is this real life?!)

On Chris’s Current Goals…

This one was straightforward.  “To set an all-time Raw powerlifting record for the Total, Squat, and Deadlift.”

We asked Chris his favorite flavor of Jack3d.  Not surprisingly, here was his response:

“As long as it says Jack3d on the front I could care less about the flavor. I care about the performance increases so I will grab whatever is in stock. But it is a great bonus that all the flavors taste awesome!”

Chris Duffin - Chain Training

Moving the Chains

Thanks Chris!

Chris is a member of the USPLabs family, and we love him because you get nothing but balls-to-the-wall, straightforward results.  Thank you Chris for your incredible profile! I’m not going to tell you that taking Jack3d will have you setting powerlifting records — but if you’re on a plateau or entering a strength phase like him, it might help you get to the next level.  Chris’ true success was built in the gym and in the kitchen.  Supplements are just that extra last percent to get you over the top.

Do you Have a Jack3d Success Story? We want to Feature You!

Have a Jack3d Success Story? We want to hear from you! Check out www.jack3d.org/success for more info.

And don’t worry – You don’t need to deadlift 900lbs to get featured. Even if Jack3d and your trainer merely helped you get your butt back into the gym and lose 10 pounds, we want to hear the story!

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