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Getting Ripped with Herve Doliska in Miami Beach and Online!

Herve Doliska - Personal Trainer in Miami Beach, FL

Herve Doliska – Personal Trainer in Miami Beach, FL

A friend of mine needed a high-end personal trainer in Miami, FL and asked who to get. I found none other than Herve Doliska, whose awesome mix of education, physique, and likability made him my #1 choice in Miami. He also provides online training too, though.

All About Herve

Herve’s a certified PT (AFAA/ACE) and is also a high school football coach, which I knew my friend would love. He went to West Virginia where he got a bachelors degree in exercise physioliogy and THREE minors — communications, personal training, and sport & exercise psychology.

To say Herve knows his stuff is an understatement. But does he also walk the walk? Just look at his pics and see for yourself!

Herve’s Links

Herve’s Successes – Not Just His Own

Yeah, obviously Herve stays fit. But what does he do for other people?

The stories I find most fascinating are from his online personal training clients. What you can do is check out the online training link above, and see his services. He’ll actually help you from across the world while at the computer!

One client, Ermira (in Morgantown WV) lost 40lbs because of Herve’s incredible research and weekly diet plans. She maintained the diet, and thus maintained the fat loss! Meanwhile, Herve sat in front of the computer helping her out all along the way.

Another client, Scott in San Diego, has had nothing but results. Scott was in a rut, doing the same stuff over and over… and then came Herve and his changes, which dropped him 2% of bodyfat in 4 weeks — all WHILE gaining 5lbs of muscle!! Scott’s now under 8% bodyfat because of Herve, getting him under that 10% plateau!

Maria, in Kendall, FL needed Herve to get back into action as she began working full-time. It’s always tough to transition from an active high school and college lifestyle and into the “daily grind” of a job. With her transition came bad food habits. Maria knew what she needed to do, but she needed a kick in the butt to get there. It was Herve who provided that motivation, and is back to old form. The biggest thing is the ENERGY she now has. She forgot what it was like to feel so amazing.

You can read more about his testimonials on his website linked above.

The Supplement Stacks

Herve Doliska - Online Personal Trainer

Herve is an Online Personal Trainer Too!

Just like us, he’s a food eater. Food-based supplements like protein bars and protein shakes can be used to your advantage, as its tough to get all the protein you need day in and day out to keep your muscles repairing, growing, and to keep fat at bay.

We’re always wary of protein bars that are really nothing but glorified candy bars. Many of them have nothing but nasty sugars, maltodextrin, corn syrup, or sugar alcohols. Then tons of them are loaded with soy protein, which we’re not at all big on since it causes a ton of hormonal problems (by binding to estrogen receptors due to the “phytoestrogens” in soy).

So to stay away from the nonsense above, we’re all about the Quest Bars.

Of course, when you need extra energy and focus for a killer workout by Herve, Jack3d is the way to go.

Check the YouTube Video for More:

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