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The Dom Bower Success Story – Fast – Train – EAT

I was cruising around YouTube, when I found a video (shown below) of Dom Bower, a guy whose transformation pictures speak more than 1000 words.

Just look at how far he has come in just 7 months earlier this year. From January to July, he went from an overweight 226lbs to a VERY clean 185lbs.

Dom Bower from January to July

Dom Bower from January to July

How’d he Do It? We’ll get to that, but first, let me give you Dom’s stats:

Dom Bower’s Links

Blog: DomBowerExercise.blogspot.co.uk
YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/dombower
Dom’s Photography Blog: dombowerphoto.blogspot.com (yep, he’s a pro!)
Personal Website: www.dombower.com

Dom is from Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, but is easy enough for us ‘mericans to understand, which is important because his videos are nearly as good as his writing and photography!

Dom’s Success – How He Did It

Dom Bower's Progression

Dom Bower’s Progression

If you take a quick look at Dom’s Youtube channel and blog, you’ll quickly notice something: Dom is smart as hell. It only takes one look at blog articles like this one to see that.

So when he decided that 226lbs of too-much-fat was unacceptable, he did his finest research and got right to work. Incredible HIIT workouts, proper fasting, weight training sessions, documentation (he is a photographer, after all), and accountability. Dom is clearly a responsible, intelligent person that I’d love to share a workout with.

Warning: Here’s a RANT (Smart People!)

Now, if you’ll allow me to go into rant mode, here’s what I find funny:

Smart people are either REALLY good, or REALLY bad at getting fit. I find it hilarious that there are people out there who are so mentally equipped, yet allow their bodies – the ONE physical thing they truly control – to fall apart. It just takes one walk through the engineering hallways of a big company to see this, and I honestly don’t understand it.

But on the flip side, when a smart person REALLY decides to go after real-deal fat burning (and not just ‘weight loss’), they seem to do it right. No fads, no gimmicks, no nonsense from the 90’s.

They follow the research and see that we are still the same “animals” we’ve been for 100,000 years, and that processed foods and sugars are completely foreign substances to our bodies.

They understand that we often need to lift heavy things (weight/resistance training). We occasionally have to sprint (HIIT). Fasting is a completely natural thing (intermitten fasting). There’s no reason to eat late at night – that’s dangerous and wasteful.

So when I see someone like Dom just jump right back into, and get ripped, I think it’s awesome. He is the recipe for success – follow a smart guy who takes the NATURAL path… and the occasional naturally developed supplement like Jack3d, and boom, it’s actually NOT rocket science. Cheers to Dom for making it what it is – hard work, perhaps, and a lot of BS to filter out… but certainly not gimmickry.

Dom Bowers and Jack3d

So how’d I find Dom? Well… it was this video that caught my attention:

Now, I’m not the biggest proponent of taking 3 scoops. I only do it before my races and competitions. But as long as you don’t take any other stimulants during the day, and you KNOW you have a high stim tolerance, if you work up to it, that’s okay.

That said, if it takes you 3 scoops of Jack3d to get you ready for a workout… then you better check your pulse. Something is wrong, and it’s time to CYCLE OFF!

Now, the one bit of bad news for Dom… Jack3d is no longer allowed in the UK. But that brings good news too – he can actually get a BETTER pump by switching to Jack3d Micro (see also www.jack3dmicro.org), which is the DMAA-free formulation that has a three-phase pump system – EPIC for weightlifting!

Either way, I love Dom’s posts, I love his blog, and I admire his success. Check his photography out!

Jack3d is Still Alive in the US! Got a Jack3d Success Story or Hardcore Gym? Let’s Talk about It!

This Jack3d Success Series is here to tell you one thing – Jack3d is still alive and well in the US (primarily sold online here – see links below), and that there are many people still having success with it.

If you are one, or your personal trainer is one, or you know of one… hit us up and we’ll be happy to link up to your blog / facebook feed / twitter / etc!

We’re also into hardcore, no nonsense gyms – because that’s exactly what Jack3d (and USPLabs) are all about. Got one? We’ll write about it.

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  1. Dom Bower says:

    Dude! awesome, No idea i was on this site, thanks. and thanks for putting up the links.

    Any time your over in the UK, ill be happy to do a work out with you.

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