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Introducing ajFitness – A Bulking Stack with @FitnessWithAJ

Gettin Ripped with Jack3d and @FitnessWithAJ

Gettin Ripped with Jack3d and @FitnessWithAJ

There are some serious gems on YouTube and Twitter, and I found one when I stumbled on ajFitness. AJ is a studly fellow and I don’t know tons about him, but his last video is at UCONN, so he’s probably up there in the Northeast.

What I like about AJ? He looks like an ATHLETE. He’s not a crazy looking powerlifter or bodybuilder, he just looks like an athlete. But in fact, he’s a model. This is what I personally think all guys should aspire to be (but don’t be ashamed if you have a few more percent of bodyfat than AJ… you’ll still look great).

AJ and his videos and tweets are a good inspiration if you’re going for this kind of body — lean and mean. So let’s get to his links:

@FitnessWithAJ – Two Feeds to Follow

Twitter: @FitnessWithAJ
YouTube: AJ Fitness on YouTube

(yo AJ – if you’re on Model Mayhem, hook us up with a link to that too!)

AJ’s Stack

This is how I found AJ, at the following YouTube video:

In this stack, AJ successfully used Jack3d, Yok3d, Animal Pak, ON’s Serious Mass, and amino acids like BCAA caps and Glutamine to put on 8 pounds – a great feat for a guy with a crazy fast metabolism like AJ.

It worked for AJ, and that’s what counts. Of course, I’d consider a move to USPLabs’ Modern BCAA to take during workouts instead of those expensive capsules, but of course we’re biased here ;)

AJ is funny too… calls the ON Serious Mass a “bag of fertilizer”, which of course it’s not, but as a weight gainer, it’s THAT big.

AJ’s Bulking Strategy


BAM! #Jack3d

Anyway, he brought in 5000-7000 calories a day while doing this, and was willing to go through lots of weight gainer to do it. Is this the healthiest thing? Not long term. But for a quick shock-your-body and put on mass, if you are going to work out hard enough (and with Jack3d, you will), then I’m all for it.

He also used Animal Pak, which is an incredible vitamin pack. You get TONS of stuff, so if your diet isn’t perfect, this can help. There are also digestive enzymes, probiotics, and a few things to help with mental health too. I feel great when I’m on Animal Pak… just note that you’re going to have to swallow NINE pills every day. Some people definitely don’t like that.

Jack3d is great, but for the heavy lifts that it takes for doing some bulks, it’s time to switch on the Yok3d to get some extra pumping and ripping. After that, you can easily eat a lot more, and try to get as much of those calories into post-workout muscle repair.

I’ll admit, I liked AJ so I wrote this about him without his consent. I don’t know tons about him, but am happy to add more info if you hit us back at @Jack3dFans! In the meantime, everyone else can follow his Twitter feed and mirror his kickass workouts.

Want to Join the Jack3d Success Series?

If you have used Jack3d to your liking, then hit us up! Our Jack3d Success Series post has our contact info, and we can help promote you, your personal trainer, or your gym. Jack3d is alive and well in the US, and it’s time everyone knew about it!

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