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The Jack3d Success Series – Featuring YOU

Jack3d is still alive and well in the US, and it’s time we let everyone know!

This week, we’re beginning the Jack3d Success Series, which will highlight… YOU.

It will be about all of the trainers, athletes, gym-goers, and other people who made incredible gains (or losses!) and got a newfound love for fitness with the most successful supplement to ever go “viral” – USPLabs Jack3d.

We know that Jack3d was merely a weapon in your training – it was really you who did the heavy lifting, and it’s time to celebrate that.

What We Need from You

We want to write YOUR story. If you’re a personal trainer or gym owner, we want to link to YOUR webpage and Facebook/Twitter/Bodyspace feeds. Free press for you, a great story for us, and epic success for both of us.

E-mail us at [email protected] with the following. Everything is optional:

  1. Your Name or Alias
  2. Your website, Facebook page, Twitter, and/or BodySpace
  3. A bit about you. Training services you offer, your challenges, your story.
  4. How you’ve used Jack3d in the past
  5. Your current goals
  6. Favorite Jack3d flavor and your current supplement stack
  7. Feel free to Attach any pictures!

Help Jack3d.org and Get Paid?!

Now here’s the coolest part. And before I say this, note that this site is NOT run by USPLabs – It is an independent, unaffiliated site with online price comparisons to save you money.

For a limited time, if you write the above article yourself, and attach images, we’ll gift you up to $10 via PayPal! I know it’s not much, but it will get you through half a tub of Jack3d. Can’t complain over a 10-spot.

Or, if you’d rather it go to the charity of your choice (USPLabs loves the Wounded Warriors Project), we can do that.

If we do this, your writing would need to have good spelling and grammar, and be over 500 words of unique text. Just hit us up at [email protected] or on Facebook at facebook.com/jack3dfans. As a barometer on the word count, this post has about 450 words. So it’d have to be longer than this.

But first, we’ll start by talking about some of the USPLabs reps and regular USP discussion forum users.

Have a Health / Fitness / Nutrition / Gym Website? Let’s Talk

Also, if you own a health / fitness / nutrition / gym website or blog, we’d love to look at it. We might want to send you some free Jack3d (or just pay you like above) for an article or guest blog posting on your site!!

Jack3d.org Redesign is Coming!

Meanwhile, Jack3d.org is still the best place to find the best deals, get a diet training program, and learn everything you need to know about it.

But this site has been around for over 2 years, and is looking a bit “old” and “stale”. So stay tuned – the new site is going to be epic!

… and Our Parent Company is Hiring

In fact, our parent company is even hiring a new technical College Intern who has great communication/writing skills and is familiar with WordPress, HTML/CSS, and Photoshop. Working with nutritional products is an added bonus! Once again, [email protected] if you know any super sharp people – thanks!

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