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Krav Maga and Jack3d – An Unlikely, But LETHAL Combo!

Someone points a gun at you or puts a knife at your neck. It might turn more horrible when that someone told you to not to move an inch or else you die. In situations like this, we have nothing left to do.

Wrong. There are things we can practice, among them is the most popular defense tactics called Krav Maga. This mixed martial art is an official defence tactics practiced in the military. It is rooted in the 1940s in Israel during the recruitment of people of all walks of life into building their army. Since the then army is composed of people of all ages, sex, physical abilities, among others, army leaders needed to develop a combative system that could be used by all these recruits. Krav Maga was born out of figuring out what tactics must be fitted with the different levels of experience and ability.

A Quick Krav Maga Intro:

A quick and simple look at how krav maga is carried out: when people does something threatening to you, you act in reliance to your natural instinct to defend. Krav maga teaches us that the defense can be strengthened and turn out to be a powerful attack as well. As in this case, when someone chokes you, you hold the persons hand and stop him (defence) and then kick him or retaliate (attack). The systemized defence-attack actions are what describe this MMA. There is no single established style, just let your instinct act as your savior.

Nowadays, krav maga is seen as that cool thing all should be learning about in classes. It is becoming even more and more popular due to the following benefits

  • Self defense.

    Defend yourself against people who are eyeing your bag or pouch. Or even against pranksters who happen to randomize new victims.

  • Confidence.

    Whether you are standing at an ATM or stepping out a bank or just hailing a taxi, someone might just get into you. With your training in this MMA, no need to worry as you know how to get even or better yet get over them.

  • Practicality.

    No need to hire someone to guard you, well that is if you happen to be someone who people look up to. We are not confining our definition to wealthy people, it must be someone of an old age who would like to defend himself.

  • Fitness and Fun.

    With an array of activities to choose from, you are assured of optimum enjoyment while learning how to defend yourself. Every class is different so you are sure to get fresh ideas every day. No, it is not a non-organized martial art, it is just that you are learning to combat different people in different situations.

Who’s Tried Krav Maga?

Many celebrities have tried krav maga. Jennifer Lopez for her film Enough explained in an interview: It puts women equal to men in the world of martial arts. You must just have the weight of the other person even if theyre bigger than you.

As true to all physical activities, krav maga should be coupled with a proper diet. Also to note are the helpful supplements that do the silent works. There are quite a number of supplements in the market today, among them the MusclePharm Assault and USPLabs Jack3d. The former is a popular pre workout supplement for MMA and other physically challenging activities, but Jack3d is actually BETTER fitted for MMA!!!

Jack3d redefines health and vigor supplement, fitting the physical challenges of mixed martial arts. It is a preworkout supplement well-researched to boost out-of-this world energy, stamina and endurance.

Jack3d for MMA instead of Assault? Easily. Here’s Why

Why Jack3d? Because it has no maltdoxtrin or magnesium to slow you down and because it gives more energy compared to other supplements like Assault! A quick look at how Jack3d works: it contains an organic acid that make users stronger and grow leaner and bulkier muscles. The said organic acid is Creatine Monohydrate, a universally acknowledged supplier of energy to the body, primarily to the muscles.

Also, another component of this product is Beta Alanine, which is essential to prevent fatigue in sparring practices. Beta Alanine helps delay muscle failure and increases threshold by up to 20 percent. Creatine and alanine work hand in hand in keeping you energized in combating your opponent. How? Creatine supplies the muscle cells with water to boost energy levels while alanine keeps the muscles from being tired.

Interestingly, only the addictive effects of Jack3d have been documented as its negative effects. This is just the caffeine though, which is in any pre-workout worth its salt. So why not be “addicted” to good supplementation anyway? Well of course, this is true to all supplementation. Health experts are not tired of advising us to take only the appropriate consumption of any supplementation. The proper dosage of Jack3d before krav maga trainings and matches is two to three scoops. That is enough to bring out the unbelievable energy in you.

This is one of our many articles in how you can use Jack3d in combination with MMA training and fighting styles.

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