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Jiu Jitsu and Jack3d – A Match Made in Heaven

This is one of our many articles in how you can use Jack3d in combination with MMA training and fighting styles.

Jiu Jitsu is an emerging martial art nowadays. It is a traditional Japanese way of unarmed defence dating back 16th century, using only the art of manipulating the force of the opponent against himself. For now, it is gaining more and more popularity as a form of military and defence activity and as a form of sports. The most popular form of this martial art is the Brazilian Jiu Jutsu, which is, as its name suggests, from Brazil. It came into prominence in the 90s during the early UFC days after champion Royce Gracie effectively showed his BJJ techniques. The Brazilian style is derived from the Japanese kudo, which is derived from the original jujutsu. Tracing the BJJ history, one might meet up names like Gastao, Carlos and Heliothe Gracie family who introduced this style taught to them in 1914 by Japanese judo master Mitsuyo Maeda. With Royce Gracie and the legendary Gracie family, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is also named Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Quick Intro to Jiu Jitsu for beginners

A quick look at how this mixed martial art (MMA) is carried out: get your opponent on the ground and grapple with him in order to utilize ground fighting techniques and submission holds involving a variety of styles. Since this is much of a ground fighting, height and weight and even age do not matter that much. It is one of few sports where mind power and physical strength manipulation are all that matters.

Why Jiu Jitsu?

The two main uses of jiu jitsu are: for self defense and for sports competition. Either way, one has to learn the said martial art from experts through institutions that offer classes and on-hand practices. For self defense, one has to learn how to fight in close combat and analyse tactics to let the opponent be grappling on the ground. Jiu jitsu is regarded as an effective way to get rid of people who corner you in a dark street and, for students, to give a lesson to the bullies. In sports, this mixed martial art needs basic activities like failing, rolling, basic hold downs and escapes. The goal in this mixed martial art sportsis to win by submission of the opponent or by point system. Certain rules have been set by organization in international tournaments, like that of the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation which hosts annual major tournaments in various countries and regions around the world.

Like other martial arts, one must have to work his way up the hierarchal system based on age. The highest belt color (as belt is traditionally the ranking signs of most martial arts) is black for the 19 and over. To demonstrate the optimal skill of this martial art, one must have to enrol in academies specially made for such.

But it’s still all about Diet! Jiu Jitsu and JACK3D!

As true to all physical activities, jiu jitsu should be coupled with a proper diet. Also to note are the helpful supplements that do the silent works. There are quite a number of supplements in the market today, among them the MusclePharm Assault and Jack3d. The former is a popular preworkout supplement for MMA and other physically challenging activities, but Jack3d is actually better fitted for jiu jitsu. Jack3d redefines health and vigor supplement, fitting the physical challenges of martial arts. It is a preworkout supplement well-researched to boost out-of-this world energy, stamina and endurance. The term jacked literally means pumped or excited, as the muscles will be when properly supplemented.

Jack3d over Assault for MMA? EASILY.

Why Jack3d? Because it has no maltdoxtrin or magnesium to slow you down and because it gives more energy compared to other supplements like the MusclePharm Assault. A quick look at how Jack3d works the best for jui jitsu: it contains an organic acid that make users stronger and grow leaner and bulkier muscles. The said organic acid is Creatine Monohydrate, a universally acknowledged supplier of energy to the body, primarily to the muscles. Also, another component of this product is Beta Alanine, which is essential to prevent fatigue in practicing techniques of jiu jitsu. Beta Alanine helps delay muscle failure and increases threshold by up to 20 percent. Creatine and alanine work hand in hand in keeping you energized in combating your opponent. How? Creatine supplies the muscle cells with water to boost energy levels while alanine keeps the muscles from being tired.

Interestingly, only the addictive effects of Jack3d have been documented as its side effects. Basically, the caffeine… which is in every other pre workout supplement worth its salt too. As always, talk to your doctor before beginning a supplementation program. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical conditions. Health experts are not tired of advising us to take only the appropriate consumption of any supplementation. The proper dosage of Jack3d before jiu jitsu classes and matches is one through three scoops, max 3 per DAY! That is enough to bring out the unbelievable energy in you.

Remember: when you are into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, always take Jack3d – the perfect match made in heaven.

This is one of our many articles in how you can use Jack3d in combination with MMA training and fighting styles.

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