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Jack3d Workout Sessions

There’s something really cool going on at USPLabs. They have an incredible blog where they are showing some absolutely epic workouts from their user community, reps, and even full-time employees of the company!

These workouts are dedicated to intensity, which is exactly what you get out of this pre workout supplement. There’s Power Leg Training, Mass Training, Renegade Training, and much more.

These sessions are run by John Davies, who is the founder of Renegade Training, and has an enormous history of success in the fitness and bodybuilding community. When you buy Pink Magic, Renegade Training is the manual that comes with it — and it works incredibly well!

The workouts began appearing on the USP Labs blog on October 10th, and they’ve been consistently adding to them ever since. You have testimonials from such greats as Tammy Bravomalo, Chad Shaw, Curt “The Brute” Dennis, and John Davis Himself.

These Sessions are known as no other than the Jack3d Sessions.

Jack3d Sessions – Back and Biceps

The first Jack3d Sessions workout was back and biceps, with an image of Chad Shaw. It involves 4×5 Deadlifts, One-arm Bent-Over-rows (3×5), Pull-Ups, Drag Curl, Scott Curl, Dumbbell Curl, and Incline Dumbbell Curl – Talk about a hell of an arm day!

After that, there’s even dumbbell rack curl, but we personally aren’t into this – please do not waste the squat rack on your curls if there are others in the gym and no other squat racks are available!!! This is not courteous and is poor etiquette. If there are tons of squat racks available, or you’re the only one in the gym, by all means go for it.

Jack3d Sessions – Mass Training

So you’ve seen the The Jack3d Stack for Bulking, but need some mass-gaining workouts? Well, Curt THE BRUTE Dennis has you covered. This guy is a total monster! He’s got to be using the max dosage of 3 scoops of Jack3d, no doubt, along with Yok3d and Prime!

He starts off with John Davies’ Renegade Training RED2 warmup, and then it’s game-on. Concentric Squats, Snatch Grip Deadlifts, Good Morning Squats, Jump Shrugs, and Bent-over-Rows are all part of the program. Then there’s also Walking Lunges and Optional arm workouts as well.

After that, you get into the curls for the girls, and the tri’s for the guys. Curl exercises include standing barbell bicep curl, drag curl, Scott curl, dumbbell curl, and incline dumbbell curl.

Triceps exercise include barbell tricep extension, standing dumbbell french presses, and dumbbell tricep extension.

Powerful Shoulders with Jack3d

Curt the Brute returns for another workout in the next week, this time for some powerful shoulders. His delts are absolutely phenomenal.

The first round of exercises begins with Push Press, Upright Row, Side Lateral Raise, Bent Over Lateral Raise, and Front Raise.

As if that’s not enough, you can do some bodyweight calisthenics of jumping jacks, shuffle splits, burpees, and mountain climbers.

We find that calisthenic exercises are incredible when on Jack3d – Jack3d is more of an energy supplement, and a little bit of a pump supplement. Stacking it with Yok3d here gives you the pumps, but the energy is where you’ll kill it with calisthenic stuff.

Jack3d Sessions – Power LEG Training

Finally, it’s time for a powerful LEG DAY. No workout routine is for real unless you have serious leg conditioning.

This workout seems basic, but trust me, it’s not. You have front squats — VERY deep, followed by hack squats. Then there’s Good morning squats, sissy squats, and if that wasn’t enough… walking lunges. We highly recommend a full dosage of Yok3d, Modern BCAA, and Jack3d for this one.

To get the abs and lower back, you’ll have some planks and horse poses as well.

This is where the Jack3d Sessions currently leave off. Find more at the USPLabs blog.

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