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Jack3d from USPLabs
The ULTIMATE Pre-Workout Energy and Focus Drink
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Jack3d Results

These Jack3d Results come from our Jack3d Reviews pages. These are real comments from real people, just like you.

Strength Gain Results on Jack3d

I tried it today and I had the BEST workout of my life, I lifted 125lbs each hand dumb bell press, insane right, being that my max was 110lbs in each hand. To all who read the reviews who have not experience jack3d, PLEASE TRY IT.
— Dre B

My bench went from doing 225lbs @ 15 reps to 25 reps. My max bench went from 320 to 330 in just 2 days on this shit it is the REAL DEAL.
— Mike

I lift at night and I stay awake for a while because it gives me so much energy I could lift for hours. My squatting numbers have increased as well as my bench and deadlift and front squat as well as all my dumbbell workouts.
— Mac

Size Results on Jack3d

I got the 110lbers for 9 reps! I took a measurement of my arm this week and it is up a 1/2 inch.
— Keith

Due to my wrestling season I had to stay as a 125 pounder. Once the season was over however I found this new supplement. I’ve been taking it for only 3 weeks, and I’ve already gained 10 pounds of solid muscle. granted this isnt only the jack3d that helped as i am a wrestler. but still it is an amazing product and i would reccomend it to anyone looking to get “jack3d”
— Tyler

Fat Loss Results with Jack3d

Love it I feel great every time I drink it. I’ve lost 10 pounds while on this stuff (3 weeks) ITS GREAT!!!
— Steven W

I have endless energy during my workouts and I am stronger than I have ever been. At 47 i have a 6 pack!
— RJ in Florida

Cardio Results on Jack3d

The first time I took Jack3d I decided to put it to the test and jog at the gym; I did not expect to do great considering I don’t do cardio, but I ran a little over 30 minutes NON-STOP!!! I amazed myself! I was still able to get in a really good back and bicep workout after the 30+ minute jog (at constant speed).
— Jesus M.

Before Jack3d I was running 5.5 miles within one hour, the very first dose I took I ran 6.2 miles within 48 minutes! After running I did some light weight workout on the legs and did abs for 15 minutes..usually I leave the gym after my 5.5 mile run and hop in the sauna then leave..not since I found Jack3d!
— Shawn

People generally are using this stuff for Muscle building. I use it for cardio! When using Jack3d I cut about 30 to 45 seconds off of my run time. It’s almost like cheating. Love this product. Another perk is it only takes 8oz of fluid to saturate into therefore not making you bloated with water before you workout. Awesome Product!
— Eric

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