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Jack3d Pineapple Strawberry

The new Jack3d Pineapple Strawberry flavor has surfaced, and we’re here to tell you that this one is a hands-down winner!

It’s definitely meant for those of you that like the sweeter supplements rather than some of the more sour ones. USPLabs has been releasing different flavors at fast rates, but they seem to tow the line 50/50 between sweet and sour, so everyone can be happy.

We’ll talk about the latest flavor of 2010 and 2011’s best-selling nitric oxide supplement – what the pineapple strawberry reviews are, where to buy it cheap, and a run-down on all of the other flavors that are currently out just in case you might want something else (or something more on the sour side).

Unlike many of the newer flavors, this is not an exclusive store deal – it can be purchased at any store that chooses to carry it. This already makes it better than most of the other new flavors, since those exclusive deals come with “exclusive” prices, if you know what I mean. For strawberry pineapple, you can just check the price comparison widget to see which stores choose to carry it, and in our case, the cheapest store does in fact have it. Good news for your tongue and wallet!

Pineapple strawberry is hard to explain in words. It’s a sweeter flavor, but not as “tropical” as the coconut-based tropical fruit punch. It’s definitely very good and is a sweet change-up for the faithful, but I have a feeling that by the end of this tub, I’ll be ready to get back to grape or white blue raspberry.

As always, this flavor uses 100% natural flavorings. No artificial dyes, colors, or flavors here. As always, USPLabs puts together a product with no unnecessary junk in it. Just the incredible raw ingredients that you want and need, and nothing to stain your innards. So don’t expect a bright purple colored powder or mix here, and we consider that a good thing. Save money, save your body, and stay away from carcinogenic coloring.

So now it’s time for a lay of the land on all of the different flavors out there:

The Sweet Flavors

  • Grape Bubblegum – Remains our #1 flavor (personal opinion), and can be found anywhere.

  • Tropical Fruit Punch – Very good, but this one has the love/hate relationship with the customer base. The key is that it’s tropical fruit punch, with coconut hints. Not red fruit punch. Once you understand that, you’ll be ready for this sweet pre workout.

  • Watermelon – This one is also a sweet one, but is exclusively sold at Vitamin Shoppe.

  • White Blue Raspberry – The bad news? It’s only sold at GNC. The good news? If it weren’t for the price tag, it’d be, without a doubt, our favorite color. No fakeness here, just REAL deal blue raspberry flavoring!

  • Pineapple Strawberry – Here we are!

The Sour Flavors

  • Lemon Lime – The original, the top seller, and the go-to for beginners who aren’t sure but don’t want a sweet one.

  • Raspberry Lemonade – We still say this one is underrated, but nobody talks about it!

  • Sour Cherry – Exclusive deal at BB.com. Absolutely incredible – BB got one of the better exclusive deals here.

  • Jack3d Green Apple – Biggest hint – put it in WARM water for an incredible hot apple cider type of pre workout. No other supplement can boast something that unique! Sadly…. exclusively sold at GNC.

Jack3d Pineapple Strawberry Reviews

We’re not seeing too many reviews on this one yet since it’s very new, and if users are like us, they’re probably having a hard time explaining it besides it’s sweet and pineapple-y. Stay tuned for more reviews – we’ll also add this flavor to the list on our Jack3d Reviews page for others to talk about it.

Jack3d Green Apple Ingredients

Nothing “new” here – this is the same award-winning, #1 selling formula that USPLabs has put out in EVERY other flavor. You get AAKG, Beta Alanine, Creatine Monohydrate, Caffeine, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl (DMAA), and Schizandrol A.

Worst case scenrio… if you don’t like your flavor, trade with a friend or just toss it into a very small amount of water and take it like a shot. You’ll still annihilate the gym.

Remember, these new flavors are fun, but it’s all about the ingredients!! And they’re the same in all packages.

And let’s nto forget one of the main selling points of Jack3d – the flavors that are NOT there! ie, no fillers like magensium, maltodextrin, or artificial flavoring/colors. USPLabs pioneered this philosophy with Jack3d and now nearly every other company copies it.

Stay tuned for more info! 2012 is going to rock, now that there’s Compound 20, some AMAZING stacks are going to be made!

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