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Beta Alanine

Let’s talk about Beta Alanine, the slightly mysterious, slightly controversial endurance amino acid supplement that is in Jack3d.

If you’ve ever felt your skin tingling a little bit after taking this, then that is the beta alanine talking. Whether you feel it or not, don’t be alarmed – it isn’t harmful, and it also doesn’t have to be “felt” in order for it to work. But for those of you talking about the tingles, this is the beta alanine. So let’s discuss WTF is going on here!

Beta Alanine Benefits

Beta Alanine is an amino acid that works in an indirect way. Basically, this is the pre-cursor to carnosine, which is a peptide that’s found in your muscle fibers. Carnosine buffers the hydrogen molecules that your body is releasing when you’re exercising, and it works to normalize the pH level. So it keeps acidity down… which is awesome because nobody likes that “lactic acid feel” in their muscles. More carnosine is a great thing to keep you from getting tired and sore!

The problem is that we can’t just eat a bunch of carnosine. It’s not bioavailable, and it will get destroyed by your digestive system, which has extremely high acid levels. But guess what – USPLabs has a nice little work-around. Beta alanine supplements help your body produce more carnosine naturally, so it can then go and do its work in buffering the acids from your muscle and get you blasting out more reps, which of course means more muscle-tearing, which then means more muscle-BUILDING if you’re taking your protein and sweet potatoes after working out!

Update: Jack3d has recently updated its label, and the version of Beta Alanine is now CARNOSYN, which is the most pure, trusted brand in the industry! An upgrade to Jack3d for everyone!

By adding BA to your Jack3d, USPLabs is giving you an avenue to increase your endurance over time since you’ll be creating more carnosine. This is why so many of our reviewers LOVE using Jack3d during cardio sessions as well as lifting.

You Mentioned Beta Alanine “Over Time”?

Now here’s the thing about beta alanine. It takes a little while to build up your carnosine stores in this method. You are likely not going to get much of an effect on endurance the first time you take Jack3d. However, over two weeks, it really starts to kick in – and this is why Jack3d is so great with endurance. While you’re getting in better shape from your great workouts (the caffeine and 1,3 dimethylamylamine HCl sure doesn’t hurt here!), your carnosine buffers also builds up.

But here’s another problem – beta alanine is best dosed at 4g/day, split in 2 or 3 doses throughout the day. So if you’re taking Jack3d and you’re an endurance athlete, marathon runner, triathlete, or anyone who is REALLY serious about endurance, it might not hurt for you to add another 2g of beta alanine on the opposite side of the day of your workout. It’s also a good idea to take it on non-workout days when you’re not on Jack3d. But don’t worry, it’s cheap and tasteless. We have a link on the bottom of this article where you can find bulk beta alanine, as well as studies showing how well this stuff really does work.

Beta Alanine Side Effects

So that’s the awesome news about BA. It works, it’s cheap, and it’s tasteless. Of course, there’s got to be some “bad news”. And that comes in the form of those slightly annoying “TINGLES”.

Essentially, about 20-30 minutes after you take it, you MIGHT feel a tingling sensation in your skin. Sometimes it’s in the arms or legs, sometimes its in the neck or even face. The good news is that BA is completely safe – studies show that users have NO blood toxicity when dosing it at high levels.

The theory is that this amino, as it floods your carnosine stores, also triggers some nerve endings, providing the tingles.

Using the Beta-Alanine Tingles to your Advantage

But some people are annoyed so highly by this that they can’t take Jack3d. To those of you, I say to suck it up and use it to your advantage. It will go away and it’s still safe. By using it to your advantage, I mean, when you feel this, it’s time to put up or shut up and get lifting. Sometimes you’ll find yourself sipping on Jack3d, and the next thing you know, you’ve been sitting at your computer or on the phone or in the locker room doing nothing for 30 minutes. The tingles are your wake-up call – caffeine and AAKG is about to kick in – time to get lifting!!! If it annoys you, take it out on the weights.

In conclusion, this stuff is great for endurance, and I highly recommend endurance athletes to take this 2x/day, each and every day, along with BCAAs like Modern BCAA to get an advantage over your competition. Jack3d can be, of course, on of those 2 dosages on training days.

Where to Buy Beta Alanine

You can read more about it and find bulk prices here in Jack3d.

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