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The History of Jack3d – Versions and Differences

There is some confusion regarding the naming of Jack3d from USPLabs. Jack3d was once called Jacked (note the “3” instead of the “e”). The name change came because of a trademark issue discussed below.

Update: In February 2012, Jack3d had yet another label change! This time, the dosages are the same, but the beta alanine is now from Carnosyn, which is the premier, 100% pure form of beta alanine, and the most-trusted form on the market by a longshot. Additionally, the label was clarified to state that the DMAA component is 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCl.

Initially, the product once known as Jacked had a proprietary blend of 3,166mg and a slightly different flavoring. However, there was some patent litigation concerning creatine and sodium bicarbonate blend with BSN (makers of Jack3d’s popular competitor, NO-Xplode).

Here’s a quote from a USPLabs rep:

“We had to remove the Fizz because BSN has licensed the Patent for combo of creatine and sodium bicarbonate. That is why the fizz is gone and so the taste had to changed for that reason. Changed name from JACKED to Jack3d because another company has a trade mark on Jacked. We increased the amount of beta alanine and AAKG, but everything else is exactly the same including the price.”

Theophylline is no longer in Jack3d

The Theophylline Molecule

Its not surprising to see BSN attack this threatening product in any way they can. BSN owns a lot of of the preworkout “nitric oxide” market share with NO-Xplode and will protect its domain whenever and wherever possible.

The second iteration of the product, now named Jack3d, had the proprietary blend increased from 3,166mg to 3,500mg. There were increases in beta alanine and arginine alpha-ketoglutarate. This was good news.

However, if you compare the second and third generation labels, there is one mysterious absence: theophylline.

There were many discussions and rumors as to why theophylline was removed. This is what USP’s reps claim:

The only ingredient that was removed since the first run of Jack3d is theophylline (in the latest version). Originally, theophylline was a part of the methylxanthine complex in Jack3d that would exert it’s effects partly via competitive inhibition of cAMP degradation, apart from the synergistic interaction with 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCl. This change, and the corresponding label changes, were undertaken to match FDA compliance requirements in terms of ingredients and their nomenclature. Back to theophylline. As it turns out, due to the small amount of theophylline originally used, coupled with the fact that caffeine could exert comparable effects in the formula without theophylline, the elimination of theophylline was not at the expense of formula potency. Furthermore, USPLabs took the opportunity of the removal of theophylline to increase the per-scoop amounts of creatine and schizandrol A.

Jack3d Second Generation Label

Jack3d Second Generation Label

Unfortunately, we have no idea how much of anything is really in Jack3d (we can guess on the caffeine and creatine contents and adjust accordingly), so this doesn’t necessarily provide us much detailed information.

There are common questions about Jack3d that we can answer here – First, there was never a recall of Jack3d. Second, the product was never discontinued.

Third, theophylline is not a prescription drug, but has been conventionally used in clinical settings for the treatment of chronic respiratory impingement (chronic bronchitis, etc.,). It can be used as a prescription, but is available over-the-counter (similar to fish oil in that aspect). Caffeine’s effects are similar to theophylline, so USP opted to go the caffeine route. Theophylline naturally occurs in cola, cacao extract, guarana extract, kola nut extract and even common black and green teas, so it would be pure chaos had the FDA tried to remove this from all beverages.

So USPLabs claims that they voluntarily removed theophylline, and the product remained the same. There was also an increase in the proprietary formula from 3,500mg to 4,145mg. Best of all, you no longer need three scoops to get a great effect – two works absolutely fine with the current version of Jack3d.

Despite these changes, Jack3d remains incredibly popular and effective, which is why it continues to be sell at incredible rates. Our price comparisons on the right show the best deals for Jack3d on the net.

One Comment at “The History of Jack3d – Versions and Differences”

  1. Jack3dUp24 says:

    Despite the removal of some ingredients Jack3d is still selling! Many company’s that are competitors say jack3d is nothing more than a bunch of fillers ! I tried others but I didn’t get much of a pump all I got was a trip to the bathroom! This whole ban DMAA is a bunch of bs it originates from a plant! It’s not like USP Labs is dumping drugs into their supps , so why such a concern for DMAA ? I tell you why as something gains popularity others start to make up bs to try to get the FDA to remove that product from the shelf so that their product sells! It’s basic marketing you make a product an it works well, others start to complain about certain ingredients an that raises a red flag! The FDA steps in an comes up with fake studies to get product removed so that the complainers ( other supplement company’s ) gain more popularity!

    It’s all about the $$$ for some company’s but USP LABS it’s the customer & they actually care!

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