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Super-Ripped Dexter Villain Uses JACK3D and Modern BCAA!

How do you know you’ve made it big?

When the most bad-ass show to possibly ever exist shows their yoked-up villain using a product of yours – that’s when.

In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, it’s from a scene in this week’s episode of Dexter – Season 7, Episode 4, where USPLabs gets an interesting product placement from the Showtime hit series.

Dexter Morgan, the serial-killing protagonist, is hunting a fellow serial killer, Ray Speltzer. Speltzer is an incredibly violent criminal who hunts women in a ritual where he traps them in a maze, and chases them down while wearing a bullhorned helmet.

The scene at hand takes place in Speltzer’s RV (about 2/3 of the way through the episode), and Dexter is muddling through Speltzer’s stuff. He walks by a counter top where there is none other than Modern BCAA and USPLabs Jack3d on the counter in front of the toaster oven.

Dexter Hunts Down USPLabs Jack3d User

An awesome scene made even better

Who is this Ray Speltzer Guy? (Introducing Matt Gerald)

Matt Gerald Stars as Ray Speltzer in Dexter Season 7

A look at Matt Gerald

Speltzer is played by actor Matt Gerald, who’s been in some pretty hardcore TV series, notably including Dexter and The Shield. Looking through his pictures on IMDB, it looks like he’s got a great ability to bulk up and lean down as the job requires.

I enjoyed Gerald’s acting as a villain in my favorite TV show – once in a while Dexter needs a physical challenge, especially after chasing down Travis Marshall last season. He does a great job of being an incredibly freaky, alpha male.

A bit About Dexter

Dexter is without a doubt, my all-time favorite TV show. If nothing else, you should go grab the old DVDs and watch it just so you can see Season 4. I fully believe Season 4 is the best season of TV ever written – you will lose it.

Dexter is a serial killer who works for Miami Metro police department as a blood spatter analyst. In the first season, you will get the background that basically shows how his adoptive father, Harry, realized that Dexter had some seriously violent issues.

Being both a cop and a father, Harry gives Dexter a “code”, and shows him how to release his carnal desires on those who “deserve” it — the ones who’ve slipped through the cracks of the legal system. Ray Speltzer proves to be one such character.

Dexter also has a sister, Debra, played by the beautiful Jennifer Carpenter, also a Miami police officer / detective. Deb finds herself mixed into Dexter’s shenanigans all throughout the series, which seems to get better and better every episode.

It is shown on Showtime Sunday evenings, and is an extremely graphic and violent TV show (although not too sexual). The shows are a solid one hour long.

In short, just watch the show. If you’re the kind of intense person who enjoys a Jack3d-fueled workout, you’re going to love this show too.

What about the Other Stuff in Speltzer’s Fridge?

As pointed out later in Dexter, Speltzer (the character), is using gear. There are also some other products, such as Cyto Gainer RTDs, and hilariously, an open tub of peanut butter with celery sticking out.

Obviously, we do not condone the gear in the fridge, and doubt Matt Gerald uses in real life. When you eat big, lift big, and get crazy with a Jack3d / Modern BCAA / Test Powder combo, you don’t need it. As you can tell from Gerald’s IMDB profile, it’s how you eat that really makes for changes. Success is made in the kitchen, the gym, and then the supplements!

Did USPLabs Pay to Have This “Product Placement”?

I couldn’t tell you, since I’m not a USPLabs employee – just a big fan – but I highly doubt it. USP is all about underground marketing, and someone who was obviously in tune with the biz worked on the set.

Whoever you are, a major cheers to you, and thank you for your awesome support!


Don’t read this next paragraph if you’re a big Dexter fan and don’t want anything spoiled!!

Dexter - Jack3d - Ray Speltzer

Apparently not all users respond to Jack3d the same way… ;)

I won’t tell you exactly what happens in the RV scene with the Jack3d, but I will say that the fight that ensues between Dexter and Speltzer ends with our USPLabs-using villain on top. Since this is only the 4th episode of the season, though, you can imagine that even though Dexter loses this battle… he probably won’t lose the war.

Thanks to our man Kameron Ross for pointing this out!

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