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Curls in the Squat Rack

(Note: This is a complete rant of a post and has nothing to do with the rest of this site, except for the fact that it’s workout-related. As always, the opinions presented here are not the opinions of USPLabs, as the owners of this site are not affiliated with them in any manner.)

I’m on a new lifting schedule, and it’s been working wonders for me. Soon, it will be released via a book, and you’ll be first to hear about it here.

Anyway, with this schedule, Monday is now LEG DAY. And with leg day, as you can imagine, come lots of squats.

So I stretched and did a 10 minute warmup on the stepmill (also new for me, and I’m LOVING this), and then head over to the weightroom.

And what do I find?

Some IDIOT doing curls in the squat rack. The other rack was taken by a deadlifter who knew his business – respect to him.

It was part of their routine, which included sets of the following:

  1. Standing there doing nothing
  2. Stretching shoulders against the squat rack
  3. A set of jerks (this is obviously acceptable in the rack)
  4. More standing

I’m a nice enough guy, but as you can imagine, I was amped up on my Jack3d + Yok3d + Compound 20 combo.

When my Jack3d and Yok3d starts kicking in, the LAST thing I want to do is wait around for other people. I’m sure you’ve all been there before with your pre-workouts. And on leg day, squats should always come first, IMHO, so I didn’t want to move on to something else.

So anyway, I add a few more stretches, and this nonsense continues through another set. At that point, I’ve had it.

Curls in the Squat Rack – The Call-Out

Me: “How much longer do you have there?”

Rack Curler: “3 More Sets”

Me: “OK, well just to let you know, you can do your curls anywhere, but there’s only one place where I can do squats”.

Rack Curler, taking offense: “I said three more sets. How about some manners?”

Me: “You’re the one with no manners! How about you go look up RACK CURLS when you go home”

Rack Curler – just stares at me.

Me: “They’re called RACK CURLS. Do them somewhere else!”

As you can imagine, I’m fired up now. I move on to hamstrings, and I’m pulling weight like a madman. Got into the now-open squat rack, and absolutely kill it. Turns out to be the best leg day ever. Jack3d and Yok3d didn’t hurt, but I’m gonna give credit to the natural adrenaline on this one!

Curls in the Squat Rack Video

These guys have the right idea:

Don’t Do Rack Curls – Some other Lifting Advise

As Jack3d has become extremely popular, it has reached a critical mass where people who are very new to working out have been on this site, taking the product, and hitting the weights. Great for you!

So here’s some lifting advice to those of you who are new:

  1. When in doubt, ask for help.

    There are trainers at many gyms – use them! In fact, get a personal trainer for at least a month if you’re brand new. Yeah, it costs money, but it’s well worth it to get your form down!

  2. Leave your pride at the door.

    You are new to lifting, you’re not going to deadlift as much as I am. It’s that simple. So take it easy, lift light at first, practice perfect form, and work up slowly.

    That said, if you’re not sore the next day, then it’s time to move up.

  3. Secure your weights!

    There are clips for a reason. Don’t drop weights – you are not (yet) a powerlifter.

  4. Wear proper clothing!

    Speaking of dropping weights, wear some quality shoes. Don’t be “flip flops” guy at the gym. Furthermore, wear clothes that don’t smell, give you full range of motion, and fit and don’t make you look disgusting.

  5. Never give advice unless asked for it.

    And if you are asked for it… don’t give any if you’re not 110% sure you’re right. Once again, there are trainers.

  6. Stop exercising if you get dizzy / faint

    Don’t fight through dizziness. Seek help, and lighten it up if you’re out of shape and cannot handle a full workout. It’s okay to start light!

  7. Know your surroundings.

    If you see me doing thrusters or any other crazy movements in the squat rack, stay the f’ out of my way.

  8. Get a spotter / training partner when you’re ready to start lifting a bit heavier… and finally…

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2 Comments at “Curls in the Squat Rack”

  1. Tom says:

    I think the comments you made to the guy in the squat rack were rude and inconsiderate. For all you know he could have back problems and need that extra support. Also I am guessing it was a public gym so what right do you have to go and tell someone to move somewhere elsewhere, especially if they were there first! Next time be a little more polite and patient. I take jack3d too and yeah it does get you amped up but it doesn’t turn you into a complete ass****.

    • Admin says:

      There is etiquette to be followed. You put your weights away. You don’t stare at women. You don’t give advice that wasn’t asked for, and you don’t misuse equipment. End of story.

      “Back support” for curls in a squat rack? That’s the best excuse anyone can come up with? Weak.

      People get by without using their turn signals or saying excuse me when they bump into each other. But I prefer to work with some semblance of order, and that is why etiquette exists. You can do curls anywhere. The same can’t be said for squats.

      So while it is a public gym, and you’re right that they can do whatever they want, my counterpoint is that I can (and will) educate whoever I want as well when their incompetence is f’ing up my workout.

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