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Compound 20

Big news everyone! USPLabs is back at it again with a new supplement named Compound 20. It is NOW SHIPPING! (link goes to the best priced store on the web)

The Compound 20 site has EVERYTHING you need to know about C20. The Compound 20 Review is long but critical information if you want to run this supplement properly!

What is Compound 20?

Compound 20 by USP Labs is a fantastic hardening and learning supplement made from all natural ingredients. It has been created to transform your overall body composition in addition to increasing strength and definition. C20 only contains three simple, yet powerful, ingredients. It doesn’t need to have a million ingredients to build all the muscle you could ever want. USPLabs has created Compound 20 to help you harden muscles, gain mass, and burn unwanted fat. How often do you find a supplement that can provide all three of these benefits? It’s pretty rare. As a bodybuilder and fitness freak, you would be out of your mind if you didn’t make C20 the first supplement in your stack. It’s just that good.

If you have read the product descriptions about Compound 20, you may have been a little confused. Rest assured, the product has passed with flying colors. All of the beta testers have come back with raving reviews, and with good reason. One of the most common things that was said about C20 is that it helps shed the fat regardless of the diet you’re on. Compound 20 isn’t even promoted as a fat burning supplement, nor does it have any stimulants in it. It just seems to melt the fat off your body like nothing else around.

The muscle mass and strength gains seen were just as unbelievable. People were losing fat and gaining muscle during a maintenance bulk. In fact, it worked best for people in heavy bulking and weight gaining cycles. They were eating and drinking like maniacs and somehow still burned off the fat. As far as strength gains, well, most people were seeing the same gains as if they were on a hormonal supplement. Remember, C20 is all natural and stimulant free, so these kinds of gains are truly amazing.

Beta testers were probably most impressed by the increased energy and endurance they got from a stimulant free supplement. It’s an explosive type of energy, not just a quick boost. You will be training at a higher level than ever before. C20 will make the transition off of stimulant cycles seamless and completely eliminate any withdrawal type symptoms.

Compound 20 Reviews – Look at this Video!!

The reviews have been incredible, to say the least. But you MUST watch this one first, from Kameron Ross. At the 2:00 mark, this amazing competitive powerlifter breaks his deadlift PR while on C20. You have to see it to believe it!!

Again, if you have a minute, you may want to check out the Compound 20 video review above. He’s a lifetime drug-free raw power lifter. He gives a good description about the benefits he received from using the supplement, as well as some Compound 20 before and after pictures shown above as well. It’s definitely a good watch.

The video really speaks for itself and is all you should need, so take 4 minutes and go watch it. Kameron verifies that Compound 20 is perfect for building muscle, staying lean, and burning fat. Not only does he tell you what happened, but he shows you as well, in astonishing form.

Stacking USPLabs Compound 20

Now, to get the best results from USP Labs Compound 20, you’re going to want to stack it with another supplement. Jack3d should be that supplement. It is the most superior nitric oxide pre-workout supplement on the market. Also created by USPLabs, Jack3d has been formulated for pumps like you have never seen before. The energy that it provides to you will keep you going without a nasty crash when it wears off. Jack3d increases your endurance so that you can stay in the gym longer and see benefits faster. Your focus will skyrocket so that you are in the right mindset for that massive strength and muscle gains that it can bring you. Jack3d is the real deal.

Compound 20 Benefits

USP Labs Compound 20 is completely safe. Check out some of the additional benefits:

  • Non-hormonal supplement
  • Burns fat like crazy, without the drug-like after effects
  • It has nutrient repartitioning properties without affecting insulin levels
  • It’s a stimulant free supplement, which means you can stack it with Jack3d for a next-lever, super intense workout.
  • Users of C20 are breaking personal records like never before

The biggest benefit on this list is that Compound 20 is so easily stacked. Since it is stimulant free, the obvious choice for a stack is Jack3d. The combination of these two supplements will provide you with an experience that you’ve wanted you’re entire life. You’ll burn fat. You will gain lean and defined muscle mass. Your focus, energy, and endurance will keep you moving forward no matter what. Your sex drive will make you feel like you’re in college again. This is the stack that you want to have.

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Compound 20 Ingredients

USPLabs Compound 20 only has 3 ingredients. That’s it. It’s all you need.
The first ingredient we’ll talk about is N-Coumaroyldopamine. Its function is to increase cAMP levels via beta 2-adrenoceptors. USPLabs were the first to successfully extract this compound from cocoa and place it in a supplement in a way that was safe. It wasn’t until people started taking the supplement that they realized how powerful the beta-2 agonists really were. They are providing the same result as prescription drugs in a safer way. N-Coumaroyldopamine also increases the amount of mTOR that gets activated in the body. It is a type of protein kinase that regulates growth, protein synthesis, and hypertrophy.

The next ingredient is N-Caffeoyldopamine. This is very similar to the first ingredient. It actually does everything that N-Coumaroyldopamine provides. N-Coumaroyldopamine is hard to come by, so N-Caffeoyldopamine is used to get the ingredients to a level where they need to be.

The final ingredient of Compound 20 is Symplocos Racemosa Extract. This is the first ingredient listed, so there is a higher amount of it than the other two ingredients. This is what is providing all the nutrient partitioning properties of C20. It makes you super thirsty and you absolutely need to take it with carbs. What Symplocos Racemosa does is stops the cAMP from degrading. This makes it last longer. It is also standardized for triterpenoids. In this case, they are ursolic acid, oleanic acid, and betulinic acid.

A bit about Jack3d, in case you didn’t know

Jack3d, also by USP Labs, has a modest 6 ingredients. These 6 ingredients are Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Creatine Monohydrate,
Beta Alanine (Carnosyn®), Caffeine, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCl, and Schisandra Chinensis (Berry) Extract (Standardized for Schizandrol A).

Arginine is the precursor to nitric oxide production. It provides nutrient delivery and blood flow to the muscles. Creatine Monohydrate is a safe and effective way to increase both strength and size. Beta alanine is an amino acid which helps to lower fatigue and increase the concentration of carnosine in the muscles. Caffeine is great for focus and helping with fat loss. 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCl is a stimulant that gives energy and focus to the user. Schizandrol A has been shown to counter stress behaviors in rats. It has potential antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-amnesiac, neuroprotective, and hepatoprotective effects on the liver.

Compound 20 Side Effects

Because C20 is all natural and contains so few ingredients, there are very little side effects to be discussed. Some side effects are actually wanted by users. Most users describe a massive hunger and thirst, which is generally a good thing when trying to bulk up. As your muscles increase in size, your body is going to natural have an increased appetite to keep up with the pace.

You’re going to be drinking more water than you ever thought was possible. This means is that C20 is working in your system. What’s actually happening is that 2.7g of water is shuttled to the muscle tissue for every carb that is stored as glycogen. So, if your body is telling you to drink, make sure you listen.

Another side effect that most users experienced was a huge increase in libido. Yes, your sex drive will be through the roof. C20 will put you in the mood for sex and increase your drive like never before. Be ready for this!

Where to Buy Compound 20

Now, before you run to the store and get a cycle of Compound 20 and Jack3d, take a second to research prices online. Most of the time, you can get your supplements for 40% off what you would pay in the store. This is usually due to the lower overhead that website owners are responsible. So, price savings are passed directly to the customers. It’s a win-win. Check out the price comparison widget on this page to get an idea of how much you can save when you’re ready to buy.

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Older Compound 20 Content from the Beta Test / Pre-Order Days

Before we get you there, let’s talk about the beta test. First, USP has everyone post their stats, requests, goals, diet, and training regimen on their beta testing applications in the forum. They then choose beta testers of extremely diverse ranges (from bulkers to cutters to strongman competitors to track athletes), and send them a bottle of the beta product.

Now here’s the interesting part – USP will NOT tell the beta tester what’s in the product. That’s the risk you take for getting free stuff. The user also has to keep a daily log.

So that said, as of right now, we have no friggin clue what Compound 20 really is. This entire document may turn out to be completely wrong, but we’re starting to put a few things together here. So let’s see what we’re learning:

Compound 20 Notes

However, looking at the beta testers’ threads, our guess is that this is a strong, yet legal and safe anabolic compound – given the name of the product, this doesn’t surprise us at all. Basically, an anabolic compound means that this is a “muscle builder”.

However, Compound 20 looks to be relatively non-hormonal, so it does not mess with testosterone levels and does not need PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy – What EVERY steroid and prohormone user must do after their cycle). This doesn’t work in that manner, but it seems like it does in fact induce muscle protein synthesis via some other mechanism.

Compound 20 Reviews and Benefits

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff. Most users are experiencing the following:

  • Increased strength
  • Decreased bodyfat percentage, while maintaining the same weight – Even with those who have poor diets!
  • Invincible/euphoric feeling – Many people are “feeling like an animal” in the gym.
  • Increased Vascularity (veins appearing on arms more easily)
  • Better muscle fullness – ALL day long, even long after working out.
  • Increased Libido

There are a lot of people experiencing incredible strength gains on C20 – lots of PRs have been broken. Beta testers are feeling good and excited.

What We Know about Compound 20 So Far

Here’s what UPSLabs has revealed thus far:

  • Compound 20 does not manipulate insulin or spike insulin levels
  • It does not contain stimulants – YES – You can stack it with Jack3d!
  • It should be taken with meals, maximum 4 caps per day, and 60 minutes pre-workout works best.
  • It increases hunger and thirst (this is what makes us think its an anabolic compound, among the other clues)
  • It does not require PCT, or post-cycle therapy.
  • The same dosage can be taken every day throughout the bottle.

Compound 20 Side Effects

Regarding side effects, here is what has been seen. The good news is that none of these are harmful:

  • One person had dry lips (you need to DRINK MORE WATER with anabolic compounds)
  • A couple people had oily skin and an acne breakout on the shoulders
  • Increased Thirst – This is EXPECTED with an anabolic compound – drink and eat more, don’t fight it!

Get in on the Compound 20 Inner Circle Release

Sorry folks, but the Inner Circle release looks to have been sold out in record-breaking time. We’ve never seen something go this fast! Good news though – You Can Order C20 Here.

The rest of this content is a bit outdated since it pertains to the USPLabs Inner Circle Release:

Still interested? You gotta join the USPLabs Inner Circle then!! You can do so here: http://www.usplabsdirect.com/InnerCircle/. Already a member? Then await the e-mail, it will come soon enough, and hopefully they’ll throw in an interesting, exclusive flavor of Jack3d like they often do with other products. The IC releases are ALWAYS great deals!

After that, it’ll be at the store, and you know we’ll be here to give you price comparisons so you can find the best deal.

We are STOKED for this IC release, and will be stacking it with Jack3d no doubt. Join up and get ready for Compound 20!

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87 Comments at “Compound 20”

  1. jack fletcher says:

    sounds like a copy of PES Anabeta.

    • Admin says:

      We’ve since received the ingredients, and it’s definitely not a copy of AnaBeta, although it does have a lot of nutrient repartitioning properties… and then some.

      We’ll fix this write-up soon, but for now, see the Compound 20 Review here, which has WAY more information than you’ll ever need.

      • angelo says:


        hello i click on the “get 2 bottles link ” and im sent to tigerfitness but its not specying whether their sellin 2 bottle sfor 52 or just one can you guys point me where i can get the best deal for 2 bottles combo. Links, please help. Thanks in advance

      • Admin says:

        Just add two to your cart. You can run it with one bottle, but basically we’re saying that we’re so excited about this product and it’s residual effects that you should run it for 8 weeks (2 bottles if doing standard dosing). If it’s not in your budget, then that’s fine, but I’d make room for the cash for at least one!

  2. Omar Hossam says:

    OXYELITE with Compound 20 means I can eat whatever I want while training hard? and I will still burn fat and feed muscle? I dont get it, please specify, thank you!

    • Admin says:

      I wouldn’t go so far to say “anything you want”, but dirty bulks are working with it. Complex carbs should be taken with Compound 20 from what I’m seeing too.

      You should still eat a clean diet, free of grains, processed foods, and fake fats, in my opinion. But people are definitely getting away with dirty bulks. Taking OxyELITE Pro would indicate you’re not really bulking, though, so why do that?

  3. Jay says:

    I tried Anabeta and to be honest it’s garbage. If u look at most reviews on it,it’s nothing but balogna and a scam. If someone says it works ur a liar..

    • Admin says:

      Thanks. Haven’t tried it here. I’m looking forward to my second run (going with 2 bottles) of C20. The video reviews really speak for themselves. I also haven’t lost much strength at all, even after being cycled off during the holidays. I’m very happy about that.

  4. Dave says:

    I was wondering, would you suggest I take Compound 20 with Oxyelite Pro or without. I like that I am about 6’3 215lbs but I’m looking to get leaner. What would be best for me?

    • Admin says:

      For fat burning? C20 + OxyELITE Pro would be ridiculous. OEP on its own is ridiculous though. I didn’t do it myself though, so no comments on that. If they’re BOTH new to you and you want to play it safe, I’d try just one at a time to assess at first. Both of them will change the way you feel, and it’s good to know which one is doing what.

  5. jaques says:

    I can take oxyelite pro together with compound 20 ?
    I want to burn fat

  6. Justin says:

    What about stacking C20 with the old school “asteroid stack”? (Prime, Anabolic Pump, Powerfull)

    • Admin says:

      This will definitely work well – but won’t be cheap. AP and C20 actually have GREAT synergy, but you gotta eat some good complex carbs (sweet potatoes and yams!) and follow instructions dead on with these two!

  7. Julio says:

    im on a test booster called A50, on my 4th week i plan on adding in C20. while still on a C20 cycle i will be PCT’ing and taking a sup called solid from b p i. do you see any issues with this stack. i know c20 is said to increase B-A2 receptors in a natural way without the same sides as clen. may i get some insight from your end.

    • Admin says:

      Good question. This has been asked in the USPLabs forums and the answer is that it’d be great to run during PCT to keep your strength and size gains.

      However, I’m not sure if SOLID and Compound 20 will have weird interactions… nobody can probably answer that question with 100% authority. They both seem to have a few similar effects and that concerns me – will both of these together drop glucose levels TOO much and put you into a bit of a blood sugar tailspin?

      You might want to ask the USPLabs reps in the forum, but they won’t be able to really officially comment on other peoples’ supplements. I’m not so sure if mixing these together is the best idea


  8. Ashley says:

    I am a 18 year old female trying to burn fat. I bought both OEP and Compound 20 bottles. Do you suggest me taking them together?

    • Admin says:

      Per the labels, Jack3d and OxyELITE Pro should not be taken at the same time. You should not mix stimulant-containing ingredients — and this even includes coffee!

      If you like, you can take Jack3d on workout days, and OEP as scheduled on non-workout days. This is the official strategy.

      Also, NOT OFFICIALLY RECOMMENDED: On workout days, you can take a dose of Jack3d, and on the opposite side of the day, one cap of OEP. So, if you’re doing a morning workout, take 3/4 scoop of Jack3d pre workout at 5:30am (or whenever), and then 8 hours later, take one cap of OxyELITE. Or vice versa.

      This is not recommended by USPLabs, but some people do it, and if you’re careful with SMALL dosages, you can get away with it. But Jack3d and OxyELITE Pro within 8 hours of each other…. not at all recommended by anyone.

  9. Admin says:

    A little update from me… just starting my second round of C20 finally. I am on day 3 and already feeling the effects (hunger, thirst). I cannot wait for my next 2 months of lifting. I also cannot believe this supplement is not yet as popular as it should be. It’s EXACTLY what my body needs.

  10. Antonio says:

    I’ve been taking Prime, Anabolic Pump, Powerfull… Is it ok to stack C-20 together ?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, but Anabolic Pump and Compound 20 both have a little bit of the glucose disposal agent action, so you might need some SERIOUS carbs if you’re going to mix these two. Everything else is fine, but AP is where you need to be careful with dosage. I would not take more than 1 AP per day unless you have a blood sugar monitor.

  11. d says:

    Hi is it ok for my girlfriend to take compound 20 shes on the nuvia ring for her birth control. will it affect her birth control?

    • Admin says:

      You’ll have to speak with a doctor regarding any type of prescription medication and supplementation. USPLabs cannot answer this question either.

  12. Tim says:

    Can I stack compound 20 with C4? If so should I stay with the recommended dosage?

    • Admin says:

      Yeah, take the recommended dosages of both. This will give seriously awesome pumps. Note that you shouldn’t mix Yok3d with C4 because they both have nitrates. Or if you do, half dose of each.

  13. kipp says:

    I had great results the first time i took pink magic.. would you recommend a stack of C20 and pink magic?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, although I haven’t done this stack. Normally, I’d recommend you take it all alone to assess its effects, but since you already know what Pink Magic does for you, then you can take them together. All USPLabs products are meant to work together when dosed properly, with the exception of OxyELITE Pro and Jack3d. Those two shouldn’t be taken at the same time due to them both having stimulants — but the rest of the product line is good to stack.

      As an update, I’m two weeks into my 2nd cycle and it’s just “kicking in”. It definitely takes time and I’m going on an 8 week run for that reason. But man I love this stuff. USP hit the nail on the head here.

  14. Dan says:

    I am taking C20, waterex, and a multivitamin in the morning with breakfast, C4 pre-workout, Creatine Monohydrate post-workout, then an hour after taking L-glutamine, flax seed and whey protein, then before bed taking Casein… what are your feelings on this stack?

    • Admin says:

      What are your goals? I’ve never taken or heard of Waterex, but electrolytes with this sounds like a great idea. I’m drinking water like a maniac (4th week in). Calories and water need to be up if you want to gain on this stuff, no doubt. You can definitely dirty bulk, but I like to eat clean still.

      I like your stack, but the timing might need to adjust. When are the meals? I’m a fan of BCAAs + glutamine DURING workout, and whey protein immediately after. 45-60 minutes later, a real meal with healthy fats, carbs, and another protein source. Creatine really can be taken anytime. If you’re not eating anything for an hour after you workout, and not taking the whey either, and not doing BCAAs during, I think you’re missing out on a lot of protein synthesis “window” time.

      • Dan says:

        Little background: former Marine got hurt go out ballooned up to 267lbs… In 2010 cut down to 207lbs but lost all strength… for the last year I have been bulking back up but doing it somewhere in between clean and dirty so I want to cut up… I am currently at 215lbs and goal is to cut about 5-6% bf… waterex is just a water balance pill that is found in most of the supp packs (got it cheap figured Id give it a try)… I work 9-6 so I normally eat breakfast at 9 then a small meal at noon then another small meal at 3 then a protein bar around 5 gym and C4 at 7 then supps plus small meal after (somewhere around 9-10)… I drink between 2-2.5 gallons of water a day, is this enough? I do have monster amino (not a fan, was using usplabs and loved it but this was free) should I take it with the L-glutamine during and then take glutamine again after? Im open to hear any of your timing adjusts or any advice your willing to offer.

  15. Titan says:

    Is it okay to stack Compound 20 with a fat burner like Man Scorch?
    What about Creatine? And how to take Compound 20, is it 3xday like Prime?

    • Admin says:

      Hey good questions!

      We like OxyELITE Pro better, but yes, MAN Scorch is fine to stack in. Creatine is up to you – perfectly fine, monohydrate version is fine, basically take 1g for every 40lbs of bodyweight every day. Doesn’t matter when… first thing in the morning, post-workout, wahtever.

      The dosage instructions should be followed on Compound 20 – 2 caps, 2x/day, with food. I prefer with complex carbs like yams/sweet potato. It can be stacked with Prime, but not 3x/day like Prime is.

  16. Kristina says:

    I am 21 years old. I am a female. I have lost a total of 50lbs while taking OEP a little less than a year ago. I’m trying to get an excess 40lbs off of me. I bought more OEP, but it ‘s not working exactly like it had before. I just purchased Compound 20, and I am now combining the two. I run about 9 miles on the olyptical every day. I eat about 1,000 calories a day. With this little routine, would it be reasonable for me to lose weight? Should anything be increased or decreased? Thank you.

    • Admin says:

      Hate to sound harsh, but your diet and lifestyle sounds like a disaster. 9 miles and 1000 calories? First off, I’d like to know what FOOD you’re eating (calories is nearly meaningless in this context), but either way, you are sending your body into “starvation mode”, which means it’s going to store fat – as it was evolutionarily designed to do in times of crisis, which is what you’re putting your body through.

      Please take a look at the free diet book at diet books for a REAL workout and training plan. It’s free and seriously works – especially with the USP stack.

  17. Joey says:

    What happens when you stop taking Compound 20? Do you go back to how you were before? Also, same question for Pink Magic. Once you take these, do you have to continue them forever??

    • Admin says:

      I kept my gains, but didn’t make any new ones after going off. Most have this, which is cool. But then if my diet slipped, I lost a little bit, as expected from any recent gains.

      You don’t take them forever. Cycle them as you can afford, but for most people, use them to prepare for certain events (whether it’s a show, a race, or a vacation), or to blast through training plateaus where you’re not making new gains.

  18. Andrea says:

    I’m not really looking to bulk up. First and foremost I am a runner, so if anything I want to lean out and maybe even shed a few excess pounds I put on during the off season. Would compound 20 be a good choice for this?

    • Admin says:

      That’s honestly a tough question to answer since most people aren’t using this for that purpose. As a lady, unless you’re eating like a monster, lifting crazy heavy, and taking testosterone, you really aren’t going to “bulk up”. Too many women worry about this, and being a runner won’t allow it to happen. You will probably do fine with BCAAs, quality diet, and getting back out there running hard.

      All I can say is that C20 makes my HIIT cardio sessions far more intense, and it does lean nearly everyone out. I’d go for it, assuming you’re aware that it’s your training that’s really going to drive this.

  19. joe says:

    What results may I expect from compound 20 and prime stack?

    • Admin says:

      This question is too vague to answer. It depends on diet and training as well as your goals.

      If you play video games and chew bubble gum all day, you will definitely strengthen your fingers and jaw muscles. If you work out like a fiend and eat a ton of real, whole foods that are in line with your goals, you will find awesome success. I’m on C20 and Prime now. I notice the C20 more – Prime is more of a “booster” supplement in my eyes. Fast twitch movements like sprinting are DEFINITELY more profound when on this stack.

  20. Cassy says:

    I am a 22 year old female and got through my first round of OEP about eight weeks ago. I am getting ready to start my second round and was wondering if adding c20 into the mix would be ok? I have 15 pound left to lose but I really want to tone and define.

    • Admin says:

      Definitely, it’s a good stack, but the diet is still key, even on Compound 20. OEP + C20 is just nuts (in the good way). Can’t mix that with Jack3d though, so I gotta mention that since this is a Jack3d site.

      I’m not sure what “15 pounds left to lose” really means. You should focus on your image, health, and bodyfat percentage – not just one number (weight). Weight is just one of many markers, and it’s an easy to cheat. You get the idea that you want to tone and define. Realize that toning muscles may involve NOT losing as much weight as you wish – and that’s perfectly fine if you’re lookin good!!!

      It’s good to have goals, but your journey doesn’t end at a number. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. And until you’re dieting sustainably, you’ll be yoyo-ing too much.

  21. suzy says:

    Hi i am a 40+ female and i just started taking c20. 2 tabs in the morning and 1 before workout. i hope to up that to 2 before workout. i also take kre alkalyn and L-arginine/L-citrulline 2x a day plus my bcaas, glutamine, fish oils and cla. is this stack ok while taking c20? i’m 7 weeks out of a show and want to lean up. fat burners have made me feel bad in the past but day 2 on c20 so far so good. thanks for your reply.

    • Admin says:

      Looks like a great stack. This isn’t a thermogenic fat burner like many others. If you could stack in some thermogenics like OEP, it’d definitely help. Even a very mild one like Recreate could help too. But really, it’s going to come down to diet and water prep for your show — and experience and dedication are what will really do it for you. Kre alkalyn isn’t anything special though, but if you know it works for you, then keep it.

      Good luck!!! Let us know how it goes!!

  22. Robby Sei says:

    Currently taking Size-On by Gaspari as my creatine…Very interested in taking C-20…would you recommend that/would that be an OK or bad stack?

    • Admin says:

      Should work pretty well taken together. TONS of insulin-spiking carbs in Size-On, which will work well if you are training like crazy. C20 will help shuttle this into the muscles.

  23. Lawrence says:

    Just started C20 last week. Should I stop taking TBomb 2?

  24. andrew says:

    I bought some c20 the other day along with amp ripped vita pac from gnc.can you stack jack3d with both of these?

  25. Jerrik says:

    Hey I’m 22 male 6’2″ 215lbs. I Wana pack on more solid muscle. Right now I’m taking jack3d with the yok3d is it okay to take the c20 as well?

    • Admin says:

      Definitely. The only things that USPLabs makes that you shouldn’t stack together are Jack3d and OxyELITE Pro (due to them both having stimulants). How’s your diet and training looking?? It’s a slightly expensive stack you’re talking about if you’re not eating big, especially at your size.

      • Jerrik says:

        Yeah it’s pretty expensive! But yeah I’m taking in about 1.5g of protein per lb of body weight, and a good amount of complex carbs after my training.
        I’m lifting heavy lower reps incorporated with some explosive super sets. And I do HIIT cardio as well.

  26. michael says:

    i just finished my first bottle of cp20, is it ok for me to do another bottle?

    • Admin says:

      Yep, 8 weeks seems to be the ideal – It really only starts kicking in (for me personally) after 2-2.5 weeks, and I want to keep the crazy workouts for a bit longer.

  27. leanboy says:

    can i buy this at a store, or is it only online…. and does this make you dick smaller

    • Admin says:

      Not sure what stores are carrying it, but the best deals are definitely online. Your local GNC might have it, but it’ll cost you far more (plus sales tax which can often be avoided by buying online).

      As far as your size downstairs, it’s actually a bit of the opposite. USPLabs makes four products that have a “side effect” of increased erection sizes – PowerFULL, Yok3d, Compound 20, and Pink Magic (for me personally, at least).

      I don’t stack all of these at once, although you could (it’d just be costly), but the fact is that C20 will NOT cause shrinkage. Better bloodflow in your veins to your muscles also means better bloodflow to “other” areas as well. Eating a crapload of greens is helpful here too.

  28. leanboy says:

    thanks for the feedback… i just bought it today so I’m not sure if its for me. I’m kind of skinny, weight:175 height 5’5… i wanna get nice and ripped and have some decent muscle… will this help me.. and do we really have to take 4 pills a day morning and night

  29. Thats it says:

    Can I stack Creatine Krea-alkalyn with compound 20 ?

    • Admin says:

      Yep – although Kre-Alkalyn really hasn’t proven to be any better than good ol’ fashioned creatine monohydrate, which is what’s in Jack3d.

      Another thing you could consider trying is Con-CRET, which is Creatine Hydrochloride (Creatine HCl) and has been getting crazy good reviews. It’s also very expensive.

      On a budget, nothing beats creatine monohydrate powder, around 5g/day. Proven safe and effective by TONS of studies.

      But either way, yeah, creatine should be a staple for anyone going after muscle mass, unless you’re eating tons of free range / grass-fed beef and don’t need it.

  30. Camila says:


    I would like to know it there are cases of women that use Campound 20?
    I want to loose wheight and define. Its a good option?
    Y have 21 years old, 62kg 1.60mt.

    Please help me!


  31. Jack hawkins says:

    Should i take compound 20 with a Heavy Weight 4-6 reps routine or Moderate Weight 8-10 routine? Can i stack it with a Testbooster, yok3d And Jack3d?

    • Admin says:

      There are no absolutes when it comes to training. I LOVE C20 on heavy 4-6, but you can’t do that forever or your joints are going to revolt. If just doing C20 for 4 weeks, my vote is to go heavy. If on 8 weeks, I’d cycle from moderate (first 4 weeks) to prep up for a much more intense blast phase that includes some failure and heavy reps for the second 4 weeks.

  32. Vicki says:

    Hi I am a 29 year old female. Small framed teeter between 101-104 lbs. Yet carry about 20% BF. Do crossfit 3times per week and gym the other 3 times which consists of running and stairmaster. So been seriously working on abs but I have never, ever been able to achieve, just bought compound 20. Taking oxyelite in pm . 2 C20 in am with 2 green tea pills , 2 c20 in pm with OEP. I also added L cartinine, raspberry ketones and BCAA’s as well as l Glutamine. What the heck am I doing wrong??? I eat very clean and take about 120g of protein.Lo-carb I used to take recreate but stopped to give my body a break so subbed it with C20 because i really like USP labs products.I just want to drop to atleast 16% BF but never been able to get below 20% recommendations? :(

    • Admin says:

      Define “eat clean”.

      I hate to say it, but with all the supps you’re on, and the amount of workouts you do (I know crossfit isn’t easy), it’s time to start working on the diet and nutrient timing better. The stack and workouts are likely not the problem.

      I have to say, 20% BF on a woman is typically very sexy. Take it slow and beware what you wish for… if you want to proceed, you might want to enlist a female bodybuilding consultant to dial the diet in for you and monitor what works and what doesn’t.

  33. Jared says:

    It’s been working feel for me so far. I’m about 75% through the first bottle and since I started I can see and feel the effects in most areas of my body. I workout everyday and eat well, so that helps.

  34. Dylann says:

    I’m a 23 year old female. I’m 5’6 and have been working on loose a large amount of weight gained after an illness. Over the past year I’ve lost about 100 pounds and I have about 50 pounds more to loose.

    I want have been looking into compound 20 but I have a very vain question to ask. Will C20 cause a female to completely loose her breasts? I know they will get smaller as you loose weight but will the supplement see that area as your main fat source and well attack.

    Thank You

    • Admin says:

      Nobody has reported this. Of course, some females have the issue of “it goes onto the hips first, and off the hips last”, as well as “losing it from the breasts first”. Everyone stores bodyfat differently. I personally lose my lovehandles last.

      C20 and its ingredients have nothing to do with mammary glands though, if that’s your question.

  35. Joshua says:

    I’ve been getting shredded lately by cutting my carbs down. Why is it so important to carb up with c20? What happens if I continue my ultra low carb diet while taking this? I take jack3d and c20 in the am on an empty stomach then workout. Then I take the test powder after with breakfast.

    Will I burn more fat if I eat before I go to the gym? I don’t really care about gaining anymore muscle mass. I just want to get rid of fat.

    • Admin says:

      It works like a nutrient partioner / glucose disposal agent a little bit. You can try it fasted or with just a few carbs, but if you get a bit lightheaded, it’s because of the ingredients that are pulling the sugars from your blood and into your muscles.

      You actually burn more fat training fasted. BCAAs help spare your muscle in those situations, so give that a shot.

      Test Powder is AMAZING. We’re getting our write-ups on it soon.

      • Joshua says:

        Since I started taking c20 and test powder at the same time I don’t know which one is giving the best results. However I do know that I workout hard and constantly change my routine for muscle confusion. Since I stared the regiment my strength went thought the roof and my waist size went down 3 sizes in just 2 weeks. My overall physique has gotten leaner and my chest muscles always look pumped like I just finished a bench press set. I’ve had nothing but outstanding results from your products and I’m the type of person that’s skeptical of products. I would recommend your products in a heart beat not only because of the results but also because of forums like this.

        Can I take c20 forever? Do I have have to stop it?

  36. Joshua Steele says:

    Since I started taking c20 and test powder at the same time I don’t know which one is giving the best results. However I do know that I workout hard and constantly change my routine for muscle confusion. Since I stared the regiment my strength went thought the roof and my waist size went down 3 sizes in just 2 weeks. My overall physique has gotten leaner and my chest muscles always look pumped like I just finished a bench press set. I’ve had nothing but outstanding results from your products and I’m the type of person that’s skeptical of products. I would recommend your products in a heart beat not only because of the results but also because of forums like this.
    Can I take c20 forever? Do I have have to stop it?

    • Admin says:

      Too expensive to take forever! I’d run it at 12 weeks max, but 8 weeks is the more reasonable way to go. The only things you really never need to cycle off of are protein, fish oil, multivitamin, creatine, and a good diet. Everything else, it’s wise to cycle.

  37. gman says:

    i’m new to this weight lifting thing…and hated it during my high school and college yrs.. As time passes me bye it’s more than ever i see the need to get in shape for a better quality of life esp. with my profession as a law enforcement officer. i’m currently 5’10 225lbs. moderate to low activity (other than officiating college basketball), i’m looking to shed abt. 30-35lbs and tone up (NOT MR. UNIVERSE). with limited knowledge in this field of supplements vs weight lifting and weight loss searching the market is extremely frustrating with everyone claiming to have the fix all cures. as i read reviews abt. c20 it has sparked my interest. in concert with c20 can you suggest a gd. stack to help me achieve my overall goals to…cut weight and tone up? any and all suggestion will be helpful, thks

  38. william says:

    ok I am going to stack someting crazy and would like to know if its ok. I am healthy with no problems.

    anabolic pump
    pink magic

    A-HD from BPi
    Solid from BPi

    or should I get rid of the solid and A-HD

    • Admin says:

      Not sure if you need both C20 and Solid. This is just simply a crazy expensive stack. Anabolic Pump might also be removable – using it with C20 is slightly (but not totally) redundant.

      Replace Pink Magic with Test Powder, BTW. Far better!!

  39. Jessica says:

    I recently started the OEP and Compund 20 stack. I’m finding it awesome so far! I was just curious because I cannot find the answer anywhere. Isit ok to drink alcohol while taking this? I know you have to be carefule about dehydration, so water will be incorporated. I know drinking isn’t the best diet-wise, but hey, a girl’s gotta have some fun!

    • Admin says:

      Nobody is going to tell you to drink alcohol while on any of their supplements. It’s just not a good idea. OEP has lots of stimulants, and C20 can lower blood sugar (hence why I like to take it with carbs). That combo will likely not play well with alcohol.

      If you were just going to have a small glass of red wine, I’d think it’s okay. But when you say “a girl’s gotta have some fun”, that sounds like you’re be drinknig more than anything I’d want to mix with C20 and OEP. No way.

  40. Alex says:

    I’m a 30 year old female and have recently started a course of C20. I was wondering if there were any side effects in women after a friend told me it can cause possible facial hair and other masculine characteristics? :o

    • Admin says:

      Nobody has mentioned anything like this whatsoever – her comments are ridiculous. There is absolutely nothing hormonal in this product. It is more of a nutrient partitioner (shuttles carbs to muscle – not fat) and a selective stimulant-free “fat burner” of sorts.

      No doubt, it’s a complicated product, so the best place to read about it is at http://www.compound20.net/review – that write-up explains all the science behind it.

      I still think it’s one of the most underrated supps out there. Wish it cost less!

      • Alex says:

        I thought so. I haven’t noticed any adverse effects just positive ones like more definition in my abs and thighs and increased strength during workouts :)

      • Admin says:

        Yep! The most annoying thing is being more thirsty, but I’m fine with that. I know not to fear carbs at all when on C20!

  41. wilo says:

    hola estoy empezando a entrenar definicion muscular puesto que masa si tengo y por el momento estoy tomando jack3d es bueno combinarla con compound 20 en un proceso de definicion como deberia ser mi dieta y puedo tomar el jack3d y el compound 20 unos 40 min antes de entrenar?

  42. gurpreet says:

    how u doing
    i m 35 yr old guy
    can i take cp20 and stack up with “test powder”
    would this be better? for cutting and bulking phase?
    i m planning to take both togther, next week

    thanx and regards

    • Admin says:

      That’s an incredible stack for either phase to be honest. Your diet is what controls it all. This will definitely keep you leaner thanks to Compound 20, though.

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