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Increase Your Time Under Tension, Increase Your Pump

Time Under Tension for Bigger Pumps

Jack3d + Time Under Tension for Bigger Pumps

Long-Time Jack3d user, CJ Woodruff, shows us a new way to get a serious pump today: eccentric training using higher time under tension.

At the end of a chest workout, CJ threw this exercise in. It’s not something he does every day, and definitely not every exercise, but he often adds a “Super slow training” exercise to increase his pumps. This is an exercise that goes by “feel”. You’re not trying to break strength records here!

CJ’s Video on Time Under Tension Training

This increases tons of static energy, and the eccentric movements are not something we typically do. It will *shock* your muscles (you’ll feel the pain – trust me) and force them to adapt in new ways – causing you to build new muscle tissue (assuming your diet is full of protein and enough calories).

Use a Machine!

As CJ says in the video, this is not something you want to do under a bar. The point is, eventually, you will fail. You want to go extremely slow, both up and down.

This is also known as super slow training. It’s not an entire workout, just an exercise. Throw it in when you think you’ve had enough. Then you’ll really have had enough!

Pumps from Jack3d and the USPLabs Family

Jack3d contains arginine AKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate), which induces a nitric oxide amplifying pump. It acts as a “vasodilator”, widening the blood vessels, increasing bloodflow, and thus, increasing nutrient delivery and those wicked pumps you get.

If you want even stronger pumps, you can also consider using Jack3d Micro (separately from Jack3d) or stack Agmatine 500 (500mg agmatine sulfate per capsule) or Yok3d (arginine nitrate supplement) in with Jack3d!

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