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The JACK3D Chest Routine

Work your way up to a Jack3d chest!

The chest, pectoralis major is arguably one of the most sought after muscle groups to train and develop, next to the bicep/triceps. One of my most prominent features in my physique is undoubtedly my chest; I will walk you through a few sample chest workouts and personal tips to get you on your way to a Jack3d chest.


In order to achieve a Jack3d chest, I have added these tools/pieces of equipment to my training routine:

  • The holy grail of lifting, The Bench Press
  • Dumbbells
  • Bands (Super mini’s-Green bands)
  • Chains (100lb-200lb total chain weight, deload completely off of the bottom)
  • A Sling Shot or RAM
  • Boards (1-4 board)
  • If you have access to Axel bars/football bars ect you can use them to vary your lifts
  • A will to train your heart out

With these simple tools and a strong mindset we can create year’s worth of training to develop the speed, strength, size and build you desire.

Update: We have a new video from Colby, the author of this video. See it at the bottom of this page!

Training Frequency

The first step in achieving a Jack3d chest is creating a training program and planning your workouts accordingly. For example, you wouldn’t want to do a back/arm day then the next day do a max effort chest day- I will provide a sample week blow.

Key Terms:

  • ME- Max effort (this means roughly a 5×5, training your heart out, everything is max effort) this helps build power, strength and mass.
  • DE- Dynamic effort bench/accessory – This term is used to describe what some call a volume day. We switch it up – if we did ME day with a flat bench today we could focus on dumbbell presses for time, incline bench for reps, etc.
  • Overreaching – This is overloading, for example using a tool like the Sling Shot, RAM, or board presses. It is not to be confused with overtraining.
  • Overtraining – Something I am very skilled at but have forced myself into proper rotation between muscle groups. Allowing the proper rest/recovery of muscles is beyond critical in developing muscle strength, size.

Sample Training Routine for a Jack3d Chest

Monday – Max Effort chest. 5pm-7pm. Primary muscle group worked will be the chest. Accessory muscle groups  will be the triceps, shoulder (including delts), and core.

All lifting sessions should require a 15 minute warm up with stretching.

After warming up we will begin with the primary muscle group. For this example we will say my one rep max for bench press is 350lb- we will use this number to determine what weight I should use for each set. I suggest testing yourself to see what a rough 1RM is (if you are new to weight lifting go just shy of a true 1RM to avoid injury).

Set 1: 135×10 – meaning the bar has 135lb of total weight and I performed 10 repetitions
Set 2: 225×10- (should still be “warming” up with these sets. They are not part of my working sets 5×5)
Set 3: 275×5 *Beginning my 5×5*
Set 4: 305×5
Set 5: 315×5
Set 6: 320×5
Set 7: 325×5

*You might not be able to get 5 complete reps each time, which is totally fine! Keep at the weight and finish your 5 sets at that weight doing as many as you can) You also don’t always have to add 5lbs like my example does.

Always pay attention to your form when working out.

From here we are DONE with regular flat bench- we will move on to the next primary muscle group exercise such as a dumbbell floor press. I use a “neutral” grip, elbows by my side, close grip when I do these. I aim for 3-5 sets 8-12 reps. Excellent exercise to do after bench to really break down your chest and get the gain you want. Advanced lifters could add a resistance band behind their back; grip it in their hands with the dumbbells.

We are now ready for some accessory, I tend to choose 1-2 exercise per accessory body part, and since this article is focusing around chest I will let it be brief.
Weight Tricep dips 3 sets AMAP (as many as possible), Tri extensions. Next muscle group. Shoulders- kettle bell ups, seated military press.

Tuesday – Core and cardio day– roughly an hour long of training

Wednesday – Max Effort Squats

Thursday – DE bench – this is a FUN day; dynamic effort bench press.

There are literally hundreds of ways you could train on this day. I will choose one of my favorite and easily done DE bench exercises – this should be doable no matter what gym you train at (favorite dynamic exercises include bands/chains, I will assume the average person reading this won’t have access to those tools).

The goal of DE is to focus on speed, quick to limited rest times and a larger work load (volume).

So we will start off with what our team calls “Speed benching” this can be done with bands (preferred) or just on a flat bench, the goal is to do as many sets of 3-5 reps as you can do. The second you begin to slow down you are out. This is very fun, challenging and best if done with a friend or four.

After speed benching I like to do incline bench for reps. 3-5 sets of anywhere from 10-30 reps (depends on my current training cycle). Incline as you might or might now know works the upper part of the pec (pec is divided into three different areas).

After incline we can move onto incline dumbbell flys – you really want to do those slow and correct, get a good “squeeze” at the finish.

Alternatives you might find for these lifts at a commercial gym are-

  • Cable Fly’s/ Machine Fly’s (3-5 sets 8-12 reps)
  • Hammer Strength Machines, decline, flat and or incline press. Some gyms have the “Super Incline” press which is an awesome tool.
  • Dumbbell reps for time, 1min of solid repping, if you fail, try to hold at the top.
  • Pushups, medicine ball pushups

Friday – Off/Rest day

Saturday – Max Effort Dead lifts/accessory (back and bicep)

Sunday – Cardio/core (whatever you want day, actually – just remember Monday is ME bench!)

The above is a example of how to space your workouts out so your body can grow/recover/repair and be ready to rock for each day. There are countless variations using different bars, tools, rep ranges to further your chest gains but this is a very solid start to achieving a Jack3d chest for 2013.

Update: Here is Colby’s CRAZY DEATH BENCH Day – Do Not Try this Alone!

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