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Switching Pre Workouts (PWOs)

Question: I’m almost done going through a tub of C4, I wanted to try Jack3d after I finish the tub. Can I switch immediately? I know I’m supposted to cycle but I wonder about what to do in between switching supps. Thanks very much.
(Asked by Carl)

Best Answer:

Two amazing preworkouts – which one is best for you?

Hey Carl, it really depends on how long you’ve been on stimulants. We can’t force you to do anything, but if you’ve been on C4 or other ‘heavy’ stims for more than 8 weeks, it’s probably due time you cycle off.

You’ll definitely get a better response to Jack3d if you’re coming off of a stim-break, but if you’ve only been on C4 for a month, then I’d definitely jump right into Jack3d and you’ll notice quite a bit more energy (but perhaps a bit less pump).

So we really can’t answer your question without more details. The fact is, it’s good to cycle off of all stimulants to reset your adrenals and your tolerance. That first week off of stims is never good, so see the link above for some ideas, and feel free to “ween off”.

The Pump/Energy Trade-Off… and how to Add Pumps to Jack3d

We think that the trade-off of less pump for far more energy is well worth it, and you can always add a product like Yok3d or Agmatine 500 for more pump with the cost-savings you get from Jack3d being so much cheaper than C4.

So, in the end, can’t really tell you with the information given, but if you’ve been on stims for quite some time, it’s probably due time for a break.

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