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Are the Ingredients in Jack3d Natural?

Question: I saw that some of the Jack3d ingredients might not be natural? I am worried about this since i heard that some unnatural ingredients might cause problems later on in life.
(Asked by Arjun)

Best Answer:

Great question here, and it begs a lot of discussion, since this is one of the primary reasons why Jack3d has come under fire from international governments.

All ingredients in Jack3d are natural in the sense that they are found in nature. They are all naturally occurring.

However, not all ingredients are always extracted from nature when mass-producing a product such as Jack3d. Some are synthesized in the lab. Caffeine is one such ingredient that is likely synthesized — and that’s the way it is for nearly ALL products. In fact, unless you’re using a food-based multivitamin, this is the same thing for your vitamin C tabs too. It’s nothing uncommon.

What about DMAA (1,3 Dimethylamylamine)? Is that Natural?

This is probably where you’re seeing lots of controversy. DMAA is, in fact, found in nature. It comes from a species of Chinese geranium, specifically Pelargonium Graveolens.

We cover this in far more depth in our Is DMAA Natural?

The FDA was completely wrong in ever stating that DMAA is not an ingredient found in nature, and that’s what began much of the questioning here. There are now two credible, peer-reviewed, lab-assayed studies that show DMAA coming from the geraniums mentioned above. You can see those studies at the links above.

Unfortunately, this didn’t stop it from getting banned in countries such as the UK and Australia. Wrongful bans, in our opinions, given the data shown.

Now, we don’t work for USPLabs and are not reps for them, but we’re willing to bet that not all components in Jack3d comes directly from their natural counterparts. It’s not always necessary to get creatine from animals or caffeine from coffee beans.

This practice is completely safe, legal, and commonplace, especially since USPLabs produces their supplements in cGMP certified labs – something that’s very important that many less-responsible companies aren’t doing.

Long story short: All ingredients in Jack3d can be naturally found, and there are plenty of studies showing that they are safe when used in healthy humans. To see the safety studies, you can also see our article, Is Jack3d Safe?

“Problems Later on in Life”

On to this part of the question. So the most important thing when taking any stimulant-based supplement is to follow the instructions regarding cycling. 8 weeks on, 4 weeks off. By doing this, you reset your adrenal glands and remove any tolerance you’ve built up.

You should always consult a doctor to see if you’re healthy to begin a new supplement regimen or diet plan.

So “long term use” is a bit odd, since you should not be using it straight through regardless. The stimulant load in Jack3d, when used alone and used per the label, is safe. NEVER mix other stimulants in!!

Problems only come when people do not follow all of these instructions. Stimulants are strong, powerful tools, and should not be toyed with.

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