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L-Carnitine with Jack3d

Question: Are there any downsides to taking l-carnitine with jack3d? Is it a good combo if I want to lose weight? What ratio is good to startout with?
(Asked by Kevin)

Best Answer:

The Carnitine Family

The Carnitine Family – Each has its Purpose!

Good question – Even though we don’t talk about L-Carnitine in our Jack3d Stack page, there is absolutely no problem in taking L-Carnitine with Jack3d.

But what are your goals? Because there are different versions of L-Carnitine, and each one has different effects.

Ironically, the one that does the least is straight up L-Carnitine. This is because it is not metabolized well, and gets converted into several of the different forms of carnitine, which, in their lower dosages, don’t get much done for you.

Let’s break it down on which version might be for you:

Acetyl L-Carnitine – Cognitive Support and Endurance

Acetyl L-Carnitine, or ALCAR, is well-known for its mental cognitive support and endurance capabilities. There’s not a lot of research on the former in healthy patients (most of it is for decreasing brain damage), but there definitely is on the latter (reduces physical fatigue).

ALCAR is our favorite version of L-Carnitine, mainly because I’m a junky for nootropics, or brain enhancers and I like to maintain my endurance even though I’m bulking.

Starting off with 500mg twice a day is a good place to go, but you can move up to 1g twice a day after that.

Propionyl L-Carnitine – Fat Burning and Metabolism

Not many people know about PLCAR, but this is what the scientists were really looking for when they theorized that L-carnitine would burn fat. The problem is that so little L-Carnitine converts to PLCAR (1-2% conversion) that you don’t get the fat-burning from it. So you should take PLCAR instead.

This PDF has some good information on it.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate – Recovery and Hormonal Receptors

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, or LCLT, is included in TEST Powder, USPLabs’ natural testosterone booster. Why? Because it’s a fantastic way to boost your androgen receptors (see study), among tons and tons of other things. So if you’re looking for a bit of a testosterone boost, this form could could help you out.

We are huge fans of TEST Powder, which can of course be stacked with Jack3d. It will give you a great testosterone boost from a clinically-proven dosage of D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), a natural testosterone booster.

But it’s the support cast that separates TEST Powder from the competition. LCLT is part of that. Another great part is agmatine sulfate, which will increase your nitric oxide pumps alongside Jack3d.

If you just want LCLT alone, you can save some money and just get some capules. But if you’re here looking for a test boost, definitely check out TEST Powder.

In Conclusion… The Answer is YES

So, in the end, none of these are stimulants, and can be stacked with Jack3d.

We love ALCAR and if you want a cognitive edge, check it out. Note that its powder smells like vinegar, so you might want to get capsules, but it works like crazy.

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