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Will Jack3d help me lose weight? Or is this for Bulking??

Question: Will Jack3d help me lose weight? Or will it just add bulk.
(Asked by Kyle)

Best Answer:

Good question. Jack3d has been used to lose weight, but it really all falls upon your diet and exercise.

I think it’s better if we first re-phrase your question.

Weight Loss vs. FAT BURN

If you’re worried about “weight loss” only, then it’s all about your caloric expenditure vs intake. But that’s not the only thing you should care about. You really need to concern yourself with overall health, bodyfat %, AND finally your weight. It’s just one of many concerns.

But in terms of Jack3d helping burn fat, the answer is yes, there are three things in Jack3d that will contribute to your “weight loss” goals:

  • Weight Loss with Jack3d - How We Metabolize Caffeine

    How We Metabolize Caffeine

    Caffeine – This is a natural stimulant, and it boosts over “lipid turnover” in your system. It gets your metabolism going faster, is thermogenic (heats you up and causes more energy expenditure), and is synergist with the DMAA listed below to get it working faster. [Source 1, Source 2]

  • 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl, or DMAA – Another naturally-found stimulant, DMAA helps in a different way. It helps your brain provide a small extra bit of norepinephrine, which is linked to your body’s “fight or flight” response.

    What this does is mobilize fat stored and use it for energy. Your body saves fat for emergency situations — it’s really working against your fat-burning goals. But DMAA is one such ingredient that helps “trick” it into releasing those fat-stores, by inducing a small norepinephrine response.

    On top of that, DMAA has been shown to be an appeitite suppressant. This may be most important of all, as many people don’t feel the need to snack after they’ve taken Jack3d earlier in the day.

  • Beta Alanine – This is an indirect one. Beta alanine increases your endurance levels. It helps your body create more carnosine in your muscles, which then flushes out soreness and fatigue-causing acids and toxins that make you stop a bit earlier.

    With regular beta alanine supplementation, you can simply last longer, and that will yield better fat burn just due to the extra caloric expenditure… all other things considered equal!

    On top of that all, the above two stimulants also simply your workouts better, which then can contribute towards more fat burn – that applies to anyone. How you eat after that really steers you towards dieting or bulking.

So in the end, the answer is “yes”, “probably”, and “possibly” all at once. It’s going to come down to your diet.

One thing is for certain though – this will not ADD weight to a dieter. You might get a touch of extra muscle tissue from the creatine, but there are no calories, no carbs, and thankfully no maltodextrins in here that will induce fat storage.

But Don’t Forget about OxyELITE Pro

If your main goal is pure fat loss, though, it might be best to go with OxyELITE Pro. This is USPLabs’ thermogenic fat burner that contains the 2 main stimulants above, but some natural thyroid-boosting extracts that will further help with weight loss.

You can read more about OxyELITE Pro at www.oxyelite-pro.com

OxyELITE can also be taken with a pre workout (it stacks well with Yok3d or Agmatine 500, since they’re both stimulant-free), but OxyELITE Pro should NEVER be mixed with Jack3d.

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