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Caffeine/Coffee Question after Jack3d Micro

Question: I was reading your label and it mentions not to mix with caffeine or any stimulants. How long after taking Jack3d Micro should a person wait before having a cup of coffee?
(Asked by Phil)

Best Answer:

Good question Phil. It depends on a lot of things that we can’t answer — how much Jack3d Micro are you taking, what’s your caffeine tolerance, your metabolic speed, how big you are, etc..

But in general, I’d say with Jack3d Micro (which is less stim-intensive than the original Jack3d that we primarily discuss on this site), a cup of coffee around 8 hours won’t be risky.

Caffeine has a half life of about 5 hours, but note that half-life doesn’t equal clearance. Just take it light and easy.

One bonus thing I sometimes do to make the effects last longer so that I can get back to work after taking Jack3d Micro is to take 1.5 scoops pre workout, but add the rest of my 2nd scoop to my intra-workout (Modern BCAA). So that little half scoop kicks in when I’m done and I use it to focus on work. This is off-label use, no doubt, so your mileage may vary… and obviously that .5 scoop won’t help with your actual workout. Just an idea.

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