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Stuck Inside from the Hurricane? Here’s Your PRISON Workout!

Prison Workout - Wall Squat

Wall Squats for the Abs (Bonus Exercise)

As we’ve been hanging out on Twitter (follow us at @Jack3dFans), we’re extremely saddened to see so many of our users who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. To those of you with limited power and affected infrastructure, our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families. We hope things are going well.

This is NO Reason to Give Up – Fitness is a Year-Round Activity!

But we’re Americans. We get through this stuff stronger than we came into it. Not only mentally and spiritually, but physically too.

We can’t help you with the first two strengths, but we sure as hell will help you with a nice prison workout if you’re stuck inside, your gym is closed, or you simply can’t get to the weightroom for any reason.

So let’s get creative, and help pass the time. Mother nature is doing her thing, so let’s go do ours – and that’s getting crazy fit, like we have been for years.

(Note: do not do this workout if you are low on clean water or food. Family, friends, and loved ones come first, so conserve if you must!)

The PRISON Workout

We’re going to assume you have lots of time on your hands, but not lots of equipment. Space is limited, and you likely don’t have a training partner (or don’t need one, since most of this is bodyweight induced).

We need to do lots of stuff, since you likely don’t have much weight. Change it as needed.

TL;DR Section – Here it is:

  • Take some Jack3d!
  • Warm-Up: 3x { 50 jumping jacks; 2 major stretches }
  • Main Set 1: 3×15 burpees, 45 sec rest
  • 3×20 chair dips, add crotch weight if possible
  • 3×10 pullups, if possible
  • 4×12 bed deadlifts
  • Surprise! 30 jumping jacks for no reason
  • Main Set 2: Pushup Circuit – 3x { 10 standard pushups, 10 clapping, 10 wide grip, 10 diamond pushups, 60sec rest } … + 5 pushups to make it 125 because we’re JACK3D.
  • 3×24 Walking or in-place lunges. Carry some stuff.
  • 3×20 curls – find something.
  • ARM FLEX SESSION! 3x30sec flexing, do it hard! Hit your tri’s too. Chances are, the curls weren’t enough.
  • Abs: 3xMAX#Seconds Navy Seal Flutter Kicks
  • Wall Squat and any other bonus abs you want
  • Need more? Bodyweight squats and some jumprope cardio

Let’s get started:


You know what to do. Hopefully you’ve kept your Jack3d handy. If not, brew up a pot of coffee. No power or coffee? Can you eat a few coffee beans (haha can you tell we’re kind of stim-junkies?).. just make sure you brush your teeth after! Otherwise, just get pissed off (if you’re not already). You are in prison. Time to act like it!


I bet it’s been a while since you did these! Do this set 3 times through.

  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 2 major stretches

A little bit of a rollercoaster between the jumping jacks and stretching to wake you up.

This is a full-body workout. Here we go:

Burpees – Focus on Your Legs!

You knew it was coming, so deal with it. Burpees will destroy you, and that’s our plan.

Burpees: 3×15 reps, 45 sec rest in between sets.

Note: Focus on the LEGS. This is one of the few leg things we have, so jump high and hard. Plenty of pushups are coming up, so spare your arms if at all possible.

Here’s a nice video we can all enjoy:

If you’re low on bandwidth/power and don’t want to watch the video, then here’s what you do:

Start standing up. Squat down, plop your hands on the ground to the “pushup position width”, and then kick your feet back into the pushup position. Do a push-up.

Then, while your hands are still on the ground, drive your legs forward between your hands, and jump up into the air. Get your knees as high as you can.

Once again, focus on the legs and the jump. If you’re too tall and hitting your ceiling, simply bend your arms at the elbows when jumping.

If you do enough of these, burpees alone can make a whole workout. But that’s no fun, we have tons more interesting stuff to do..

Upper-Body Time: Tricep Dips

Hurricane Workout - Chair Dips

You can alternate kicking your legs up for extra work

Time for dips! Get two chairs, or figure out a way to get a couple of platforms 2 or so feet up in the air.

Put your hands on one chair, and extend your legs at a declined angle, heels on the other chair.

Give me 3×20 dips. You can lower that if you have some stuff you can put on your crotch (careful, guys!) to weigh it down.

If you don’t have weights, you can also make them harder by putting your feet onto a third platform in front of you.

Upper Back: Pullups

Got anything to do pullups with? A bar? A conveniently-shaped door frame? A wood beam in the attic?

Give me 3×10 pullups.

If this is easy, then do more. If it’s hard, then see if you can get a partner to spot your feet a bit. If doing it in a doorway, your finger and forearm muscles are going to love you.

Legs and Lower Back: DEADLIFTS?!

No at home workouts are doing any deadlifts! But guess what – you have tons of dead stuff to lift. It’s called your bed frame.

Load up a bunch of crap onto the end of your bed. Chairs, furniture, TVs, your kid brother, whatever.

Now, KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT, and give me 4×12 bed deadlifts! You are going to need an underhand grip, of course. Focus on the hamstrings, once again, because we don’t have tons of leg stuff.

Surprise! Shake the Legs out! Give me 30 jumping jacks!

Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

Back to the Upper Body: PUSH-UP TIME

Good news – Pushups are an obvious win in the prison workout. If you’re very strong, come down SLOWLY, do more, or put your kid brother on your back.

We’re gonna circuit the push ups:

Prison Workout - Diamond Pushups

Diamond Pushups – Yes Please!

  • 10 standard pushups
  • 10 clapping pushups
  • 10 wide grip pushups (these are typically easier, use this as rest)
  • 10 diamond pushups for the triceps
  • 60 seconds rest

Do that 3 times through

Congratulations, you just did 120 pushups. Feeling good, are you? Then give me 5 more to make an even 125! NOW!

Walking Lunges

Go pick up some books, laptops, or something kind of heavy.

Got room? I want 3×24 walking lunge sets. No room? Just do in-place lunges.

And 3×24 is the total reps — 12 per leg.

You can walk with the books/laptop/kid brother held over your head – keep your back straight.

Find something to Curl…

OK, we’re almost done, but let’s touch it up with some arms. #Jack3dLife.

Find something to curl. Rope up the books, the laptop, get creative. Chances are, it’s light, so Curl 3×20 PER ARM.

Arms Need More? Static Time

Not tired enough? Fine. Stand in front of the mirror and FLEX!!! Give me 3 x 30 hard as hell, static flex sessions. Blast your triceps while at it. Rest 20 in between the sets. An unflexed muscle is like an unshined pearl!

Allright, we’re done with workout. But that doesn’t mean you can quit!

Abs and Static Stuff

Chances are, you know some ab stuff. You can do Plants, situps, etc… but one thing I like is to do that you may not normally do are Navy SEAL Kicks. See them at 1:30.

Navy SEAL Flutter Kicks

Essentially, you put your hands under your butt, and do flutter kicks in the air. Keep your chin down towards your chest, and back straight.

Do three sets for as long as you can (30 seconds is a good goal to shoot for on all three.)

I love SEAL stuff. Still got to read the new book, No Easy Day.

Wall Squats

One last leg set to get you: Isometric Wall Squats.

Other Bonus Stuff

Legs need more? In-place bodyweight squats (HIGH rep) and jumprope, if you have room!

Thoughts and Prayers

Once again, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who have been affected by the storm. This is a workout if you have nothing else to do – but your friends and family in need come first!!. If you happen to be super low on clean water or food, then DO NOT do this workout – conserve it! Be smart.

Nature may have won this battle, but we will win the war. Good luck to everyone, take care of your loved ones, stay fit, but most importantly, stay safe!

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