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Jack3d MICRO – New Pre Workout Pump from the Heavens!

Huge news everyone! Something BIG has been brewing over at USPLabs:

It’s a new product called Jack3d Micro, and it’s intended to be used as a Jack3d alternative for when you need a change-up. This comes after 18+ months of R&D by the experts at USP!

First, to clarify, USPLabs (who we are not affiliated with), currently has no intentions of stopping production of the original Jack3d formula, which is discussed all over this site. This is an additional product.

Who is Jack3d Micro For?

As we discussed in our Jack3d vs Jack3d Micro article, this newer version is way more for weightlifting. Jack3d Micro’s true strengths are in the epic “three-phase” pump system and the new focus stimulants that make you never want to leave the gym.

However, this product does have less caffeine and stimulant “potency” than the original Jack3d, which is the basis of this site.

If you go and check the Jack3d reviews around this site, you’ll see that many people realized that it was more for energy, and it was able to elevate cardio sessions to new levels. The new alternative is not as good for that.

In short, Jack3d original for energy (circuit training, cardio, endurance sports), but Jack3d Micro for pumps (weightlifting, powerlifting, sprinters, CrossFit heavy PR days).

Also, if you’re in the UK, Canada, or Australia, then this is the only way to go, as DMAA has been banned there. But you’re in good hands, and here’s why:

Three-Phase Pump System?

This a phrase that we are coining, not USPLabs. Here’s what happens:

There are four ingredients in the ENOS Super Performance System™:

  • Agmatine Sulfate

    This is phase one. It is an ultra-hard hitting, fast-acting nitric oxide precursor that is the true NO enhancer in arginine-based products like Jack3d. So if you skip right to it and dose it properly (500-1000mg), you get an incredible skin-splitting pump.

    It doesn’t last forever, but long enough to get you going. When I take agmatine alone, the pumps feel “sharper”, if that makes any sense. Alone, it’s good, but it’s really just the beginning for Jack3d Micro.

    Agmatine has a TON of other benefits, ranging from heart health to mental focus support. There’s a huge list of them, and it’s incredibly safe.

  • L-Citrulline

    Citrulline is also involved in your nitric oxide production equation, and is a naturally occurring amino often found in watermelons. It gets converted to arginine (like in the original Jack3d), which then helps you produce more NO and get that great pump.

    Since it is far more bioavailable, you need less to get a far bigger pump. Most new pre workout supplements sport citrulline, and it simply works better and is safer than arginine.

    This is the ingredient with the highest dosage in Jack3d micro.

  • Arginine Nitrate

    This is where things get FUN. You may know of Yok3d, which is the stimulant-free nitric oxide pill from USPLabs. It stacks great with Jack3d. It’s main ingredient is arginine nitrate.

    Well, Yok3d works great because nitrates give explosive long-lasting pumps, but the problem is that you need to take Yok3d about 75-90 minutes pre-workout because it takes so long to kick in (via the “reverse nitric oxide pathway”). This is quite a pain for anyone, especially those of us who work out in the mornings.

    But here’s the kicker: the arginine nitrate in Jack3d Micro still takes a long time to kick in, but it ends up doing its thing during your workout! So you’re already getting hit with agmatine and citrulline, when BAM, halfway through your workout, you step it up another level.

    This, along with the caffeic acid mentioned below, is why I coin the term “adaptive workouts”. The 8th rep becomes easier than the 3rd rep. The 3rd set is easier than the 2nd one. It’s unbelievable, and I think a lot of it is due to the arginine nitrate kicking in late. GREAT addition here!

On top of these three, you get grape seed extract (GSE), which basically acts like a nitric oxide amplifier that magnifies the power of the above three ingredients! In short, GSE boosts nitric oxide production due to some of its flavanoids that improve circulation.

Combined with the ingredients above, you get an epic pump with Jack3d Micro, and that’s why we love the pumps!

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In short, this stuff is INCREDIBLE for weightlifting, sprinting, powerlifting, or crossfit-style exercises.

The Stimulants in Jack3d Micro

Let’s now get to the CNS Contractile Stimulant System™ – There is 182mg, and caffeine is the #1 ingredient:

  • Caffeine

    We don’t know how much caffeine is in there, but it’s not going to get you as crazy as the original. My TOTAL GUESS?? ~80mg per scoop.

    Fact is, you don’t really need much caffeine. It gets things started – makes them move faster via faster turnover – but too much caffeine leads to more side effects. Jack3d Micro doesn’t cause this.

    But if you have a super high stimulant tolerance, you might not like it as much. If that’s true, it really is time that you cycle off of ALL stimulants for 4 weeks. Seriously!

  • Norcoclaurine HCl (Norcoline™)

    This is really known as higenamine, which is an incredibly safe thermogenic that has been shown to work similarly to synephrine in its fat-burning ways.

    Let me put it this way – if you’ve used Jack3d Micro and noticed a lot of sweating and a great energy and heat output, it’s the Norcoline here.

    It works via beta-2 adrenoreceptor activation that causes lipolysis (fat burning), yet is very safe, even in high doses that are not likely in Jack3d Micro.

    The released fatty cells then need to USED though – and that’s not a problem since you’ll be working out, and they will provide an incredible energy kick.

    I feel the extra heat from Jack3d Micro every time. It’s subtle, but it’s there, and it makes the workouts that much more intense.

  • 3,4-Dihydroxycinnamic Acid (Caffeic Acid)

    If arginine nitrate gives you the “adaptive pumps” in your workouts, caffeic acid gives you the “adaptive energy”. This is NOT caffeine, but is named this way because it’s structurally similar. It doesn’t do any of the same stimulant behaviors as caffeine though.

    Instead, it is an incredible antioxidant that gives endurance, among other things such as fighting the free radicals you produce during a hellish workout. Its anti-inflammator, anti-stress, and anti fatigue properties have been shown in several studies.

    Researchers even found that it increases glucose uptake, helping you better use the sugars for energy and not fat storage.

    Caffeic acid is what keeps you going – the extra focus component is a mixture of this and higenamine above, but it’s the caffeic acid that brings you back, set after set. I love this stuff, thanks to the way it makes inter-set recovery so much better.

What there ISN’T

As you can tell, there’s no creatine, no beta alanine (no more tingles), and no more DMAA. Creatine really can be taken ANY time of the day – I personally like it post workout or first thing in the morning when your uptake is high. Beta alanine… if you like it, you can take 2g twice a day at other times and it’ll build up on its own and do the same trick.

And DMAA.. well, that’s banned in the UK, Canada, and Australia… so if you want these, hoepfully you’re an American and you can get Jack3d original on the sidebar here.

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That wraps up our write-up here. Now you can choose which one you want, and if you need more info, check out jack3dmicro.org.

Here’s my older material from before the product was announced, kept for historical purposes

So far, not a whole lot is known about this product, but we do know this:

  • We are told that the only ingredient in common with Jack3d is caffeine.

  • This means that there is no DMAA, no creatine, and no beta alanine (no tingles!).

    While we absolutely love ALL of these ingredients, they’re not right for every situation and every person, and some people simply don’t like the effects of beta alanine.

  • Just like with Jack3d, there’s no artificial dyes or “BS” like that. Users love this, and it boggles my mind why no other companies follow suit, despite Jack3d’s huge success.

So we know more of what’s NOT in it than what is IN it at this point. At the bottom, we go over some guesses on the ingredients.

My beta testing links will be up soon!

Get in on the Pre-Sales!

Only the beta testers have it as of now, but you can sign up for our mailing list and we’ll contact you when the pre-sales are out. Everyone in the industry is talking about this, so you KNOW there’s going to be some killer deals we can hook you up with!

The First Jack3d Micro Reviews

The beta testers are breaking PR’s like crazy. It is simply an incredible mix of pump, energy, and focus ingredients. I was personally training for a long-distance swim race, and the pumps were too much for me. I’ll be back in the weightroom in a few days to get a HEAVY lift.

The word for me is ADAPTIVE training. Have you ever had a workout where heavier weights just seem lighter and lighter through time? I get that maybe once every 4-5 weeks. This is what happens to me EVERY TIME with Jack3d Micro. Rep #8 is easier than rep #2. Exercise #6 is easier than Exercise #3. It’s amazing!

Want to BETA TEST?!

It looks like the beta testing is now closed. Sorry to those who didn’t get in, but you should still join the Inner Circle to get the amazing IC release of this product!!

To beta test the next USPLabs product, join the Inner Circle on the homepage of USPLabsDirect.com, then click the link below and create an account if you don’t already have one, answer the questions, and get involved with the community!!!

In the meantime, you can read our beta logs here:


Jack3d Micro Ingredient GUESSES

Your guess is as good as mine! I don’t work for USPLabs, and they don’t tell me ANYTHING, so feel free to add your guesses to the comments too!

For pumps, there’s a good chance it will be agmatine-based, as agmatine sulfate is in USPLabs’ newly-released testosterone booster, TEST Powder.

Another idea would be citrulline malate. Both of these have been shown to be far more intense than the original AAKG in Jack3d.

Some might consider arginine nitrate, which is used in Yok3d, but that takes a while to kick in, and Jack3d users want their pumps NOW!

[Note: Did I NAIL this or what? This was written before I knew ANYTHING about the product. Batted 1.000!!!!]

As far as the stimulants, we really do need more than just caffeine if this is going to be anything worthy of the name. Rumor has it that the caffeine dosage is minimal too.

My guess for the new stimulant is an Acacia Rigidula extract of some sort. This stuff seems to be an awesome DMAA alternative, and can bring N-methyl-b-phenethylamine, tyramine, N-methyltyramine, and other derivatives that are incredible.

That is seriously just a shot in the dark.

For endurance, to replace the beta alanine, several things can be used, but I think I’m going to miss it completely. You can have the BCAAs, but that wouldn’t be a micro formula… and USP already has Modern BCAA.

You could have rhodiola, which I love, but too many people might not like its effects. There’s also stuff like Acetyl L-Carnitine, Octacosanol, Quercetin, and Ginseng extract… all of which are good for endurance, and I take them when I’m getting ready for an endurance race. But I don’t think it’ll be any of these.

Jack3dMicro.org – Picking Up Where Jack3d.org Left Off

That’s right! Over the years at Jack3d.org, the UNOFFICIAL Jack3d site, we’ve saved Americans hundreds of thousands of dollars by using our supplement price comparison engine, while giving you EVERYTHING you needed to know about Jack3d. The good, the bad, and the awesome (it’s mostly awesome).

And we’re doing it again. Stay tuned to www.Jack3dMicro.org, the latest unofficial site that will give you everything you needed to know about Jack3d.

What do you think?

So check out the presale now!

In the meantime, as more stores get it, we’ll have the Price Comparison updated here:

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  1. johnny T says:

    jack3d micro is definitely from the heavens! i mean this stuff is like a smack in the face when you take it and will keep you goin and com in back for more

  2. haroldinski says:

    i love jack3d micro its really a difference from the last one and i use it everyday and everytime i lift

  3. kyle says:

    yep i definitely agree i havnt really used something like this before but when i did its was an incredible feeling right away

  4. galaxyBRO says:

    jack3ed micro is great i love the pump the energy and the power

  5. Robert Bakerx says:


    • Admin says:

      It depends on the local GNC region. The main distributor, Europa, pulled it, and many followed suit. Then Europa brought it back, but not ever GNC has brought it back I guess. It’s still on their website, but the stores online are much better deals.

  6. Namaste says:

    If i’m profesional athlete, can i use jack3D micro?
    Just worry if there’s containt prohibited ingredients

    • Admin says:

      We really can’t help you without knowing the sport and seeing the banned list. Some sports go as far as to “ban” CAFFEINE!

      As far as we currently know, nothing in Jack3d Micro is on WADA’s banned list.

      It’s best you check with your governing body and triple-check and cross-reference the banned substances list. We can help you with that.

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