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Jack3d Review


I’ve been using the can pictured along this post for a month, and it’s time to state my results in a Jack3d Review (Jack3d Prices). In one sentence, Jack3d is for real!


Buying Jack3d is a no-brainer. It’s downright less expensive than all of its competitors, and lasts just as long. This is the beauty of the product’s simplicity discussed in this Introduction to Jack3d page. 

I am more of a “fitness athlete” than a bodybuilder, and have been doing CrossFit workouts along with swimming training. These workouts involve everything listed below, and I’ve used Jack3d before each one of them:

  • Heavy, 7 sets x 1-rep lifts that progress to my max (such as for deadlifts)
  • Long, grueling 5×5 full-body workouts
  • High-rep bodyweight exercises for time. A good example is “Murph”, where you run 1 mile, do 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats (broken up however you like), and then run another mile — all for time.
  • Sprint running – typically 400m at a time or 300m on the soft sand on the beach
  • Swim interval training and sprinting – all strokes, but I specialize in freestyle and butterfly
  • Ocean swimming – 1.5 miles straight with a wetsuit
  • Surfing and Sand Volleyball – Things I do for fun but are still intense

The fact is this: No matter WHAT I did, whether it was a one-hour nonstop distance swim or max deadlifts, Jack3d gave me more strength, focus, and energy than anything I’ve ever used in the past.In this past month, I’ve taken my fitness to a new level. I’m now deadlifting twice my bodyweight, 370lbs, which is no small feat for a swimmer guy like me. My swim sprints are back to their All-American times back from my glory days (when I used to do tens of thousands of yards a year). I can do pullups until my hands bleed. My vertical reach on the sand volleyball courts is at its best. Muscles are ripping and I can always push up a few more pounds or a few more reps than I expected.

Yes, I’ve been eating well – I’m a primal dieter and this plays a part – but I’ve been eating like this for over a year. Something has changed, and that is Jack3d. The intensity is unparalleled. People around me must think I’m crazy, because pound-for-pound, I’m the strongest, most intense, loudest motherfucker in the gym, pool, ocean, or volleyball court.
But if you’re not already comfortable with your diet plan, definitely read up on controlling cravings and filling yourself instead with nutritious, protein-packed meals. You’ll need the right kind of food for the activity you’ll be diving into!

Now let’s get to the specifics of Jack3d:

Jack3d Review: First Impressions of Jack3d

Small! You’re going to get this container, and wonder if the hype can be real.

I’ve paid for products that were literally four times this size.

But that’s the point. There’s no filler in Jack3d. No BS magnesium or fat-storing maltodextrin. The ingredient label (shown above, click for a bigger picture) says it all. You only pay for what you need – the pump, focus, strength, and energy complex inside of Jack3d.

Open it up and you’ll get a whiff of what I’m talking about. Ultra-concentrated no doubt! If you stick your nose right in there, your eyes will tear. The scooper is small, but don’t be tempted to use three scoops right away – trust me.

Jack3d Review: How does Jack3d Mix?

Take a look at the pictures to the right. The mix is incredible, even when using USPLabs’s recommended 4oz of water per scoop. There is no residue or powder at the bottom.This is a nice credit to USP, because AAKG and creatine don’t typically mix well unless you micronize them to a very fine grain. USP did a great job with this one.

Jack3d Review: How does Jack3d Taste?

You will get many opinions on this, as you can see from our Jack3d User Reviews page. I personally LOVE the taste, but need to water it down a bit more using 6-8oz of water per scoop to get my desired taste. Otherwise, it’s a bit strong for me. Without the extra water, it’s a very sweet-tart taste.

However, if you’re just going for an intense, no-bloat preworkout, get 1.5 scoops in 6-7oz of water, pucker your lips, slam it down, and you’re on your way. Your belly will thank you if you’ve ever slogged down 25oz of the competitors crap. Try it yourself and you’ll find your sweet spot.

Is Jack3d a good value? Where can I get the cheapest Jack3d?

YES! For $23, you can get 45 scoops worth. This translates to 30+ workouts for me, which is a much greater value than almost all other pre-workout drinks — and it works better than all of them too!

It’s best to get supplements online. They are far cheaper, there’s usually no tax, and shipment is fast.


Jack3d Review: How does Jack3d Work?

As you’ve read above, Jack3d is the real deal. 25 minutes after taking it, you’ll notice yourself heating up. You might feel the beta alanine tingles a bit. 45 minutes after taking it, you’re going to start getting into the zone. Halfway through your workout… you’re going to be unstoppable. It works.

I’m almost through my container, and am still getting a massive kick from 1.5 scoops. Some people need more, but most need 1.5 or less. It’s just as effective as the first time I’ve taken it.

Jack3d Review: Will Jack3d Make Me Sick?

No – Unless you have an awful reaction to creatine, which is safe and effective for most people. There’s no magnesium, maltodextrin, or other questionable chemicals in here to make you run to the bathroom mid-workout. And you don’t need to slosh around 25oz of water with it if you don’t want either.

Jack3d Review: Do I have to cycle Jack3d?

Yes, you should cycle Jack3d. USPLabs reps recommend taking a month off. You should cut out all stimulants during this time – switching to another pre-workout stimulant does not count as cycling off.

This is a bummer, because I am almost done with my container and have been taking caffeine for almost 3 months. It’s time for me to cut it out so that it hits me harder when I return.

Overall Jack3d Rating

Taste: 8.5
Energy: 10
Pump: 9
Focus: 10
Overall Value: 9.5

If you’re planning on starting with Jack3d, I’d recommend using a tracker like http://www.fitday.com/ to monitor your progress. Hope this helped!


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5 Comments at “Jack3d Review”

  1. jonah-hex says:

    I am a middle distance runner(800m and 1500m) i would love to use jack3d but not sure if its good for long distance athlete. I also want to know how long does it stay in the system

    • Admin says:

      Good question – It depends on your metabolism (which I suspect yours is high), but caffeine has a half-life of about 4-5 hours.

      You need to test it on your trial runs or longer runs to see what happens and if you lose the effect during the end of the race. You might want to taper your dosage throughout the race, if possible. I don’t recommend using it for the first time on race day – get your system down well before the race!

      And I guess I’m answering this question in regards to marathon training. Half marathons and down, I think properly dosing before your race would be fine.

      Also note that DMAA is on WADA’s banned list, so if you’re competing at an elite level, you’ll need to pass on the Jack3d!

  2. Daniel says:

    I went into my local GNC and the sales person told me that Jack3d is re-formulating its product to make it less potent.. Is this true? If so what is the reasoning behind this.

    • Admin says:

      Not necessarily… GNC pulled it off the shelves due to the FDA’s warnings on DMAA. It’s still being decided by the FDA. If they choose to have USPLabs stop producing it, USP can decide to reformulate. Nobody knows for sure.

  3. Andrew says:

    I recently purchase Jack3D
    but i dont feel anything
    not like review in internet

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