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Jack3d Grape Bubblegum Flavor

That’s right – a new flavor of Jack3d is out – Jack3d Grape Bubblegum!

Jack3d started with Lemon Lime, which is great, but I’m partial to Tropical Fruit Punch, which is amazing. I expect nothing but an amazing, naturally flavored Jack3d Grape product soon!

Update: Jack3d Grape is now out! See our Jack3d Price Comparison Widget on the right side!

We expect Jack3d Grape to be rolled out to the major stores by mid-July. Stay tuned to the Price Comparison widget at the right side of this page – we’ll be adding the flavors as the stores get them in stock. Right now it is very rare.

We’ll have a full review of both Tropical Fruit Punch and Grape Bubblegum soon.

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