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$8 MILLION Worth of Jack3d Original Destroyed – Supplies Extremely Limited!

Three months ago, we reported that USPLabs was discontinuing production on its DMAA-based supplements, Jack3d and OxyELITE Pro. However, they maintained a large stock of the two products, which they were slowly selling off.[1]

Today, we learned that USPLabs has voluntarily decided to destroy this stockpile – $8 Million Dollars worth – due to pressure from the FDA regarding the ingredient DMAA, or 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl.

Similarly, 3,200 cases of products were seized from GNC warehouses, as reported by the New York Times.[2,3]

As a note, this site is not affiliated with or run by USPLabs in any form. It is merely a fan club and deal-finding site.

Supplies are Dwindling… but can still be found

This means that what is left at the stores (such as the ones you see listed on the right side of this site) is what is left anywhere.

While DMAA is not outright banned, nor is Jack3d, USPLabs will no longer be selling or producing it, so time is limited to stock up on any remaining supplies for customers who use it properly and according to the label.

This closes yet another chapter in the long and twisted DMAA supplement saga. You can read an overall summary of the DMAA issue on various other industry blogs.

But Jack3d Advanced Formula is Here

There is a silver lining, though: the Jack3d Advanced Formula is coming, and while it doesn’t have DMAA, it’s really good. Our review is coming soon.

On this site, which is not run by USPLabs, we still believe that DMAA and Jack3d are safe and DMAA is naturally-occuring. However, it appears due time to move on. That means it’s time to stock up if you haven’t yet, and get ready for Jack3d Advanced otherwise – you won’t be disappointed.


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