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How Much Caffeine is in Jack3d?

Jack3d Caffeine Content

Many users constantly ask how much caffeine is in Jack3d. The simple answer is that nobody outside of USPLabs knows (and we don’t know either – this site is not made by USPLabs or affiliated with them, we are just a bunch of Jack3d fans). It is part of USPLabs’ proprietary formula and they do not legally have to tell you.

The more complicated answer comes from Casey at USPLabs:

This amount is part of a proprietary blend and has not officially been released. I can say it is MUCH lower than the other ‘top-selling’ pre-training products. What I can say is that it is under 150mg/scoop. It really shows you the synergy between the caffeine, Geranium and Shizandrol A!

Other sources have been reported to be around 65mg and 100mg.

Update: We have been told from a third-party, yet informed source, that Jack3d has 66mg of caffeine per scoop. In addition, he claims that there is 20mg of DMAA per scoop

There are several Jack3d knock-offs, many of which overload on the caffeine, and they do NOT come close to working as smoothly as Jack3d.

Personally, I believe that there is definitely less than 150mg of caffeine in a scoop of Jack3d, and that there is slighly more 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCl and Schizandrol A than expected. Were there more caffeine per scoop, you’d get a much worse caffeine crash.

Another thing is that nobody else has the Schizandrol A extract that USPLabs uses. This extract works far better than anything else out there, and they have it under lock and key.

Our GUESS on the amount of caffeine per scoop of Jack3d? 135mg. – but it doesn’t matter because we also don’t know how much 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCl and Schizandrol A there is… and we also can’t get our hands on Schizandrol A.

Jack3d is often imitated, but NEVER duplicated.

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