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Is Jack3d Safe? Research Studies Prove… IT IS!


Over the past few years, Jack3d didn’t just quickly become the best-selling supplement on the market – it REVOLUTIONIZED the industry with it’s incredible mix of ingredients, and lack of “nonsense” ingredients. Hundreds of products have copied the formula, and all have more or less failed.

However, the more popular the supplement became, the more the accusations were thrown towards it, with some people alleging that this product is not safe for use.

Well guess what – we now have yet another research study proving that Jack3d is Safe! This article stakes a look at why this is the case.

What is the Issue at Hand?

USPLabs (and all other companies promoting similar products) are under fire due to the mixture of completely legal, over-the-counter stimulants that are in Jack3d. The three stimulants are caffeine, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCl, and Schizandrol A (from Schisandra Chinensis [Berry] Extract).

But let’s be realistic – the naysayers have problems with the 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCl, also known as DMAA. We all know what caffeine does.

In addition, all of the ingredients used in Jack3d can be obtained completely naturally, unlike other supplements that use a blend of chemical-based ingredients that can trigger health problems. That’s all well and good, but let’s take a look at the study.

The Jack3d Study – 25 Healthy Males

To prove the safety of Jack3d, studies were conducted to show what the supplement’s effects are. The most prominent one, which was eventually published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolic Insights, tested the effects of Jack3d on 25 healthy male participants.

The Methods of the Study

Over the course of 10 weeks, the men were either given a placebo or a dosage of Jack3d and asked to exercise – just like we do when we take it. The study was double-blinded, meaning that the researchers ALSO didn’t know who was taking what – so they couldn’t “cheat”. This is very important.

Before and after the intervention, as they call it, resting blood pressure and heart rate were measured, and blood samples were collected for determination of complete blood count, metabolic panel, and lipid panel.

So, many markers were taken – this wasn’t just a half-done blood pressure study with no controls.

Is Jack3d Safe? The RESULTS of the Jack3d Study

The results of the study showed that contrary to allegations, Jack3d did not have any significant effects on the participants’ blood pressure or resting heart rate. It also neither affected affect kidney and liver function nor triggered any negative reactions that may be detrimental to the health of the participants!

Can I see this Information?

Of course! There are three links that are relevant:

  1. http://www.jack3d.org/Jack3d_OxyELITE_Pro_Safety_Study2.pdf – The ENTIRE study write-up with all data. We put it on this server so it doesn’t “magically disappear”, but it was not published here in any way.
  2. http://www.la-press.com/impact-of-a-dietary-supplement-containing-13-dimethylamylamine-on-bloo-article-a3040 – The Study’s Abstract for the less geeky ones in us
  3. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/usplabs-jack3dtm-peer-reviewed-clinical-safety-study-published-2012-02-24 – The press release from USPLabs, manufacturer of Jack3d

This Isn’t Anything New…

The results of this study were consistent were previous studies done on Jack3d (which ran for two weeks and eight weeks) and OxyELITE Pro (USPLabs’ thermogenic fat burning agent that is absolutely amazing).

Aside from these official studies, USPLabs, the manufacturer of Jack3d, also conducted their own clinical trials to test whether this supplement is safe for use or not. USPLabs have currently conducted 5 clinical trials to show that Jack3d is safe for use.


What is Jack3d?

In case you stumbled here and don’t know what in the world I’m talking about or linking to, it’s important to understand what the supplement is about. Jack3d is a pre-workout supplement that has been designed to boost people’s energy, strength, and endurance so that they will be able to work out harder, allowing them to achieve their fitness goals more easily. It also boosts mental alertness so that users will be able to better focus on their workout routines and their other tasks.

As mentioned above, here are the ingredients in Jack3d:

  • Arginine Alpha-KetoglutarateThis is the ingredient that gives great “nitric oxide pumps” when working out with Jack3d. The arginine helps increase nitric oxide in your blood vessels, giving a “vasodilator” effect that widens them, getting you more bloodflow and nutrient delivery.
  • CreatineCreatine is an ingredient that has been proven to help people build muscle mass much more quickly and effectively. It has also been shown to boost strength so you can lift heavier weights. Once a controversial ingredient, it has been studied to death and back, and is proven safe and effective for everyone trying to build muscle and strength.
  • CaffeineNeeds no intro. Caffeine is a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements today, as it helps give people that added boost of energy that they need so they can become more physically active.
  • Beta alanineLike caffeine, beta alanine also boosts energy and endurance, allowing you to work out longer without tiring easily. Unlike caffeine, this is done via an amino acid in your muscles, NOT a stimulant. Beta alanine helps you create more carnosine, and more carnosine helps you decrease fatigue by buffering out nasty lactate that makes you sore. More reps the stim-free way!
  • 1,3-Dimethylamylamine-HClThe ingredient at hand. It can be naturally derived from geranium stem oil, and is an incredible way to boost focus. When I’m doing cardio, it also feels like my lungs are “more open” too. It lasts a bit longer than caffeine, and this is why Jack3d is popular – when other supplements have you crashing from caffeine, the 1,3 Dimethyl still goes strong!
  • Schizandrol AWhat I believe is a secret weapon in Jack3d, this Schizendra flower extract promotes a “mind-muscle” connection, and helps with focus. This is often used as an adaptagen to help our brains regulate hormone levels and increase focus in times of stress (like a rough workout, in our cases).

Side Effects of Jack3d

So what are the side effects then, if above we have shown that it’s safe on all biological markers? It really is all about the side effects of the CAFFEINE, which everyone was already aware of.

Creatine and AAKG are harmless unless dosed in such monstrous doses (well beyond what’s in Jack3d) that you get temporary stomach problems and gas.

Beta alanine can be annoying for people – it makes the skin flush and tingle in some users – but individual studies have shown that it’s non-toxic and safe. This is just how it works when activating in some, but not all, individuals.

So that leaves us with caffeine, especially when overdosed: Restlessness; Nervousness; Flushed skin; Increased frequency in urination; Withdrawal Headaches; Muscle twitches; Irritability and other mood problems; Gastrointestinal problems. The stimulants can also sometimes counteract the AAKG and act as “vasoconstrictors”, decreasing bloodflow in the blood vessels occasionally.

That’s Nothing New Either!

EXACTLY! Take too much caffeine – be it coffee, a Five Hour Energy, Red Bull, or knock down a few 200mg caffeine pills, and you’re looking for trouble. So DON’T MIX JACK3D WITH OTHER SITMULANTS. IT SAYS THIS ON THE LABEL.

Not all who take this supplement will experience these side effects. When used properly, like done in the research studies, it’s perfectly safe. Most take Jack3d without experiencing any of these reactions because they’re doing it right, reading the label, and not mixing it with 5 cups of coffee. Make sure you’re aware of caffeine sources from other foods and drinks as well – if this article on little-known caffeine sources surprises you, you might want to rethink some parts of your diet.

Ultimately, it will depend on just how sensitive they are to the ingredients found in Jack3d, as well as in how many stimulants you take. If you don’t read the label and get yourself all wired up, that’s your fault – not USPLabs’.

So, as we say all over this site:

  1. Speak to a medical practitioner before beginning a supplement program or changing diet
  2. Read and follow the label to exact spec
  3. Start small! A half of a scoop is enough for many people! Assess and move up to 1 scoop the next time.
  4. Don’t take it too late at night, don’t mix it with other stimulants, don’t mix it with alcohol, and be responsible in the gym.

Feel free to drop questions or comments below.


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33 Comments at “Is Jack3d Safe? Research Studies Prove… IT IS!”

  1. william says:

    i am wanting to use your product after hearing some good things about it,but i want to know if it is effective for endurance events lasting up to 4 hrs or more and what other product can i use it with, eg, energy drink.

    • Admin says:

      I’m a triathlete – Jack3d is UNBELIEVABLE for endurance. The beta alanine and DMAA content will seriously give you an advantage (note: Jack3d/DMAA is banned by WADA – and for a reason – it WORKS… but if you’re getting drug tested, check the banned substances).

      Anyway, the thing you gotta watch out for is the caffeine crash. So for a longer raace, I’d do 1.5 scoops pre race, then about 1.5 hours into a 4 hour race, start sipping another scoop or so.

      ALWAYS test this when training before your race. The above dosage is for my tolerance – I can handle 2.5 scoops in a day. If you’re new to stimulants, start at about half of this!!

      • Lynn says:

        I use Stevia in all my drinks (tea, coffee, etc) and it is NOT bitter! I hope USP labs will introduce a version of Jack3d with Stevia as I would really like to try it for an energy drink. But if they do start selling it with Stevia, it will probably put the sucralose version out of business and then the FDA goon squad will ban it (since it’s not contributing to their medical/pharma mafia cash cow of chronically sick Americans).

      • Admin says:

        The bitterness thing was my opinion. USP stated that they don’t expect to do this soon, but your voice is heard loud and clear.

        Have you ever eaten a stevia leaf? I have. It’s bitter. The processing technology is definitely improving though, so that’s the good news. As for the rest of your comments.. haha sad but true.

  2. Debbie says:

    Is this safe to take if you are on thyroid medication?

    • Admin says:

      You must speak to a doctor or certified medical practitioner before taking any supplements with any type of prescription medication. We cannot answer this question, nor can USPLabs. This is on the label too.

  3. luke13 says:

    so does jack3d just give me the endurance to workout more,
    or does it actively increase muscle developement and weight loss?
    if not, how safe is it to use it with something that does?
    i was using it for Scivation Xtend for a little while, but i get the feeling thats a bit pointless and unhealthy…

    ive also noticed ive been a bit “snappy” like you mentioned in nother article, but i cant be sure that this is a result of using jack3d (although i probly have been overusing it). do you know how severe these “snappy” moods are meant to be? or is there any other indication that this because of overuse?

    and finally, are there any side effects of suddenly going off jack34?

    cheers :)

    • Admin says:

      It’s a bit of both, but honestly, beyond your exercise, FOOD and DIET is what increases muscle development. The creatine in Jack3d will help with that, no doubt. I personally believe it’s more about taking a supplement to help you have insane workouts that damage your muscles in a good way, BCAAs to sustain them and keep you anabolic, and after that, it’s all about eating. If you need a diet plan there’s an incredible one for free at

      “Snappiness” can come from the stimulants, they’re not “meant” to be there at all. We all react to caffeine differently. If you’re at the point of snappiness (both if you’re on stims or withdrawing from them), it may be wise to follow the label and take 4 weeks off of ANY and ALL stimulants.

      Going off Jack3d and all other stimulants may lead you to a bit of caffeine withdrawal. I get headaches for 2 days (easily solved by ibuprofen) and am typically lethargic for a week. After that I’m fine. Your mileage may vary with your body and your “caffeine dependency” level. And workouts simply aren’t as hardcore, as we have to go back to a pre-Jack3d lifestyle.

      Two supplement that are great to take when cycling off of Jack3d are Compound 20 (a great way to boost workouts and lean muscle growth without stims) and Rhodiola Rosea (an adaptagen that will help regulate hormone levels when in stressful situations such as caffeine withdrawal – barely any caffeine headaches when on this stuff!)

  4. surfdude says:

    I just want to start off saying I’ve personally taken many pre-workouts and found jack 3d to be the best in my opinion. I feel amazing on it and I get clean workouts. I surf alot too and the energy I get in the water is amazing.

    My new years resolution was to try to avoid artificial colors and sweeteners in any foods, drinks and supplements I’m taking.

    When I looked at the label of Jacked I researched Sucrolose and Acesulfame Potassium. I know Acesulfame Potassium is stated to be safe but there are many mixed reports with Sucrolose. Have you guys looked into replacing the Sucrolose sweetener with Stevia or another product that’s more natural? I personally love Jack 3d and would take it even care if it didn’t have a sweetener.

    It seems that Stevia is popping up in a lot of new products replacing these other artificial sweeteners and Im really trying to steer away from Sucrolose.

    Whats your opinion on this? Is USPLabs working on a Jack 3D (Natural) addition? or non-sweetened addition? All the other ingredients seem amazing and I really dig the fact you don’t have 10 pounds of fillers in your product. But this Sucrolose thing has me holding off until I get more answers.

    Hopefully this doesn’t come off as a knock against jack as 99% of other pre-workout companies have Sucrolose in addition to a million extra artificial colors and sweeteners in it that seem purely toxic as jack does not. So Jack 3D is much more natural then anything Ive seen in the competition.

    • Admin says:

      We’ll pass these comments on to USPLabs directly – you’re not the first to ask for this – and you can always hit them up at usplabsdirect.com/helpdesk

      Stevia is quite bitter and makes things tough to flavor, but I’m confident USP can do it if they put their minds to it.

  5. hawk56 says:

    I’m a high school sophomore and i have been taking jack3d for a bout a year now. I only take jack on Mondays and Fridays, I am starting to feel more tired after i take jack then i did before i took the dose. Why am i feeling this way?

    • Admin says:

      Jack3d is only suggested for users 18 and older. Your diet is more important, and is most likely the culprit to your problems. See the diet plan that pops up when you enter this site.

  6. Ryan says:

    I know that jack3d has creatine in it, but is it safe to take with creatine 189. I have been taking this creatine for awhile and like the results but I also like jack3d.

  7. Jason says:

    I’m on probabtion and I have to do random drug test, would this show Jack3D show up and if it did would I get into any trouble?

    • Admin says:

      Talk to your drug testing sponsor / governing body. They have likely dealt with this question. You need to make sure that they understand you want to use a product that contains caffeine and DMAA (1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl). Full disclosure in your case is best.

  8. carl says:

    im a type 1 diabetic meaning insullin dependant is jack3d safe for me to use if not is there anything simillar out there for me . many thanks

    • Admin says:

      You should always speak to your doctor before beginning any supplementation program when you have a medical condition, especially if taking prescription meds, to ensure there are no hazardous combinations. Diabetics have successfully taken it under a doctor’s supervision, so see yours.

  9. Jack says:

    Tell your users they will fail drug tests using jack 3d tell your users this Jack 3d has been banned in Canada, New Zealand the world anti doping for athletics have put some of the ingredients in Jack3d on their drug list tell your users of jack 3d it is highly addictive and the very real and serious side affects of jack3d also the us military have stopped their troops from using jack 3d because of its side affects. If as you claim there are no problems with jack 3d why then has this product been banned. Be responsible publish this.

    • Admin says:

      You are right – if a drug test checks for DMAA, it is obvious it will be caught. It’s a known performance-enhancer – nobody is arguing that. Most of us are not tested by WADA, and are happy to have these effects in the gym or on the course/field.

      Stimulants, by nature, are addictive, and that is why strict dosing and cycling protocols are in place. This is discussed all over this website.

      US troops can still use Jack3d. It is just not sold at their stores anymore. It is not banned in the US by the FDA at this time. Even the Pentagon has admitted that they cannot link any issues between their soldiers and DMAA – they had pre-existing conditions and were NOT using the product according to label recommendations. The military stores removed it as a precautionary measure, and also because the performance-enhancing effects were affecting their testing rates.

      Now, please stop spamming this website. We hear you loud and clear – you don’t like the product. Please go find something else – no product is for everyone. Over a BILLION servings have been taken without harm – it is safe when used responsibly and when the label is followed by healthy individuals, as numerous studies have shown.

    • Eunice says:

      as long as you eat and train properly there is no reaosn your body would give up muscle tissue added while taking it. It is true that your body weight may decrease due to the fact that creatine does hyper-hydrate cells (which makes you more anabolic).

  10. tigalilly says:

    Is it ok for females to use. I have been using jacked 3d for about 6months now and do find it helps with my energy at the gym, but im not seeing any results and i seem to be putting the weight on instead of building muscle and losing the weight? Am i doing something wrong?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, see how many women are having success in the reviews section.

      If you’re not seeing results, then you need to work on your diet first. This is most important. Results are built in the KITCHEN and in the gym, not just in a tub of supplements.

      But also note that gaining weight is fine if it’s muscle weight. You need to monitor how you look in the mirror, your bodyfat %, and how clothes are fitting to your liking. Weight, on its own, is a useless number. Muscle tone weights more than fat tissue, and is sexier too!!

  11. Sean carroll says:

    Hey there guys, i just started useing jack 3d and i was wondering if its still ok to consume my daily 180 g of protein powder and 2-3 amino tabs, with this amazing product. If anyone could answer my question that would be brilliant.

  12. Freddy says:

    I am about to start my first semester at med school and will therefore be required to take a piss test. Will Jack3d show traces of illegal substances in my urine? The country I am studying in is Denmark, and I’m not planning to participate in any elite sports.

  13. James says:

    Hey I am 17 years old and have been working out for 1 year. I just started taking this its my first week and i am on 1 scoop and it is giving me a big boost with the weights. The side effects I feel are just the increased frequency in urination and thats the only one I feel. I felt the tingly feeling for a bit but that just goes away. With all this stuff going around saying jack3d is not safe I am wondering as a healthy 17 year old am I ok in taking Jack3d? I will take this for a month and then cycle off for a month. I only take it 3 days a week and only 1 scoop.

    • Admin says:

      Jack3d is recommended for users 18 and up only. Increased urination occurs with people new to caffeine, so that one’s not a big deal. Cycling 2 months on, 1 month off is a great way to go when you’re of age.

  14. elahe says:

    how much do people need?when must be use?

    • Admin says:

      You don’t “need” any, really. It’s a supplement that helps give you workout boost. You should start with a light dosage, and never take more than 3 scoops in 24 hours. Follow the label!

  15. parker says:

    So it’s 2013 and I’ve purchased some of the original formula jack3d. My question is how serious are these risks I keep hearing about and would it be safe to stack with the new p6 black that has been released?

    • Admin says:

      DMAA has still not been determined to be the cause of any problems, especially when dosed properly according to the label. It can definitely be stacked with P6!

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