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The ULTIMATE Pre-Workout Energy and Focus Drink
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“WARNING! Your Workouts Are About To Get
A LOT More Intense!”

Have you ever seen that guy (or girl) in the gym who is having the best workout ever? Solid pumped muscles, veins gorging, and setting new personal records — only that they seem to be doing this EVERY time you see them?

If you would like to discover what they already know about pre-workout nutrition, then read on.

We can all agree that your diet and lifestyle are the keys to your success in all of your fitness goals – from weight loss to muscle gain to competitive sports. But sometimes, even with a perfect diet, you need an extra edge. Especially on those heavy days or even on race day!

I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve found the edge you’ve been looking for.

Introducing Jack3d From USPLabs!

Jack3d is the ultimate nitric oxide pre-workout supplement.

Here’s all you need to do: 30 to 45 minutes before working out, mix 1 to 3 scoops of Jack3d with water, drink it (on an empty stomach for best results), head to the gym, and get ready for the workout of your life.

Jack3d is formulated to safely bring you these incredible benefits:

  • Insane, muscle-engorging pumps
  • Lasting Energy like you’ve never felt before – without the crash that other products bring
  • Increased endurance — you’ll be able to pump out more reps and race faster and longer with Jack3d
  • Incredible Focus – Jack3d will get you in the ZONE on-time, every time
  • The ability to lift more weight and keep your strength gains

“Yeah, I’ve heard this all before…”

I’ll be dead honest – I wouldn’t have made this site if I didn’t completely believe in Jack3d, or if I didn’t use it myself. That’s not my style, and it never will be.

I am not an employee of USPLabs, nor am I paid by them to run this site. I am just spreading the word.

As a competitive athlete for 20 years, I have NEVER seen a product make waves in the supplement industry like Jack3d has.

And just like yourself, I’ve tried a lot of supplements out there… many of them being other nitric oxide pre-workout drinks.

You’ve probably found that most products out there don’t work as advertised. Thankfully, some do…. like creatine, whey protein, fish oil, and multivitamins. Well, good news: you can now add Jack3d to that list of must-have products!

Thanks to Jack3d, USPLabs literally has the “big dogs” running scared – and for good reason too! Jack3d flat-out works better. There are no BS ingredients inside (we’ll get to that later), and it’s a better value than its competitors!

Even professional, sponsored bodybuilders are secretly switching to Jack3d – but they’re not exactly making that public!

Don’t take my word for it though. Read what Sergeant Yanchunas of the US Marines, stationed at MCAS Miramar in California, has to say:

“I am thoroughly impressed with Jack3d. I am a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and have tried nearly every preworkout supplement on the market. I experienced an extreme pump with unmatched amounts of energy on my first day using Jack3d.

To my amazement, close to a year later, I have not noticed a decrease in the results at all. I am currently 5’10 187 pounds with 6% body fat. I have and will continue to recommend your product to all of my Marines.

To date everyone that I have introduced to Jack3d has continued to use it. I am so excited about Jack3d that I give them their first dose from my bottle. I am that confident in the product. Thank you again.

Sergeant Yanchunas”

“But Sergeant Yanchunas, God bless him, is a Marine!
I’m too old for this stuff…”

That’s what RJ, a 47 year old SWAT officer from Florida, thought before trying Jack3d. Now look at what he’s saying:

First let me start by saying I have never written to any company in reference to a product before now. I am a 47 year old SWAT team commander for a sheriff’s office in Florida. I am the oldest on the team, so I am constantly working out in order to keep up with the younger guys. One of my team members told me of your product so I decided to give it a try. Needless to say, after the first use I was sold. I have endless energy during my workouts and I am stronger than I have ever been. At 47 i have a 6 pack! I couldn’t get washboard abs in my twenties…Thanks Jack3d you guys are awesome.

–RJ in Florida

No joke. I’ll see if I can get before and after pics.

Even USPLabs surprised itself with Jack3d. It began as the CEO’s ‘elixir’ for personal use, never meant to be released. Even pros like him enjoy having a ton of energy, strength, stamina, and endurance for their workouts… I mean, who doesn’t?

But as more people caught wind of his concoction at the local gym, more people begged him to release the product. USPLabs was on to something, and the result is Jack3d.

“But There’s a Million Pre-Workout Products Out There… Why’s Jack3d Any Different?”

You’re right. There ARE too many pre-workout products out there. But as you probably already know – they’re all same damn product over and over and again… disguised in different packaging.

Jack3d is different though. An important part is what is NOT inside of it. But first, it’s critical to understand what is inside of Jack3d, and how it all benefits your workouts.

Creatine Monohydrate

Safe, proven, and effective in building lean muscle mass and providing strength gains. The argument about creatine is long over. The argument over which type of creatine is over. Creatine monohydrate is hands-down the way to go, as it has been for decades.

Simply put, if you’re not using creatine, you’re missing out on size and strength gains. Jack3d helps provide this boost with a kick of creatine.

The longer story is that with creatine, you increase the levels of phosphocreatine in your bloodstream. Phosphocreatine helps with the creation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in your muscles. What is ATP, you ask? ATP equals ENERGY. It is a high energy nucleotide and is the major energy-carrying compound in your body.

This is why creatine not only increases muscle size, but strength as well.

Beta Alanine

Short story: Beta Alanine = More Endurance and Less Fatigue. More endurance and less fatigue = longer lifts and better cardio sessions.

Long version: Beta alanine increases the concentration of carnosine in muscles. Carnosine buffers against fatigue and helps expel that painful ammonia from your body. You know that miserable feeling of too much lactic acid and ammonia in your muscles, don’t you? It’s like your system just doesn’t seem to know what to do with it! Well, give your body a solution with the beta alanine in Jack3d!

So, if your muscles run out of carnosine, you get tired. But take Jack3d before working out, and you will get more carnosine production thanks to the beta alanine inside. That then gives you more endurance – both while lifting or doing cardio.

Countless studies show this both in the field and in the lab. It’s fun and it works.


I’m going to assume you know how caffeine works for you. But what you really need to understand is how it works for your workouts.

Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system and also stimulates your ability to contract skeletal muscle quickly. This means more explosive moments – whether it’s throwing iron around the gym or propelling your body down the track in a race.

Caffeine of course helps you fight fatigue and drowsiness – two things nobody wants in the gym. It makes your mind sharper and increases alertness. It also produces a bit of euphoria, simply making workouts more fun.

But don’t all pre-workout formulas have caffeine? Yep, just about all of them. Other products simply load up on caffeine and hope you’ll feel it – and you do – as well as the crash that occurs later on!

USPlabs Jack3d has a better blend of stimulants. You will get jacked in the gym, but won’t get into that rut an hour later. This is because Jack3d has a synergistic blend with germanium (the next ingredient).

In addition, Jack3d has small, ultraconcentrated scoops that allow YOU to choose how many stimulants you need. One scoop may not satisfy a 300lb powerlifter, but will sure work great for a 120lb woman!

1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl – The Secret Weapon

That’s right, this is the secret weapon. This compound was originally discovered via the extract from the stems of geranium flower plants. It behaves like a very mild stimulant to your nervous system, providing a small rush of adrenaline. It is VERY synergistic with caffeine, meaning that when they are used together, sparks fly – both in your body and in the weightroom.

You can consider 1,3 to be the “long-term” stimulant that prevents the “short-term” crash of caffeine. It hits me a little bit later, and lasts a little bit longer. But more importantly, it safely provides a certain type of brain focus that you simply don’t get with caffeine alone!

And then, somewhere towards the middle of your workout, you will just realize that you are in the freaking zone!

It’s like tunnel-vision. The only thing that exists in the entire world is the squat rack that you’re inside of. It’s an amazing feeling that you need to try to believe. And you can thank this wonderful little component in Jack3d for that.

Schizandrol A

Schizandrol A is another powerful secret. First and foremost, it will help the germanium in improving your focus. After that, it will also help increase the work capacity of your muscles – convincing your brain to lift heavier weights!

Finally, animal studies have shown us that it can lower levels of harmful, muscle-stopping hormones like cortisol. We look forward to seeing human studies, but something about Jack3d is working, and this has to be part.

Good luck finding Schizandrol A on your own. Trust me, I tried. You can find the cheap and ineffective Shizandra, but only USPLabs has the potently extracted Schizandrol A.

L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG)

But where do the huge muscular ‘pumps’ come from?

This is where AAKG comes in. This arginine-based compound is in Jack3d because it increases strength and peak power output. You will also experience an increase in vasodilation, which increases the flow of nutrients (think: creatine!) to skeletal muscle, thereby enhancing muscular swelling.

So this vasodilation from the AAKG in Jack3d is what makes your arms pop and your veins bulge when you’re working out. Heads will turn during a heavy workout – trust me. It’s unreal.

“But that’s not a lot of ingredients…
Other Nitric Oxide mixes have so much more!”

EXACTLY! With Jack3d, USPLabs keeps it simple – just the stuff that works. No fillers that need a boatload of water to dissolve and bloat you during your workout. No fat-storing, waste-of-space maltodextrin. No run-to-the-bathroom-in-the-middle-of-your-squats, crap-your-pants magnesium. It’s not necessary before you workout!

So Jack3d is very popular because of what is inside of it, but also because of what is NOT inside of it! And guess who gets the savings – YOU! You don’t see other pre-workout mixes selling for $20, do you?

Jack3d - Its also about whats NOT inside

*Fillers: maltodextrin, magnesium, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and other fluff

Not only that, but these other products have so many ingredients, there’s no room left for the important stuff like creatine and beta alanine! Fluff ingredients, fluff marketing. Demand some respect from your supplement companies!

So this is the important take-away:

“Over 75% of other pre-workout powder containers are nothing but Unhealthy, Insulin-spiking, Fat-storing fillers!”

Jack3d - Compare and Save

Get better ingredients, save your money, and save the environment

“So what’s this Maltodextrin Stuff Anyway?”

Simply put, it’s a carb that’s worse than sugar. And it’s freaking EVERYWHERE in the supplement industry (sometimes also disguised as ‘glucose polymers’) – stay away from it! If you’re not making your fat-loss goals, this could very well be the answer.

The reason? Maltodextrin has a glycemic index of 105 – 5 points higher than straight-up glucose and a whopping 44 points higher than sugar.

What does this mean? It means that whenever you ingest a high glycemic carb like maltodextrin, your blood sugar shoots through the roof!

What’s wrong with that, you ask? Well, to handle this, your body starts pumping out insulin like madness. It needs to put these unnatural, toxic chemicals somewhere… anywhere but in your bloodstream where it will literally kill you. And guess where it puts it.

That’s right – your insulin stores these carbs right in your BODY FAT. Just what we need!

This is why kids who drink soda are becoming more obese by the day! Stay away from maltodextrin, don’t be fooled by ‘glucose polymers’, and start burning fat instead of gaining it while you workout.

“What’s so bad about Magnesium?
I thought that was good for me!”

Granted, magnesium is good for you. It’s an essential mineral for a reason. But other pre-workout mixes are LOADED with the stuff, and we can’t figure out why!

The National Academy of Sciences states that adults can safely handle 350mg of magnesium per day. That’s equivalent to just one scoop of most products. Where’s the rest going to go? Let me tell you…

Meanwhile, some products use 3500mg of Magnesium Glycerophosphate – a compound that’s only 10% active – to get the 350mg of magnesium on the label. That’s over 10 grams of magnesium per 3-scoop serving! This is what doctors prescribe for constipation!

You aren’t constipated, are you? Well, they don’t call other products “SuperDump” for nothing. Stop buying constipation relief products and start buying REAL pre-workout products so that you don’t miss your next squat because of a run to the john.

Stop Eating Petroleum (Artificial Coloring)

Red #40, Blue #1, Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Red #5… all garbage, and it’s all in the competition’s powders. You can’t even handle the stuff without industrial-strength gloves and maks. So why eat it?

Some of these chemicals are banned in other countries, and have serious side effects when taken in the amounts. Just stay away from it, and stay with the all-natural flavorings and colorings in Jack3d.

And guess what, Jack3d still tastes great! If you don’t believe me, go look at the user reviews section and see for yourself!

Jack3d Summary

In recap,

  1. Ingredients to safely bring you nothing but intensity, strength, energy, focus, and endurance to your workouts
  2. Sugar-free, zero-carb / no maltodextrin, calorie-free, and fat-free
  3. No more bathroom-break inducing magnesium
  4. No dangerous artificial dyes
  5. No other filler ingredients or unproven forms of creatine
  6. Slow and fast stimulants for a crash-free workout
  7. Great taste!
  8. Ultra-concentrated – needs only 4-8 ounces of water per serving – No bloat!
  9. Around $20 for 45 scoops – the best value you’ll find anywhere!

So what are you waiting for? Wouldn’t you pay 50 cents to have a ridiculous workout? Stores are having trouble keeping Jack3d on the shelves, so order now online!

Still not convinced? See our Jack3d Reviews from the users, our detailed Jack3d Ingredients page, or Contact Us with any questions.

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  1. nels says:

    Can I take my regular creatine mix along with the jacked3d?

    • Admin says:

      Yes. You don’t need a full 5g dosage since there’s already some in there. We’re not sure HOW much, but assume about 1g per scoop… so you can drop your additional creatine accordingly.

  2. Huge Jack says:

    I love Jack3d. I advocate the entire world to take Jack3d. It is worth the horrible taste. But lets be honest. It tastes like shit. The Lemon-Lime flavor that I found is hardly bearable, but it is the best one. Grape Bubblegum, Sour Apple, Fruit Punch, and White Raspberry make me cringe just thinking about it. I just plug my nose, down it, and pop a stick of gum in after guzzling the magical, shit-tasting liquid. But it is so fucking worth it. Jack3d for life.

    • Admin says:

      LOL thanks for the comment. I LOVE blue razz. It’s not “fake” like the rest. Grape is still my favorite though. It’s all about finding the right amount of COLD water to go with it.

      But natural flavoring systems have their issues – they don’t have the “sheer capability” to be as tasty as artificially flavored for most of our taste buds. I won’t argue that — but some pre workouts, even the artificial flavored ones, taste even worse. Some taste as metallic as a handful of loose change… I’m guessing you got spoiled by one of the better ones!

      Anyway, most think it tastes fine. Some don’t, but think the natural flavoring benefits are worth it. The rest – like you – simply don’t care because the product is that awesome – and that’s what matters!

    • jolene says:

      omg. i got grape bubblegum. actually makes me gag! never tasted anything so gross but defo agree its worth it. only thing i’ve tried and can feel the difference

  3. alonso says:

    hi i weight 210 and 6ft tall first time ever working out so i wonder should i start with jack3d with half a dose or can i just take the regular dose without worrying if its gonna be to much for first try

  4. Mr Sid says:

    i was reading an article that i can take an extra aakg in raw form and mix with jack3d to get a better pump rather than doubling the dose of jack3d, is this ok?

  5. Noel says:

    I am a Soccer Player, will jack 3D help me with my struggle on getting fit and playing or running withought ever giving up, getting tired and stopping… am not intrested in muscles dont mind having them, but am more focused on running continuously atleast for 30 minutes….

    • Admin says:

      Yes, it will definitely help – I love it for these kinds of sports. But remember that your real success is going to be made in the kitchen and on the playing field! See the diet provided by this site if you need more help.

  6. Manohar vamshi says:

    i have been using this miracle powder (amrit ,as we call in india) for a month and i can see the resultsin the gym i get awesome pumps and sharp focus . i need an advice that can i use it as a morning dose of NO booster , besides preworkout.

    thank you.

    • Admin says:

      Why do you want an NO booster in the morning?

      Jack3d is great for the stimulants, and arginine can help boost nitric oxide levels a bit, but it’s best to work out with it. More Nitric Oxide without working out (or having sex) is almost useless and seems like a waste of money… unless your doctor ordered it.

  7. Napoleon says:

    I only want to know, what is the real effect for the combination of Jack3d with Powerfull. You recomend this combination. It really work?

    • Admin says:

      PowerFULL is completely different. You’ll notice increased bloodflow (both to muscles and to erections – no joke), better recovery, and improved growth assuming your diet is on. Sex drive gets a bit crazier, and the deep sleep is incredible. Some buy it for the better sleep alone.

  8. Khan says:

    I have heard people, say it makes you feel for sex, is this true

  9. Matt says:

    Is this stuff good to take with Krealkyln EFX? I’ve been on it for awhile and just wanna make sure this is okay to take with it.

    • Admin says:

      Yes, it’s fine. You already get some creatine in with Jack3d, so you can take a smaller dosage of Kre-Alkalyn post-workout (or any other time of the day really).

  10. Brian says:

    Hi I’m a boxer would it be ok to do jack3d
    And that Powerful stuff you’s were talking
    About in above comments in my sport???
    Like we don’t get drug tested as its amateur
    Boxing…. Would boxing be too much for that

    • Admin says:

      Jack3d and boxing or any martial art is a killer combo. We even wrote an entire article series about it because so many people like it.

      PowerFULL and Jack3d are an incredible combo. PowerFULL provides a natural growth hormone boost, and you will definitely sleep and recover like a champ. Meanwhile, Jack3d will make you work out like a champ!

  11. Rami says:

    Hi, I am taking synthia6 after am done working out, so can I take jack3d for the first time before I work out ?? And if yes, how should I take it? Thnks

  12. Subhajit Thakurta says:

    hi i am thinking about using jack3d…well i cannot lift heavy weight and it succks so can u suggest me how much should i use it?? and will it also increase my strength???

    • Admin says:

      Hi Subhajit,

      There’s really not enough information to go with here — you do not need to lift “heavy”, you need to lift what is challenging for you, and progressively gain strength. Jack3d can help with this, but it’s REALLY all about your diet and workout. Temporary strength increases are definitely found with Jack3d, but the REAL strength increases come from eating a well-rounded, high-protein diet, and enough quality, natural carbs to keep your muscles full.

      See the free diet and training plan on the right side of this site, it’ll help you out. Jack3d is great, but it is not EVERYTHING. It’s there to support your diet.

      When you’re ready, start with a light dosage – such as 1/2 to 3/4 scoop, and assess from there. Never go over 3 scoops within a 24 hour period.

  13. gary says:

    I have been using jack3d for about a year and can tell the differance in my running.they all taste bad but i found that green apple or sour apple mixed with apple juice instead of water makes it taste alot better

  14. B says:

    Why do the joints in my hand still tingling after 3hrs of Use of Jack. I love this stuff and its my first time but is it normal to still have the tingling 3hrs later. I only hand one scoop

  15. Steve says:

    Very effective PWO mix. I have one major issue: The lack of flavors!
    Our favorite was the grape. We had the limon-lime and did not like it. Currently, we use the fruit punch (which is not bad).
    Your website is a little confusing in regards to what flavors exist for the new reformulated Jack3d Micro, and what flavors are limited to the old formula. I would like to order other flavors to try but only want the new Micro formula.
    Thank you,

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