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Jack3d Approved Gym: Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse – Torrance, CA

Powerhouse Gym Torrance, CA

View from the pro shop to towards the weights

Gritty, old fashioned, and real-deal metal weightlifting equipment and machines. Now this is the way a gym is supposed to be.

I’ve recently begun going to Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym in Torrance, CA, and I must say that I’ve been missing out. It’s not some fancy soccer-mom studio where you’re going to find pilates classes. No way, no thank you.

Instead, the Powerhouse Gym is all about weightlifting and a little bit of cardio – exactly what we want when we’re on a Jack3d-fueled workout… making this our first “Jack3d Approved Gym”.

The Equipment

First and foremost, there’s a proper bumper zone for your deadlifts and cleans. If this doesn’t excite you, then you might not belong on this site. For too long I’ve been doing my deadlifts inside of a squat rack.

Powerhouse Gym

Like to rock? Dave’s got your back with his Pandora selection!

Something is just different when I’m deadlifting at The Powerhouse – and I attribute it to the open space they give to those doing the real-deal exercises. There’s even a barbell dolly (update: this is actually called a deadlift jack), which you won’t find in many other places. SO much easier to load and unload weights with this!

Then you have plenty of the other stuff – 3 benches, an incline, 2 squat racks, Texas bars for you big boys, and tons more. I love the T-Bar rowing machine, and there’s of course a great big cable crossover setup in the middle of the gym that speaks as the centerpiece of the friendly atmosphere.

The space isn’t huge, but Dave makes it happen. Things get even more real when users start busting out the gains and 150lb dumbbells – more on those guys later!

What about the Cardio Stuff?

There are just three treadmills (which I’ve never seen 100% utilized), and two stepmills, which is my favorite form of LISS cardio lately (LISS = low intensity steady state). There’s a rowing machine, a few bikes, and a stepmaster style device.

The biggest disappointment is that the elliptical is not as easy to use as my old gym’s Precor. Elliptical might sound goofy, but this is my favorite place to do HIIT exercises. Overall, I’m happy – and that’s because the Torrance Powerhouse is for LIFTING.

The Clientele and Trainers

Let me tell you something – I went from being one of the strongest guys at my old gym to one of the weakest at this one. This place is the real deal – but you’ll NEVER feel intimidated. Instead, it’s super friendly, and you’ll have no problem getting tips. Not a lot of headphones-wearing people here either – it’s easier to enjoy your workout without them here! All ages, all sizes, all types of athletes.

Although I’m not using any of the trainers, they all seem incredible. Even the beautiful local dominatrix, Maire Brandon (also a stage competitor). When my girlfriend can afford to, she trains with Maire, and absolutely loves her, and never feels intimidated, even when there’s big guys pulling over 500lbs not too far away.

You can tell each one knows their stuff – being competing bodybuilders and semi-pro athletes (ie one guy training for the NFL tryouts) doesn’t hurt. Like I said, these guys have it together, and they all get along.

Dave, being a pro bodybuilder back in the day, is someone who I might eventually like to work with. Just looking at the few pics of him on the wall are awe-inspiring. More on Dave in a bit.

I will also give a shout-out to Brent, who seems incredibly nice, and goes out of his way to make sure I’m doing well.

The Music

Depending on who’s manning the front desk, you’ll hear quality rock music (Dave) or possibly some harder techno (Maire’s?). In the very early mornings, sometimes there’s a few country boys, so Dave has no problem turning it on to appease them. I like it best when he’s in rock mode though. Last time I was in, he had Scorpions Pandora on, and the atmosphere was great.

You can always wear headphones, but honestly, this gym has less people wearing them than anywhere I’ve been. Everyone just seems happy and friendly and connected here!

A bit About Dave Fisher

Dave Fisher Gracing the Cover of Iron Man Magazine

Dave Gracing the Cover of Iron Man Magazine

But I can’t talk about the gym without talking about the man behind it. Dave Fisher has been known over the world as one of America’s best bodybuilders. He is of Canadian descent but obviously has been in the US for a while.

Dave put in the time and got the recognition he deserved, gracing the covers of many magazines, getting interviews, product placements, and articles all over the place. Some of those articles and ads are on the walls of the Powerhouse, but not too many – Dave is far too cool to make this a personal shrine. Instead, there’s pictures of all sorts of athletes who have made their way through the Powerhouse over time.

Being a bodybuilder, Dave knows what to put in a gym, and what not to. There’s not a lot of BS in here.

The Pro Shop

The ONLY problem with this gym – there’s no Jack3d or other USPLabs products! As I talk more with Dave, I’ll get him on the USPLabs side. But the thing is, everyone here likes the RTDs from the fridge – and there’s no RTD Jack3d. So ABB Speed Stack it is for those who need a quick blast during their workout. Can’t win em all, I guess.

Dave Fisher's Powerhouse Gym

Looking to the left from the entrance to the pro shop

The Powerhouse Gym shirts do rock though.

Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse is located at 22216 Palos Verdes Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90505, which is in the southwest end of LA County. The hours are not for everyone, but work great for me – Mon-Thu 6am – 9pm, Fri 6am – 8pm, Sat 7am – 4pm, Sun 8am – 4pm.

Thanks Dave!

Have a Jack3d-Approved Gym or Personal Trainer?

Let us know – We want to feature your personal trainer or gym if it’s hardcore enough. Hit us up on our Jack3d Success Series post and we’ll get it written up with you.

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