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Boxer Dillian Whyte Banned 2 Years for Jack3d – Is it Fair?

dillian whyte bannedDillian Whyte has made headlines again, right after his massive victory over Hungarian Sandor Balogh last October 13, 2012.

But this time, the news is not good, as Whyte is being handed a 2 year ban for using a dietary supplement containing a banned ingredient in UK Boxing.

The Case of Whyte

During an in-competition test last year, the fighter tested positive of methylhexaneamine or DMAA. He was suspended from all games on November 5, 2012. During a follow up investigation by the National Anti-Doping Panel, they confirmed that Whyte’s case was culpable of a 2 year suspension. Whyte tried to appeal the sentence, however, the panel only firmed up their stance and confirmed the two year ban.

Whyte’s ban spans October 13, 2012 to October 12, 2014. This also meant that his victory over Balogh was disqualified.

According to sources, Whyte bought an over the counter food supplement, Jack3D, a popular supplement in the USA. Unfortunately, the said supplement contained an ingredient banned in the UK and in nearly all professional sports.

Whyte’s 2 Year Ban Harsh

While DMAA use is still controversial with many pros and cons, many boxing enthusiasts and sports fan say Whyte’s 2 year ban was “harsh.” He did deserve a ban due to the fact that UK is one of the few countries that has banned DMAA in competitions, however many feel that a 1 year ban would have been sufficient.

There is no doubt – Jack3d is a performance enhancer. Case in point: when on Jack3d, White did crush his opponent. The record books won’t go down stating it, but he won, and he won big while on Jack3d. It works, and that is the true reason why it’s banned in seriously competitive sports.

However, the effects of Jack3d do not last so long to warrant a 2-year ban. It is, more or less, a stimulant-based product that is flushed from the system relatively quickly.

That said, he didn’t do his homework, he used a performance enhancer, and he got busted. But 2 years is extreme. We believe 1 year would make more sense, given the relative “mildness” of this product compared to other things that would have netted him a similar suspension.

For non-athletes or just healthy enthusiasts hoping to gain muscle mass and work out longer in the gym, Jack3d with DMAA works. Too well as a matter of fact. So, a piece of advice: if you’re competing and suspect that your agency, country, state, or company has strict anti-doping rules, check their guidelines and with your doctor and governing body!

Whyte Failed to Seek Advice on Supplements

Whyte tried to appeal that he had no knowledge of the DMAA and methylhexaneamine content of Jack3d. Unfortunately, the National Anti-Doping panel ruled out that Whyte’s failure to seek professional or medical advice with regards his supplements does not absolve or mitigate his suspension.

Jack3d Ingredient Methylhexaneamine

Also known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine or DMAA, this ingredient was first patented as a nasal decongestant by inhalation therapy to exert vasoconstriction in the nasal mucosa. It was also used as treatment for other symptoms like hypertrophied or hyperplasic oral tissues. However, the ingredient only existed in patents and not in actual medication.

In 2006, Patrick Arnold an American organic chemist reintroduced DMAA to the world after the ban of ephedrine. Since then, many supplement companies have created their supplement using other ingredients.

The Effects of DMAA

The effects of DMAA include fat loss, incredibly smooth energy, and focus. Combined with other key ingredients, the effects could be increased and maintained for a longer number of hours. DMAA can also be considered as a performance enhancing substance and can give an edge to athletes like Whyte.

Alleged Safety Issues

In 2012 alarm bells were ringing as the FDA sent warning letters that this ingredient had not been properly drafted as a “new dietary ingredient”. However, peer-reviewed studies done on DMAA show that when used properly, it is, in fact, safe. Additionally, DMAA is naturally found in geranium plants in China. While anecdotal suggestions claim that doses above 50 milligrams may increase blood pressure, in real tests, healthy individuals using Jack3d per the label have not experienced such reactions.

The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolic insights also published a 10 week study of 25 men taking placebo and Jack3d. The groups were told to consume the supplement / placebo 30 minutes before workout and results were measured.

Results Show Jack3d DMAA Dosage is Safe

The results showed that healthy individuals did not have any changes to heart rates and blood pressure. However the study did indicate that for those with existing cardiovascular disorders, cautious use is advised and further tests may be required.

Overdosing on any Substance is still Unsafe

Unfortunately, countries and agencies make up the rules and update the lists of banned ingredients. New Zealand does not ban the actual DMAA ingredient itself but bans bulk buying, especially since DMAA powdered have been used to make party pills. Due to its illegal creation, one pill can have anywhere from 30 to 100 milligrams of DMAA. During parties anyone can easily forget and consume several pills. Combined with alcoholic drinks, the effects could be toxic.

Still, even if most agencies ban the ingredient, studies show that DMAA is safe when taken in appropriate dosage. Jack3d only has 50 milligrams of DMAA per serving / dose (recommended 1 serving / dose a day).


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