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The all-new Jack3d Advanced Formula is Here!

USPLabs’ inner circle (IC) team just released another great product, Advanced Formula (AF). Priced at just 44 cents per serving in this offering, it delivers a powerful ingredient profile but at an exceptional value.

If you missed out on the Inner Circle offer, don’t worry – the new formula is coming soon, so let’s talk about what it does.

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The early reviews are coming in..

Mike, CJ, and Zay put together a nice review:

MOA dominance

The Jack3d Advanced Formula provides an extraordinarily powerful ingredient profile without using any risky ingredients that have recently taken the market by storm since the removal of DMAA (RIP Jack3d Original).

Jack3d Advanced Formula is Out!

Jack3d Advanced Formula is out there – Read about the ingredients here!

Supplements are graded by how well their mechanisms of actions (MOA) work — their ability to target biological pathways, including muscle growth and hormone production benefits.  At the end of the day, good MOAs bring good results.

The new Jack3d Advanced Formula can only be described as “MOA dominance,” as the supplement targets several biological pathways.  Many of these pathways are targeted to providing energy by burning fat, something USPLabs is excellent at isolating, which we discuss lower down.

The Advanced Formula ingredients

The formula is a relatively proprietary one, so we don’t know the exact dosages of anything except caffeine (100mg).  We’ll break it apart for you here, and the best way to do that is to separate the energy boosters from the muscle builders and pump agents.

Each tub of AF contains enough potent extracts that even the cover has a warning label on it. Read the label carefully and you’ll know why:

High energy stim complex

The first set of ingredients contains powerful ingredients that trigger the production of energy and provide intense stimulation.

Yohimbe Extract

We await Colby's Jack3d AF Review

Colby, one of this site’s top writers and reviewers, is on a stimulant break, but we’ll have his review for you soon!

USPlabs has been working with yohimbe-based extracts for several years, and claims to have finally perfected extraction of Yohimbe bark. They’ve worked hard to standardize it to obtain the full spectrum of alkaloids found to increase energy and burn fat.

This new extract provides the following benefits:

  • Increased muscle contraction [1]
  • Intense CNS stimulation [1]
  • Reduction of fatigue [2]

Norcoclaurine HCl

Norcoclaurine, also known as higenamine, is an ingredient that initiates a fat-burning energy release by stimulating your beta 2-adrenoceptors. [3] Some studies show that ingredients responsible for stimulating beta 2-adrenoceptors improve performance during exercise. [4] This is what’s given norcoclaurine the nickname “the exercise ingredient”, as it yields great potential as a performance enhancing agent.

It also has other benefits, unlike most beta 2-receptor agonists. One study showed that norcoclaurine may also have vasodilatory properties as well. [5] Vasodilation, or the expansion of blood vessels, increases blood supply to muscular tissue.

This means more oxygen and nutrition reaches the muscles and provides the following benefits:

  • Better muscle growth
  • Improved muscle function
  • Reduced muscle fatigue
  • Removal of metabolic waste from muscles

Swertia chirayita

This is the newcomer to the USPLabs product line.

S. chirayita, a plant indiginous to the Himalyas, has been flying under the radar for many years. The extract of S. Chirayita contains several compounds that have been shown to potently stimulate the central nervous system in animal studies. [6]

For USPLabs product users who have taken both Jack3d Micro and know how yohimbe treats them, the swertia chirata is likely the reason why you’re feeling something “extra” in this pre workout.

Some users are reporting improved focus, and it’s likely from this ingredient.  Since there is not much research, we will keep our eyes out.


Caffeine is a powerful compound. Consume too much and it can cause anxiety, nervousness, tremors, insomnia, irritation and more. But just the right amount, and you get the incredible performance boost that nobody will argue with.  That is what you get with the Jack3d Advanced Formula – an amount that works well with the rest of the ingredients but doesn’t cause safety problems.

Numerous studies have shown that caffeine can improve your workout by increasing force output in muscle tissue, improve muscle contraction and reduce perceived exertion through CNS stimulation. [7, 8]

Jack3d Advanced Lid

Even the lid tells you: Read the Label!

Nitrate blast formula

This is an exclusive formula that helps your cardiovascular system produce more nitric oxide, often referred to as NO. This compound is a tiny molecule that produces immense vasodilation effects in your system, which widens your veins, providing increased bloodflow and nutrient delivery to your muscles.

This in turn allows for increased strength and temporary size gains – it’s up to you to lift hard to achieve them, and eat well to make them permanent.

Let’s talk about the specific ingredients at play here:

Arginine Nitrate

When nitric oxide supplements first hit the market, the usual ingredient used to create NO was arginine.  The substance arginine targets the l-arginine-NO-synthase pathway, which creates the bloodflow effects mentioned above. [9] That effect produces what bodybuilders call “the pump.”

The original Jack3d had a form of arginine (Arginine AKG). Since then, technology has changed — for the far better.  Enter nitrates.

The bro-science behind nitrates

Huge freakin long-lasting pumps and endurance.  End of story.

The real science behind nitrates

Jack3d Advanced uses arginine nitrate instead of plain arginine. The l-arginine-NO-synthase pathway gets stimulated however, the metabolization of arginine nitrate also yields a nitrate ion that stimulates a second pathway that creates more NO. The new pathway is called nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway.

Basically, the nitrate ion from arginine nitrate is processed by the body to first produce NO, as normal from arginine supplements. However, the second pathway produces even more nitric oxide in different ways, such as enzymatic and non-enzymatic routes that make a steady and large amount of NO. [10, 11, 12]

Every month, more and more research is coming out on these nitrate bonds, and it keeps adding up to an incredible list of benefits.

Other benefits of NO include:

  • Prolonged force production from muscular tissue [14]
  • Peripheral vein vasodilation [13-20]
  • Reduced oxygen cost of muscles [23]

Pinus pinaster bark extract

Consider this the “nitric oxide amplifier”.  As if the two methods of making NO from arginine nitrate weren’t enough, pine bark extract (PBE) makes them work better.

This organically improves the conversion of nitrite to NO (remember above, there’s the nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway — this helps between the last two steps).  PBE also helps endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) and NO formation. So, this extract not only improves the nitrate side, but it works on the arginine side as well – a brilliant addition to the formula! [21]

Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid, the role of vitamin C is to assist with the nitrate side of things: it increases the properties of NO and improves its effects on blood vessels. Without vitamin C, you are not getting your full potential from arginine nitrate. [24, 25, 26]

The Advanced Formula’s creatine mix

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements in history. Nearly every bodybuilder knows how it can help improve muscular gains, strength and tone.  It all works through its production of ATP – the “energy molecule.”

Since that’s been discussed elsewhere, let’s look into the specific two ingredients at play here:

Creatine monohydrate – still the best

Creatine reduces fatigue, amongst other great benefits

There’s no doubt about it – Creatine is beneficial and there is a mountain of research behind it

Since creatine was discovered, companies have been making different forms of it, such as creating salt forms or combining the compound with other ingredients.  They try to pass them off as having more power than standard creatine monohydrate, despite the fact that there are hardly any scientific studies that support their claims.

The most common thing you’ll see is how these new forms of creatine are “absorbed better” than its monohydrate form.  But there’s a big problem with those claims – they don’t add up when science gets involved.

Studies easily disprove claims that creatine salt absorption rates are near 100%.  [29, 30, 31]  We’d be happy to find new molecules that boost muscle production more than monohydrate, but Creatine HCl just isn’t the one.

Creatine monohydrate, meanwhile, still has more research behind it than any other form, and that research continually points to its efficacy as a long-term safe strength-boosting, muscle-building aid.

Creatine anhydrous

Purity is another issue with creatine products. Some companies try to dazzle customers with claims about their creatine forms, but a closer look at the actual chemical formulations show otherwise.  Forms like ethyl ester, or even the much hyped creatine HCl, are not as pure as creatine monohydrate.  You’re simply getting less actual creatine molecules in every gram!

As it is, creatine monohydrate is composed of 88% creatine and 12% monohydrate salt.  Taking into account that the body retains only a certain amount, it’s important to buy purer forms of creatine. Jack3d Advanced raises the bar by adding in the PUREST of creatine: the anhydrous form.

This means that water has been removed from the creatine powder, leaving behind 100% creatine. You can’t get any other purer source other than creatine in its anhydrous form.  Creatine molecules: nothing more, nothing less.


Beta-alanine is a precursor of carnosine. An increase in carnosine levels helps muscles increase its contractile force, which reduces fatigue and also increases the ability to press more weight. [33, 34, 36]

As we age, beta-alanine helps keep carnosine levels up. One study found that muscles retain increasingly less carnosine each year, especially in those who don’t consume meat [35].

You may know beta alanine from the original Jack3d formula.  It’s what gives some users those tingles after taking it for a while.  While those tingles are not dangerous and beta alanine has been shown to be non-toxic, we like to use those tingles as a reminder that “your pre workout has kicked in – time to get moving!

USPLabs: The Fat Burning Company

Many of the pathways mentioned above in the stimulant section are for fat burning.  With this release, USPLabs may have solidified themselves as the company that succeeds best at killing fat tissue.

With their recent OxyELITE Protein release (which is an “advanced leaning” protein powder), and the entire OxyELITE Pro product line, and the lesser-known Compound 20 supplement, USP seems to hit all of its home runs when it comes to weight loss.  This product is no different.

Who will like Jack3d Advanced

Because of the above statements on fat burning, this is definitely a workout geared mainly towards energy and users attacking fat loss.  Obviously, it can be used to build muscle, and it’s really your diet that matters most, but this product is slightly more on the energy and endurance side than the “pump” side.

Being zero calorie / zero carb, it definitely won’t add pounds to the scale on its own.  All other things considered equal, with Jack3d Advanced, you’ll likely lose more weight and burn more fat than if you’d taken nothing pre workout.  But again, it comes down to your diet and workout plan.

This makes sense too.  The original formula had the exact same behavior.  That doesn’t mean it won’t give you a great pump – the nitrates are incredible, but there’s one extra thing you can stack it with to make it even better.

An easy stack to round it out

USP's Agmatine 500 is the easiest way to add fast-acting pumps to Jack3d AF

USP’s Agmatine 500 is the easiest way to add fast-acting pumps to Jack3d AF

Users of Jack3d Micro have likely become accustomed to its incredible “time-released” phase of four pump ingredients.  Jack3d Advanced has just two, so if you’re looking for a similar pump, you may be disappointed.  Again, it’s an energy supplement moreso than a pump-you-to-the-gills product.

The quick solution?  Add in a capsule or two of USPLabs’ Agmatine 500.  Agmatine sulfate is another nitric oxide booster that acts fast, and is one of the ingredients in Jack3d Micro.

This solution is similar to what we recommend to others who want more pumps with Jack3d original.  In those cases, a good option was adding USPLabs Yok3d, which has arginine nitrate.

We do not, however, recommend that you add Yok3d to Jack3d Advanced until further instructions come out.  Since both contain arginine nitrate, there may be negative side effects.  Nitrates, like caffeine, are a group of ingredients where “more is not always better”.

Side effects and precautions

Advanced Formula contains a lot of powerful ingredients. The warning label placed by Jack3d on top of the covers is no joke. When taking AP, be sure to read the label.

The biggest caution when using this product properly is that some people may not like the yohimbe.  It’s a personal thing where some people feel too anxious with it.  This happens to less than 1% of users, and is the exact reason why you should start at 1 scoop or less before moving up.  However, after the first 1000 bottles went out, not a single person complained.

Besides that, most users will be completely fine.  The potential side effects, just like with the original Jack3d, begin to occur when users do not follow the label instructions.

  • Avoid caffeine – Consuming caffeinated coffee, chocolate and supplements can cause tremors, nervousness, anxiety and other symptoms of a caffeine overdose.
  • Avoid stimulant containing supplements – As a general rule, a stack should have only one stimulant-containing supplement. Mixing stimulants to increase the effects could be dangerous or interfere with your goals. This also means that in order to achieve the full potential of Jack3D Advanced, you need to cycle off other stimulants.
  • For 18 years old and above only – Developing adolescents, while in a stage of rapid development and hormone production, should not take AP. Stimulants and other ingredients in this product may interfere with or potentiate hormone production.
  • Not meant for pregnant and breastfeeding women – Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding might react negatively to ingredients in AP.
  • Report any existing medical conditions to your doctor – Talk to your doctor before starting a new supplement, especially if you have an existing medical condition, such as a heart problem, endocrine disorder or problems with depression or anxiety.

Please use all supplements, including this one, responsibly.  Follow the label to the letter, and don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

Drug Interactions

Jack3d AF may interact with several OTC and prescription medications.  It should not be taken with any prescription drugs unless approved in writing by your doctor.  The following could be especially dangerous:

  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI)
  • Viagra
  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-hypertensive drugs

Again, consult your doctor and gain approval first.  We are not doctors on this site, nor are the USPLabs representatives.  No statements on this page have been approved by the FDA.

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